Projects and Vendors Compatibility: How to Work on Several Projects and Do Not Violate Vendors Conditions? How Much Can You Earn With Leapforce, Lionbridge and Appen When Combining Several Projects?

How Much Can You Earn With Leapforce, Lionbridge and Appen?

earn-money031When you start working for Leapforce, there are a couple of different projects, and the main one is Yukon. All projects have codenames. Yukon is the Google search engine evaluator project. There are also other projects such as Nile which is rating Facebook ads and Truckee which is rating Instagram ads.

Both of these projects pay different amounts depending on where you are located. Yukon and Nile both pay $13.50 USD per hour in USA and Europe  and $6-8 USD per hour in another contries.However, when you begin, and until your quality scores improve, you are only allowed 2 hours to work on Yukon per day. Once your quality scores improve, you are then able to work up to 40 hours per week if you are unrestricted.

Currently Nile and Truckee are new projects and each rater who is approved for this product can work 1 hour per day. This may increase in the future.

So you could make about $2000 per month in USA at this rate if you work the total 40 hours per week, plus being involved in another project such as Nile or Truckee. You do not have to work full time at Leapforce, but you must stay within productivity levels or you can be taken off the project. You can put in 20 hours a month and be OK on productivity.

The bottom line is that it totally depends on how much time and effort you want to put into the job. If your quality scores are high, you will have unlimited access to tasks. In the beginning you might only get a couple of hours per day.

Leapforce doesn’t allow any rater to go over 26 hours per week(in case of Lionbridge it is even less, 20 hours per week).  So there is a limit. Sometimes Leapforce offers bonuses which are currently an extra $3 per hour if you get to a certain amount of hours and tasks. These bonuses can change from time to time.

Hourly rates across different countries: Leapforce (Raterlabs), Lionbridge, Appen


Falcon Insta Ads 13,5$ was 8$/now 5$ 4$ was 7$/now 5$ 4$
Post Tagging (Facebook)/Typeahead 13,5$
Aztec (Google) was 12$/now 10$ 3$ was 7$/4$/now 5$ 3$
Music Search/Fuse (Apple) 13,5$ 7$
Falcon Video Recommendation (Facebook) 13,5$
Truckee (Insta) was 13,5$/now 10$ 14$ was 9,45$/now 7$ was 6$/now 4$ was 8$/now 5$ was 7$/now 4$
Nile (Facebook) was 13,5$/now 10$ 14$ was 9,45$/now 7$ 15$
Shasta per task per task per task per task per task per task per task
Yukon (Google) was 12,5$ (net)/now 10$ (net) 14$ was 10,5$/now 7$ 14$ was 6$/now 4$ was 8$/now 5$ was 7$/now 4$
Social Media Assessor (Google) 14,5$ (gross)
14$ 12$ 7,3$ 7$
Ads Assessor (Google) 13,5$ 14$ 12$ 7,3$ 7$
Maps Analyst (Apple) per task per task


Why Appen decreased hourly rates almost in all markets after acquiring Leapforce? Read here:

Appen Acquires Leapforce in Multimillion Dollar Deal: What Are Potential Risks for Current Leapforce/Raterlabs Contractors?

Can raters combine several projects at  Appen and/or Leapforce/Raterlabs/Lionbridge?

The good news is that you can combine work at Leapforce or Lionbridge and Appen Butler Hill , so potentially you can increase your income max. $2200 providing more or less the same service and working 5-6 hours per day 5 days a week on 2 different projects! Bellow you will find a project computability matrix:

AppenFalcon Insta AdsFalcon Video Recommendation (Facebook) Post Tagging (Facebook)Aztec (Google)Typeahead Project
Music Search (Apple)Inca (Google)
Yukon (Google) Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Truckee (Insta) No ? ? Yes ? Yes Yes
Shasta Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nile (Facebook) No No No Yes No Yes Yes
Social Media Assessor (Google) Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Ads Assessor (Google) Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Maps Analyst (Apple) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

According to policies of all major vendors (Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen), raters can’t work at competitor companies due to possible conflict of interests. When it comes to Google rating project, Leapforce and Lionbridge can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts.

