Falcon Crowd Help at Appen Global Review And Information

survey1Appen Global offers a lot of different types of projects that you are able to work on besides the larger projects such as Falcon Video Recommendations, or any of the other larger Falcon projects. Falcon is simply a code word for a certain division at Appen Global which encompasses a group of clients that have different data needs. Based on my experience, it is not likely that you could start on the Falcon Crowd Help project from the beginning if you are hired by Appen Global. You would be more likely to start on a larger project first. Once you have started working at Appen, and you are on a Falcon project, like any of the social media projects that they offer, you will likely get an invitation to come aboard and start on the Falcon Crowd Help project. This is based on how well you are doing on your current project. In my experience, I have noticed that the longer I am working on a project, the more invitations for different projects I get. Appen uses this system and gauges individual performance. If you do good, you will get invited to work on other projects. Everyone who does a good job on their initial contract will most likely get invited to Falcon Crown Help. From there you would receive different invitations to different projects. This is where these jobs gets exciting. But I’ll get to that later.

By now you are likely wondering what this project is all about. Appen Global has many, many different clients that need different types of data. They could have a client that needs voice data. In this case, you would be sent an email with an invitation. Sometimes you will be told what is required in an email, at which time you will also see a tile for each project you are invited for when you log into your Appen Global account. Sometimes the tasks are surveys and usually paid fairly well. Tasks are usually one time tasks in which when completed, are paid for and finished. Sometimes a task will need more data and you might be invited to similar tasks. If you participate and complete survey or quiz tasks, you are likely to be invited to other tasks. I have had 5-10 task invitations in a week. You do not have to accept all these tasks, and some you might not qualify for. For example, recent tasks wanted voice recordings from a younger audience and asked if I had children between the ages of 12-17. I don’t meet those requirements, so of course, I would have to pass on this task.

So many different types of tasks are available, and one day you might be asked to give your input on an application, or give voice recorded data in which you speak given phrases, record them on your computer, then send back to Appen Global. Some tasks are simple quizzes. The exciting thing is that you are not doing the same tasks over and over. There is a lot of variety which really starts to make your job interesting. Payment on average is $10 per hour depending on the type of task. Of course, you aren’t restricted by time and can complete tasks as quickly as you want, as long as they are done right. A recent task paid me $22.00 for a couple of hours of work and I ended up finishing in an hour and a half. Not bad money and the tasks aren’t mundane or boring.

There are a few things to point out. Don’t expect to qualify for all tasks. As I previously mentioned in my example above, you will not always be able to meet the requirements. Don’t worry about this though, there are so many other tasks that will come your way. The more you participate, the more tasks you are given. If you don’t do any tasks, you might see a sharp decline in invitations. I tested this and for a week did not get any invitations. It is important to accept at least 1-2 invitations for tasks, and complete them by their deadline so that you will be invited to other tasks. Keep in mind that if you start a task and you don’t complete it by the deadline, you won’t get paid for it.

Falcon Crowd Help does require you to take two tests before being accepted into the team. The first one is the Falcon Crowdsourcing Screening Test. This is a simple test that asks basic questions and is easily passed. The second test is a Spelling test. Keep in mind this is for English-Canada, so you need to have good knowledge of the English language. This is an application process and they really want you to pass this and join their team. Once on the team, you would contribute to exciting and interesting projects. There are not always projects available and they are usually done on a first come first serve basis, but I have had no problem getting into any of the tasks that have been sent me. In a month I have made a couple of hundred extra dollars just from doing different tasks. Some tasks simply ask questions based on a program or an application. I was invited to a task that asked me how I would talk to a voice recognition music player. The task didn’t take longer than an hour, and I was paid $25 for it. Helping by supplying data for projects that are in development can be very rewarding, although I have noticed that you aren’t told exactly what you are supplying data for. But that isn’t really important and completing most tasks are very simple.

Falcon Crowd Help can be a lot of fun and while you are working on other projects at Appen Global. You can make a few extra dollars here and there by completing simple tasks. There is no requirement to complete tasks and you aren’t forced to complete any of them, nor will you be penalized if you do not accept the tasks. The only thing is that you will see a decline in invitations. You can accept as many tasks as you can handle, but you must complete the tasks by the required deadline which is always given in the invite email. When you get this email, and if you see that you can qualify, its best to accept the invitation as soon as possible because there is a limit to how many people can be on one task. So you could find they already have enough people. This doesn’t happen often, and I have not seen it happen yet, but I usually accept all tasks that I qualify for.

What is Crowdsourcing Screening Test at Appen?

It is a basic test which is sent to some candidates who applied for any crowdsourcing opportunity, the aim of this test is to   evaluate   English proficiency level and basic PC and research skills. If you have any doubt while completing this test I recommend you to copy/paste test questions into Google search   and Google will provide you with answers to a question.

As always, if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will answer as soon as I can.

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  1. First let me say I love all of your informative articles. I have looked all over for the answer to this question and I hope you can answer it. Can you work on the Nile project and the Falcan ads at the same time?

  2. What does this mean is it good? I got this email

    We are contacting you because we think you may be interested in participating in a series of projects Appen is currently running and your Appen Online profile matches some of the project’s requirements.

    The projects are for understanding how people communicate with an at-home electronic assistant device (such as Amazon’s Echo) that can understand human voice and complete a command. Using the Appen Mobile Recorder (AMR) App, you would record yourself saying various short sentences. These projects are short (an hour or less) and will happen periodically, as opposed to being an ongoing project. Fully completed tasks are paid a flat amount, which varies depending on the size of the task. Many past participants have described the tasks as interesting and fun.

    If this sounds like an interesting project and you meet the following requirements we would encourage you to sign up by completing the form at the link below. After you complete the interest form linked below, if you meet the project requirements and we have need you will receive an email with further instructions on how to participate.

  3. Hello! I would like to ask about my working hours. When I log in to Appen, there is “Availability”. Can I manage working hours per week myself? So if necessary I can change working hours If I won’t be able to work for so many hours in a week?

    1. I am not sure what are you talking about exactly but as far as I know Appen is very strict in terms of productivity and all raters have to work a certain number of hours per week as stated in the contract.

  4. I don’t have any extra tasks to work on in my falcon project, i texted appen team but they didn’t reply ..what should i do now?

  5. so its okay to not accept task that you dont want to do (for number of reasons)? sorry…im kinda new to all of this. their home page is not user friendly tho..so it leaves me clueless about this tasks thingy.

  6. Hi! I had applied for Appen’s social media evaluation. It took nearly a month to receive a reply from them. I was given a test of 15 questions of which I completed half of them by scoring 85 to 97% each in first attempt. Then I was assigned to Crowd Survey EN IN I completed that successfully two days ago. There is no reply from Appen. Could you tell me what would be the next step or course of action?. Will it take time to get enrolled? How & where to start off, please advice.

    Third question. I have an Paypal account, do I need to open payneer account for the same, if so when, after my first task allotted? Kindly advise the next course of action.

    1. Hello, I am not familiar much with Crowd project at Appen because this project does not worth any efforts as the payment is very low. I recommend you to apply for search engine evaluator/social media assessor jobs instead.

  7. Hello, I was wondering if you can apply to other positions with lionbridge after being fired from them as a rater for quality reasons with the same name/accout you were fired with?

  8. Hello.
    Do I have to again apply for the search engine job evaluator /media accessor. I already have paypal account, do I need to add payneer payment system for the same. Kindly confirm back.

  9. hey there…there is a tile on my appen page that is falcon crowd needle search EN-PK invoice what is it? and how can i deal with it???

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