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What is the Appen Connect Truckee Project?Instagram has grown to almost 500 million active users. And like other online platforms, Instagram also has ads. This is where the human element comes again into play. For this job it is important to understand which advertisements people want to see in their ads. So you would be looking at your OWN feed and deciding which ads are relevant to you and which ads are not. Some of the things you would gauge the ad on would be relevancy, how useful the ad is to you, if the ad is entertaining, if the ad is offensive or misleading, and how much you want to see the ad in your feed.

The Instagram ads assessor project has a short qualification exam that will ask you some questions based on ads you might see, and what your situation is, and ask you how relevant the ads are. This is the relevancy part of the exam. Once you are in the project you are allowed to work 1 hour per day.

When you do make decisions based on the ads that you are seeing in your feed, you will be given the chance to explain your decision using comments. Comments are an essential part of your task when assessing Instagram ads and are incredibly important. If comments are not meeting the client’s expectations, you could be removed from the project. It is very important to make good comments regarding the ads assessment.

If you are going to take the exam for this project, it is very important that you go over the 17 page rating guidelines very carefully to make sure that you are giving the ads the correct assessment.

Truckee project qualification

Falcon Insta Ads exam consists of two parts. In part one (reverse rating) you will be given 10 raters’ comments and you will select which rating you believe they assigned to the ad in terms of relevance, usefulness, etc. This part is easy and you should have no problem with it.

In part 2 you will be given 10 ads in which you will be asked to rate each ad and provide comments. All ads might be rated from either US location or in a local perspective. When doing part 2 the most important thing is that your overall rating should be in line with your comment.

Here are a few tips on how to write good comments:

  • When someone reads your comment, a reader should be able to understand what an ad is about without seeing the ad itself.
  • Your comment must include at least two rating aspects such as relevance/usefulness/entertainment/offensive/misleading/visually appealing.
  • Your comment must include words which indicate the level of each aspect (somewhat/vey/not at all).
  • Based on your comment a reader should be able to understand your overall rating.
Additionally, you may consider and explain in your comment:
  • Whether this is the first time you’ve seen this ad or whether it’s a repeat.
  • How you feel about the advertiser.
  • Did the likes and comments influence you?

Make sure you understand of the Overall rating of ‘Definitely don’t want to see’ in order to rate an Ad as a ‘Definitely don’t want to see’, the Ad would need to have a strong negative impact on you.

Keep in mind that only one attempt to take this exam is allowed. Within a few days after exam due date you will be notified about results. If the exam is passed, then you will receive instructions how to create an account with Appen Global and link to Payoneer. I suggest you using my link bellow to register with Payoneer so we both benefit 25$ once your Payoneer account is loaded with your first salary from Appen.

How to stay in Truckee project  for a long time?

The most common reasons for contract termination are low quality of service, productivity, or not meeting contract conditions regarding providing rating service at least 5 days per week. In order to stay on the project for an extended time, your quality feedback score should be not lower than 2.6 (you can see this score on your quality feedback which is sent by Appen on a regular basis). Also your productivity RPH should be not lower than 15 (the number of tasks/time invoiced). Ideally your quality score should be 3 and your RPH 20. Keeping good quality scores can guarantee your continued participation on the program.


  1. Hi Tim, as usual informative article; thanks so much.
    Now if I will be approved for LEAP FORCE; Can I join Appen as well at the same time?
    thanks again

  2. I can’t find this new opportunity on their website. It still only lists social media evaluator and i already applied to that. Havent heard back

  3. Hi there.
    May i ask how long does the application process usually take for the social media evaluator in appen?
    Of course i know its a case by case scenario.

    1. Hello

      It depends on availability of slots for new raters, once unsuccessful raters are removed from the project, you will be invited for qualification.

  4. Hello Tim!

    I’ve received the email from Leapforce to continue the qualification process.
    There are two projects for qualification on the website, Nile and Truckee.
    I’ve applied for both projects.

    May I work on both projects?
    Are there a minimum number of Facebook friends and Instagram followers to be accepted?

    Thak you!

  5. Hi Tim, I’m in Truckee project right now, and yesterday I got email from Appen said that I got accepted in Falcon ads project. Can I do both project at the same time? I feel so confused abt it, and fyi this is my 2nd year working as Truckee project rater.
    I hope you can answer this question and thank you so much

  6. Hello Tim and all the other readers here,
    I’ve been working freelance for over half a year now from Germany at Appen as a social media evaluator in Instagram. And honestly? I can not complain! The pay is very good at $ 20 an hour. And since I work my one hour every day (7 days a week), it’s easy to earn $ 600- $ 620 (depending on the dollar rate, definitely over € 500) a month.
    Of course the beginning is difficult at first. You have to read and understand all the guidelines and pass a little test. But much of that is self-explanatory as time goes by, so that there is a good understanding of the guidelines based on the work.
    Nevertheless, I have read here with interest and have become aware of Leapforce and Lionbridge. Hoping to gain a foothold with these providers, I could get a good monthly income this way.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately the payment rate depends on country, in some markets the payment rate is unreasonably low like 4-7$ per hour.

  7. Hi Tim! Do you think there is a problem with the name on my Leapforce account beign different from the name on my facebook profile with regards do qualifying for project tuckee? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello, I think it will not be a problem If you have a slight misspelling in your name, however if the FB account has totally different name from your Leapforce account in this case I assume Leapforce will not move forward.

  8. Hi Tim,

    I just got approved for Appen. I’ve been in contact with their tech team because I can’t find the rating link on my Instagram account to being work. They keep telling me to logout or delete and reinstall the app but neither of those are working. Do you have any suggestions? I am using a personal account.

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