There are a few exceptions, for instance, you may work at Leapforce or Lionbridge on Google project and apply for the Social Media Evaluation projects at Appen (which are not related to Google e.g.: Instagram or Facebook). When applying for the role, applicants should make sure they never mention that they are in the project at another vendor, the best strategy is to say that you have no related experience.

Keep in mind that rater cannot combine two projects which are related to one customer/platform (Facebook/Instagram). What social media evaluators can do is to work on a search engine evaluation project at Leapforce or Lionbridge (Google) and at Appen on another projects which are unrelated to Google (Falcon Instaads). This strategy has been proven to be safe and some raters have been working on the different projects at different vendors.

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222 thoughts on “Projects and Vendors Compatibility: How to Work on Several Projects and Do Not Violate Vendors Conditions? How Much Can You Earn With Leapforce, Lionbridge and Appen When Combining Several Projects?

  1. Hey!

    I am working now for Appen as Social Media Evaluator.
    But I want to apply for the Nile project. Can I apply with the same Facebook account?
    Can I really combine both?
    How does it work to combine both projects?

      1. Hello Tim, can 2 persons of the same household work for 2 different companies ? one for Lionbridge and the other for Leapforce, using the same IP address ?? thanks!

    1. Hello,

      You can’t combine two projects which are related to one customer/platform (Facebook/Instagram). What you can do is to work on search engine evaluattion project at Leapforce or Lionbridge (Google) and at Appen on another projects which are unrelated to Google (Falcon Instaads).

  2. Hello,
    I work in LB for 3 years in the main project of Personalized, but I don’t know what to do to enter in another companies like Appen/Leapforce/IsoftStone, I already tried with referrals, emails, normal registration but it never goes to the next step, I don’t know what can be wrong. 🙁

    Do you have any specific advice or tutorial to me to try another way to enter in these companies?

  3. Hi!
    What about Zerochaos? I know they are fairly new. Would I be able to do Social Media Eval with Appen and Ad Quality Rater with Zerochaos?

    1. Hi,

      Just got information that Google stopped cooperation with Zerochaos. See email bellow:

      Thank you so much for your interest in the Ads Quality Rater position.

      We appreciate your time, attentiveness and patience throughout this process, however, I am writing to notify you that this position has been closed due to customer request.

      We do thank you for your interest in ZeroChaos and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

      Ads Quality Rater Program Team,

  4. Hello,
    What about ZeroChaos? I believe they are fairly new and hard to get into. Would I be able to do Social Media with Appem and and Ads Quality Rater with ZeroChaos?

    1. Based on my experience I can say the following: according to policies of all major vendors (Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen), raters can’t work at competitor companies due to possible conflict of interests.

      When it comes to Google rating project, Leapforce and Lionbridge can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts.

      There are a few exceptions, for instance, you may work at Leapforce or Lionbridge on Google project and apply for the Social Media Evaluation projects at Appen (which are not related to Google e.g.: Instagram or Facebook), while applying for the role, make sure you never mention that you are in the project at another vendor, the best strategy is to say that you have no related experience.

      You can’t combine two projects which are related to one customer/platform (Facebook/Instagram). What you can do is to work on a search engine evaluation project at Leapforce or Lionbridge (Google) and at Appen on another projects which are unrelated to Google (Falcon Instaads). This strategy has been proven to be safe and some raters have been working on the different projects at different vendors. Could you tell me a bit more about Ads Quality Rater with ZeroChaos? Is this role related to rating Facebook or adsence ads?

      1. What if you tried to pass the search engine evaluation exams in LF and failed (never actually worked for google), then several months later you try to pass the internet ads assessor exams on LB? Could LB reject you just by learning somehow that you tried to pass the exams for a different google project in a different company? Or if you never actually worked in the other project because you didn’t pass the exam then there shouldn’t be any trouble for trying again in a different project for another company? Thanks in advance.

