Leapforce and Lionbridge – Brief Overview of Legitimate Work-At-Home Online Jobs that Pay Well

First of all, Leapforce is not a scam! It is an established company and an exclusive vendor for Google, and they offer positions for Search Engine Evaluators in many countries. The payment is on the range from $7 to $18.50 per hour and the wage depends on the country you work in. The payment is made on monthly basis via direct deposit into your bank account. One of the benefits of working at Leapforce, is that you are allowed to work whenever you have time and desire to, but you should understand that the system of task distribution is based on ‘first come first served’ basis and you need to be ready to catch your portion of tasks when they are uploaded into the system.

You may get more  info about Leapforce here:


Requirements for the role are as follows:

  • High skills in researching are a must.
  • Analytical way of thinking is a big plus as well as a college degree (But not necessary).
  • To get the job you have to pass three-part qualification exam.
  • You need a personal PC, smart phone, and a fully functioning gmail account with stable access to the Internet.

You will not be assessed for your skills at the stage of application; you will have to demonstrate them while doing the qualification exam.

Before applying, read the FAQ on Leapforce website carefully. To apply go to https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/jobs/list.

Once you submit application you will get an automated reply saying that your application has been received and is under review. Usually it takes 1-7 days to get invitation for the next stage – the qualification exam.

Leapforce vs Lionbridge

Lionbridge is another vendor of Google similar to Leapforce. There are no set working hours at Lionbridge. But working at least 10-25 hours per week is a must. Generally speaking, conditions are similar to conditions at Leapforce except the following things:

Lionbridge pays a $50 welcome bonus upon successful passing of the exam. Leapforce does not have this welcome bonus.

What is important to point out is that Lionbridge does not provide its raters with a task availability instrument, so raters have to identify time slots when tasks are uploaded into the system by themselves.

This company also has a different payment schedule, the first payment will be done only in two months after the start of work.

Note: Remember, you are not allowed to work at these two companies at the same time, otherwise they will detect this fact very fast and as result will terminate a contract with you.

To apply as an Internet Assessor role go to: http://www.thesmartcrowd.com/about/workers/job-opportunities/

Note: During the application and qualification process do not change your IP address otherwise it may lead to an unsuccessful application.

In general, both companies are typical crowd sourcing vendors; this type of business supposes that the main communication is done via email. Based on my experience both companies are good in treating their raters, although in the internet you can find different opinions…But my experience proves the fact that if they deliver good service and meet all contract requirements, raters will not have any problems and in most cases the contract with them will be prolonged.

1. Decent internet based work-at-home job.
2. Good payment. The salary is pretty high you can make up to $500 – $1700 USD per month, working just 2-3 hours per day on average
3. You will have possibility to learn more about the world, people’s interests, and see a great deal of things while you’re exploring the internet and rating those pages.

1. Absence of any job benefits. You are hired as an independent contractor.
2. Your taxes are your obligation. You need to manage tax issues by yourself.
3. You are responsible for the level of quality of your service and the amount of time spent for work. If your quality performance is low you might be fired.
4. Irregularity of job. Volume of task availability may fluctuate significantly. Tasks are available during specific time slots on ‘first come first served basis’.

And finally good luck with application process!


5 thoughts on “Leapforce and Lionbridge – Brief Overview of Legitimate Work-At-Home Online Jobs that Pay Well

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  2. Your blog has tons of useful information. But I have to laugh at the “pay big” part. For all that mentally tiring analytical work, you get paid the same as someone who works mindless retail.

    One big con you didn’t mention is the majority of raters don’t get promoted or raises. You are stuck at $13.50 for a long time, maybe forever. Another one is you don’t get paid to sit around like many full-time salaried jobs allow. When it isn’t busy, those jobs still pay you. Here, if you have no tasks, you don’t get paid. If you are tired and want to slow down and relax, you can’t do that. You get hammered by deadlines every few minutes — the number of minutes a task needs to be completed.

    People need to realize this is a job they should accept only if they have no other options or if those other options aren’t flexible enough or don’t work out for them.

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  4. Hi there, I’m glad that I found your website which is very helpful. I’m planning for applying on leapforce soon as an Indonesian agent, could you please give me tips on what basis do leapforce accepts their candidates? Because I heard some didn’t even get any reply for their exam date.

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