  5. I believe it is along the lines of looking up ads via Google to determine relevancy. I am not completely sure though.

  6. i applied on leap force and selected qualify Yukon. does any one know how long it take to get the email from them about the qualification exam. i am looking for job from home.

  7. I have just applied to LB. I’m not from the US or Europe. Does this mean the pay in other countries would be lower than in US and europe? Isn’t this quite unfair as we are all working on the same projects?

    1. It is not me or you who decides the pay rate. The payment is on the range from $7 to $18.50 per hour and the wage depends on the country you work in.
      In India the pay rate is 7$ per hour,
      Mexico and Russia – 8$ per hour,
      USA-13,5$ per hour,
      France-14$ per hour,
      Brazil-12$ per hour.

      1. i had applied in appen also gave pre screening test after that no response from that. also applied in leapforce but no response. looking for job badly

  8. Hi,
    I have a problem regarding leapforce and appen. I will be leaving my country of residence next month for 3 month and I work for both lp ( Nile) and appen (web search evaluation) I want to keep working outside my country because I need the money so I thought of using a VPN service provider but I don’t know if they can detect vpn . So what’s your advice? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, I am going to be working abroad soon as well and am interested to know if you gave using a VPN a try and if it was successful. If so what VPN service did you use? Thanks.

      1. Hi, I did try it and it worked fine but you have to prevent fb or whatever website you work on from detecting your exact location By changing your location and privacy settings. I used Express VPN. It’s a bit expensive but it works fine.

      2. I am in the same situation. Have you tried Greyson, how did it go? Can you tell me more details. Thanks.

    2. Hi, maybe I will have to leave my country for 3 months and I want to keep my work with Leapforce and Appen. How did you do? Thanks

  9. I am on part 2 of the Yukon exam. I was quoted a rate of pay of $12, I live in the US in the northeast. Any idea why my rate would be lower?

    1. In April, US raters received an e-mail from Leapforce, which states the following “Effective June 1, 2017, [Raters in the US] can work up to 26 hours in a calendar week (Sunday to Saturday).” All raters will be moved to a new platform called raterlab and will not be able to work on another projects at Leapforce. This change also will affect hourly pay rate, now it will be less because taxes will be deducted by Leapforce and raters will be paid with net hourly rate.

  10. Good morning. I am from italy. I just started working in nile project and i wanted to ask a question about invoicing. If i am
    paid 11.5$ per hour this means i have to invoice always i.e. 60 minutes per day as if i invoice less minutes i will be paid less?

    1. Hello,

      As per Nile and Truckee projects policy you should always invoice only 1 hour. If you spend on completing tasks less than 1 hour or more than 1 hour, you should anyway invoice only 1 hour.

  11. “good news is that you can combine work at Leapforce or Lionbriage and Appen Butler Hill , —- ,and working 5-6 hours per day 5 days a week on 2 different projects!” Thanks for sharing. Do you know if I can work with LB and Appen in the same time? Do I need to apply it with different email address?

    Thanks for your assistance.

  12. “good news is that you can combine work at Leapforce or Lionbriage and Appen Butler Hill , —- ,and working 5-6 hours per day 5 days a week on 2 different projects!”

    Thanks for sharing. Do you know if I can work with LB and Appen in the same time? Do I need to apply it with different email address?
    appreciate for your assistance.

    1. Do you know if I can work with Appen and LB in the same time for the same ‘Online Content Evaluator (Appen)’ & ‘ Internet Assessor (LB)’ position? I already took the job of Internet Assessor at LB and try to apply for Appen. I wonder will it cause the interest conflict and influence my current job with Lionbridge.

      Do I need to apply it with different email address? Should I notice them

      appreciate for your assistance.

      1. Should I notice them?

        No, you should not because it will reduce your chance being invited for qualification. Vendors do not like applicants with previous experience in search engine/social media evalution jobs.

        ‘Online Content Evaluator (Appen)
        It is a code name for unknown project, if a customer is Facebook or Instagram (you may guess who is the customer of the project by reading vacancy description), then you may apply for this position and it wont affect your status with Lionbridge.

      1. Hi, i’m current workin for LB as a web search evaluator, in Brazil… the wage is U$8,20 btw (the same as yukon on leapforce U$10,5) and I was invited by appen to work on aztec ads, that is a social media project to evaluate Ads on Google, is it possible to work in both of then? they are both from google, but i’ve seen it, it is a completely different job

      2. Hello,

        Unfortunately you cannot combine thsese two projects under 1 IP address, however you may try to arrange a separate laptop and internet connection in order to apply for the ads rating project…

      3. How does it look if i work on LB on Google Projects and want to work on Leapforce Facebook Projects, is this possible ?

  13. I applied for all three Appen, Lionbridge and Leapforce. I was accepted by Appen to work on the Aztec Project as an ad rater, contacted by Leapforce (Raterlabs) to take the online qualification for the Yukon Project and invited by Lionbridge to take their exam, because I “may be a suitable candidate for
    the Rater position”.
    I am very conflicted! I had very little knowledge about these companies and no idea about maybe only being able to work for just one… now I fear they find out and I will lose my chance to work from home.
    Should I just not take the pending tests?

    1. Hello,

      Aztec project is Google Ads rating project which is distributed form raterhub platform it means that you can’t combine Yukon and Aztec, you have to choose only one project to go for.

      1. Thanks for your response.
        What about Lionbridge? They actually haven’t offered anything, I was just invited to take the exam.

  14. Hello, Thank you for your blog. It is great !! I’m in France and I work for LB since one year (map analyst). They change the system of TryRating since 2 months and I haven’t got as much as tasks since. I would like cumulate another job. Can I really cumulate with Appen and do I have to say that I work for LB ? Thanks.

    1. yes, you can. When applying for any similar search engine or social media evaluator position at Appen or Leapforce do not mention that you have previous/current experience/project, vendors do not like candidates with previous experience.

  15. Hello,
    I see on the website of Appen that they offer 3 jobs for France : French Voice Data Collection, Crowdsourcing and Web search evaluator. Do you think there is a job compatible with LB (map analyst) and others not ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Marine,

      I would like to ask you if you would be interested in writing an article for my blog about your experience in maps analyst project? I will be glad to pay you for a well written medium sized article about 40$.
      If interested, let me know via

  16. Is there a Kind of quality control for Nile Facebook rating comments? If yes, how often are they done?

  17. Hi,

    Yes, Leapforce quality team constantly monitors quality of raters’ service and if it does not meet client’s standards, such raters are removed from the project.

  18. So just want to double check. You can work at Appen doing Facebook ads and Lionbridge doing web search for Bing? Thanks

    1. Hello TM, did you finally combine Appen Facebook and Lionbridge Web Search, if yes, how did it go for. Thanks

  19. Some of the tasks currently available in this role are of a sensitive and adult nature. The main aim of these tasks is to improve internet security and protect users from viewing unsuitable content on the web. While this work is quite valuable please be assured that we do not expect all candidates to agree to working on this material. Please confirm if you are willing to work on these tasks types? **Candidates who do not wish to view this type of material will still be considered for the role** if i don’t accept this question in terms and conditions questionnaire in Lionbridge am i eligible for this job do they accept me for the job in Lionbridge?

    1. Hello,

      The tasks of sensitive and adult nature are very rare type of tasks. Not willing to work on these tasks types will not affect your status at Lionbridge during the recruitment process.
      **Candidates who do not wish to view this type of material will still be considered for the role**

  20. hi
    can some one contact me please i really need help my account on leap force hacked and the kicked me out from NILE project and also i need help to join appen or Lionbridge and how i can pass Yukon exam ty

  21. Hey there tim., i once referred to your site when i was in the process of applying for Yukon in LP, and many thanks as i found many useful info and your site also help build up my confidence and there are a few more matters id like to ask advice to.

    It’s is now my 5 and a half months working for LP, and ive managed to keep good/acceptable scores for the past 5 months, somehow i slipped and received two bad scores, but overall. i have 2 “passing” scores out of the three categories. now i fear that i wont be renewed with about two weeks to go before my contract ends because of the sudden dip in scores.
    this is not my only job, but i depend on it greatly to help out with expenses.

    anyway, im want to try to qualify for the Falcon project in Appen, and it would be okay as it is not the same as the Yukon project, and there will be no breach of contract right? Would it also be better if i used different mails? (the mail that i use for my social media is actually different from the mail i used in LP).

    The description for the “Online part time job” in Appen states that 4 hours or 1 hour a day, does this mean that you can choose only either to work 4 hours/day for 5days or 1hr/day (20hrs/wk or 5hrs/wk). does this mean that you can only choose one these? or could you change/choose how many hours you work for depending on how the day suits you?
    if i was living in a foreign country in which english is not the main language. would my comments for the ads required to be written in the native language?

    and some other Q’s, i have the impression that LP does not send emails before end of contract to notify the rater that theyll be renewed, but do you know if LP sends out termination emails before the end of contract?
    i want to sign up sa appen just as a backup if i dont get renewed in LP, even if i get renews in LP, the 1hr/day at appen would still be great help…

    Thanks for the time..
    I look forward to your reply.


    1. The description for the “Online part time job” in Appen states that 4 hours or 1 hour a day, does this mean that you can choose only either to work 4 hours/day for 5days or 1hr/day (20hrs/wk or 5hrs/wk). does this mean that you can only choose one these? or could you change/choose how many hours you work for depending on how the day suits you?

      4 hours per day is a requirement for Aztec project at Appen. This project is related to ads evaluation and the customer is Google, it means that you cannot combine Yukon and Aztec projects under one IP address. In this project time commitment is flexible.

      1 hour per day is most likely is related to Falcon Insta Ads project, this project can be combined with all projects, however if you already work at Leapforce you might have another project which is available to you (Truckee project which is the same project as Falcon Insta Ads).

      would my comments for the ads required to be written in the native language?

      All comments must be written in English.

      and some other Q’s, i have the impression that LP does not send emails before end of contract to notify the rater that theyll be renewed, but do you know if LP sends out termination emails before the end of contract?

      Normally Leapforce does not terminate contract without a reason (e.g. unacceptable quality).

      1. Thanks for the reply., so far Yukon is the only project available for me in my country, thats why i want to sign up for falcon insta at Appen.

      2. About the comments in native language, when the tasks are in the native language the comments also need be in english or these cases are exceptions? Because I thought if the tasks are in determined language,the comments be allowed to be in that language too

  22. Help! I passed the qualifications and am waiting to be added to the rater tool for LF Nile. Appen just contacted me with an offer for a 4 hours per day Falcon Spotlight/Opinion Search position. It’s to improve the search tool for a major social media platform. Can I do both of these?

    It seems like the Appen job might be Facebook and that might be a conflict with LP Nile? One is ads and the other is search, but I’m not sure if this is okay if they are on the same platform?!

    1. Hello,

      Spotlight/Opinion Search project is administrated via Facebook tool. In most cases vendors do not allow raters to work for another vendors, in particalar if it comes to one customer/rating tool. My recommendation is to go for one project related to Facebook. and apply for anaother project which is not related to one customer.

  23. Hello Tim,

    I’m currently taking an exam for LB (online map quality analyst) (taking part 2), today I got an invitation from Appen- Aztec Ads . So I’m wondering that can I apply to Appen too? I don’t want to lose job at LB(map analyst) but if it’s possible I want to work in Aztec project also. Btw, Appen offers 5$ per hour for Turkey, what do you suggest? Can I apply Appen and work for them also with same computer/ip?


  24. Hi Tim! I am currently working at ABH as WSE and I wanted to increase my income by also taking the job at Leapforce. I was researching the compatibility of both projects and clients, then I found your blog ‘passleapforceexam’. As I see that in the table you entered above, you say that Shasta and Aztec are compatible. Aztec is for Google, OK. But who is the client of Shasta? Is it Apple? I started Leapforce’s qualification process and I see that they use Google maps for training material. Why is that so, if the client is Apple? I want to know this as I do not want to lose any of the contracts. Thank you ver much

    1. Thank you for your question. Indeed in this project raters are advised to use Google Maps Service in oder to verify accuracy of the system generated results, however if you examine the rating tool and it is interface it very similar to Apple Maps Interface, moreover in the guidelines you may see the image of Iphone which is also a kind of indication that this project is related to Apple Maps…

      1. Thank you very much for the quick response. Leapforce was not telling it openly. So I can take the exam and see what will happen. 🙏

  25. wondering if you have any insight on if it’s safe to create separate instagram accounts on which to work truckee and falcon Insta ads at the same time. my inclination is to think that they add the FRT to different user profiles and they find the profile by the URL, not an email address, so it doesn’t seem they would catch it.

    1. Hello, why do you need 2 accounts on this project? You better check for another projects which might be available in your country…

      1. This does not answer my question. I will simply assume you don’t know the answer or you did not read my question thoroighly.

  26. Thanks for sharing this. I still have a doubt, you see.. I’m working on Aztec project from Appen about a couple weeks and now I received an email from LB to make the test for Maps Analyst. Is there some problem if a use the same computer for both projects (to both, test and work, if I also pass on maps)? I already applied using the same email, but I had to do another to work on Aztec and one more to make the LB test. The email I’ve used to applied to be the same or the fact I’m using the same computer for both can be affect me even
    if the projects being compatibles? considering that by rule I’m not allowed to work for different companies.

    1. You amy combine Aztec and Maps projects without any risk of being removed due to IP/project conflict. These two projects are fully compatible.

      1. Thanks, I’m in the same situation and it is good to know that those projects are compatible.

  27. Hi Tim,

    I have been doing Google project at Lionbridge for 1.5 years, but I was removed from it several weeks ago. They said nothing about the reason, but my best guess is that I had low productivity value for 2-3 consecutive months.

    Later, I joined project Falcon (Instagram) at Appen. It’s been going for several weeks.
    At the same time, I applied for Leapforce aiming to join project Yukon, which is actually the same with my previous job at Lionbridge. However, the only available project for me is currently project Truckee, which is the same with my ongoing project at Appen. I have not clicked the “Qualify” button because I am in doubt.

    I would like grab projects from both Appen and Leapforce, so I’m afraid that it would be regrettable if I take off the one at Appen just to join another in Leapforce.

    Is it appropriate to email the Leapforce team to ask for other project, such as project Yukon, at this stage?
    Do you have a better strategy? Please suggest me if you have a good idea on this matter.


  28. I suggest you to email Leapforce and ask them directly if they can add you to Yokon project.

  29. Hello and good day! First of all I would like to thank you for all the useful content you have on social media evaluating jobs.

    Now I am a rock stuck in a hard spot right now.

    I am working for Lionbridge as social media ads assessor only allowed one hour a day.
    I applied to Appen and have passed the quiz and been offered a part time 20 hr minimum job for Falcon Local Curation.

    How do I quit Lionbridge and is this going to cause any issues even if I quit Lionbridge and then Appen still turns around and fires me? Wish they would be less transparent about all this. It is all mighty confusing.

    Any help or advice is so greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and have a great day!!

    1. Hello,

      These two projects are administrated by one customer (Facebook/Instagram), it means that you cannot combine these two projects because at some stage you will be asked to provide your Facebook page details and their system may detect of fact of being registered on two projects which belong to one customer, this might be lead to IP address conflict or multiple account issue.

  30. I’ve been working for LB as a “Rater1” and would like to know for which other jobs I can apply without having any conflict…

  31. Tim,

    If working for LP and plan to take vacation outside the country for few months, do you think it’s allowed? Shall I send them an email to inform or they will kick me out of the project? What you can suggest?



    1. You should write to your vendor and inform about your blackout period, do not try to work from abroad, it will lead to termination of your contract.

  32. Hi tim, can I do Lionbridge online map analyst project, while i’m still doing yukon and truckee?

  33. Hello. Thanks for this helpful article. I just want some clarification to makebsure I understood everything:
    I am qualified for both Aztec and Lionbridge’s map quality analyst. I’ve applied with same e-mail. I used the same computer. Question is, can I keep using the same computer for both projects? Will there ever be a chance I get found out by my registration email? I really dont want any risks since this is my golden opportunity.
    Thank you

    1. No I do not think so, projects belongs to different customers and vendors so there is no any chance for IP address conflict.

  34. Great article. Thank you. I dont know where my question went when I posted it, so ill post again to make sure.
    I have offers from Aztec and lionbridge’s map quality analyst. I’ve applied with same email and computer. Will they ever find out by one of those criterias? Do I need a seperate computer when doing actual tasks?
    I don’t wanna risk, since this is my few opportunities to work at home.

  35. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if working for clickworker doing UHRS is a breach of contract with working with Appen doing a Falcon project.

  36. Hi, I passed the Appen qualification for the Falcon local hours curation project and was invited to qualify for the multi media judge for Lionbridge. Are these two compatible? Thanks. I can drop one if needed but not sure if I should inform LB that I qualified.

  37. Hi, I am currently working on the Nile project on Leapforce. I recently applied to Raterslabs to work on the Yukon project. Do you know if this acceptable or some kind of violation?

      1. Thanks. I had to apply to Raterslabs for the Yukon project, not using the Leapforce account I am currently using. Is it ok to use both services?

      2. Yes it is OK using new gmail account for application process will not affect the process.

      3. I got through the process using a separate email and passed all the exams, but the hiccup came when filling out the final paperwork. I had to put my SSN and other information. Apparently their Raterlabs system and Leapforce system are connected because it recognized that I had an account on Leapforce and wouldn’t let me fill out the paperwork.

  38. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your article. I’m currently employed with Appen (Falcon Insta Ads) and am trying to see if I could work for Leapforce also. I’m currently doing my application and for qualifications, It seems like the only option for me is Thames which isn’t included in this article, is it possible for me to work for Falcon Insta Ads and Thames at the same time even though one is Instagram based and the other Facebook?

    Thank you.

    1. hello, I do not have any info regarding Thames project, if you could share information about this project I could make assumption of Leapforce Yukon project might be compatible with Thames project…

      1. The Thames project seems to require an iPhone or Android device and to have the latest version of Facebook installed on one of the devices. From what I read from the qualifications, it seems that it’s about inputting location to help with analytics of Facebook with a tool apart of Facebook. I went ahead and signed up to qualify since I’m assuming it is in a different tool that will not affect my current job with Falcon Insta Ads.

  39. Hi Tim,
    Not so sure about your project computability matrix listed above. My question is if I got an project offered by Appen from Aztec ads and the other one offered by Leapforce from Shasta, do these two projects are both related to Google? Does that mean I can’t take both offers, but only one?

    Thank you for your further reply.

    1. Aztec and Shasta projects are administrated by different customers, so you may combine these two projects.

  40. Hi Tim,

    is it acceptable to work in both Nile and Shasta projects ?? I will appreciate your quick reply.

  41. Hi Tim, can work in both Shasta and Nile projects at the same time ?? I will appreciate your quicker response.

  42. I forgot.
    I work in Nile and Yukon for Leapforce.
    And now i was invited and started working for Apollo Project (linguistics) for Appen.
    Do you know Apollo ? Are there any conflicts to Yukon and Nile?


    1. Unfortunately I have not had any chance to work on Apollo project, if you have any information about this project, you are welcome to share the info here.

  43. Hello tim, you site is the Oasis in the midle of the desert. Your tips are awesome.
    I have two questions:
    About Yukon specifically these rates can be higher ? I mean, within time i can receive more per hour ? If i get better and better and gets that perfects scores often i will have a better hour rate ? Or not ? Always the same…
    And for last, are the contract renewals automatic ? I am working in Nile for 6 months and Yukon for 5 months now… when can i expect the official renewal.

  44. Hi Tim,

    Just trying to clarify for multiple positions what I’m allowed to do. I’ve currently passed the exam for Appen Falcon Ads and I am set to start that project tomorrow. I’m currently waiting the exam for Leapforce Yukon project (I reschedule my exam start date until next week). And just received an email to proceed with LionBridge for the Ads Evaluator US position. Could you tell me if I should proceed with both LF and LB? Or are they conflicting? I know Yukon is Google but did not know what Ads Evaluator was for LB? Again, I have not taken either exam yet, just invited to take both. Am I allowed to take both?

    Thank you for your help! Your site is awesome!

    1. Please refer to project compatibility matrix, the Ads rating project and yukon project are not compatible because they are administrated by one customer on the same platform.

      1. Thank you for your response! That’s what I thought, but wanted to clarify. Am I able to take both exams?

  45. Hello Tim, can I work for appen (social media evaluator) and also for lionbridge (ads evaluating program) at same time? I have to use two differents email accounts?
    Thank you.

  46. Hello Tim, can I work for Appen (social media evaluator) and Lionbridge (ads evaluating) at same time? I have to use two different email accounts?
    Thank you.

  47. Hi there,

    I’ve recently been accepted in the Shasta project and I’m really interested in attempting the Social Media Evaluator position with Appen since they just posted that position in my area. Have you received a lot of feedback on your project compatibility matrix from people working for different vendors? I understand they are different projects so it should technically be okay but I’m also afraid of getting let go from both projects if I take on another one.

  48. Hi Tim
    I started to work for LB one month ago as a “social media assessor”, do you think I can apply also for “ads assessor” for the same company or we can work just for one project?
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      It is not possible, this vendor does not allow raters to work on several projects at the same time at Lionbridge.

  49. Good Morning!
    Can you help me please?
    I’m from Brazil – Brasilia and I’m trying to apply on the YUKON project. When I put my email from gmail I get a link in my email. When I go to the leap force site and type this code an error message appears:
    “System error
    Our apologies, we encountered an error while processing your request.
    Please use your browser’s Back button to return to the page you were viewing. ”
    Do you know why this message appears?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello,

      No, I do not know the reason for this error, follow instructions and hopefully the verification process will be completed successfully.

  50. Hi Tim, thanks very much for this greatly helpful post. I’m working for Appen and Leapforce outsie the US and really enjoying working with them.

    I just found out that the projects I’m working on are not compatible. I have gone back to read my contracts but they didn’t mention it at all. Should I still drop one when they didn’t say anything about conflict of interests in the written contracts?

    And, I heard that appen acquired leapforce, and wondering if this means there is no conflict of interests between them and I can work with both of them?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’m afraid to ask my vendors directly as I’m relying on them a great deal and don’t want to lose them 😦

    1. Hello,

      In most cases only those projects are not compatible which are administrated by one customer from one platform (e.g. raterhub), working on different unrelated projects at different vendors is OK.

  51. hi guys is it possible to work for lionbridge google and isoftstone microsoft at the same time ? did anyone already did that ?

    1. Hello,

      Yes these two projects are fully compatible as they belong to different customers/vendors.

  52. Hi Tim, this is a very helpful post. I’m working for Appen on the Aztec Project as a Search Engine Evaluator, and I just received an email from Lionbridge to take the exam for the Online Map Quality Analyst position.

    So as to understand, am I able to work on both projects or not? Should I pick one of the two projects, and if yes, which one would you suggest to work with?

    I don’t want to lose both of them if it is not possible to work with both of them.

    Thank you for your time!

  53. Hi, I work on Appen since 3-4 months son Aztec Ads project, with my name.
    Can I try also with Online Map Quality Analyst of LB, with name of my parent (same address)?

  54. Hi, This site is so helpful. I’m currently working as social media evaluator for Lionbridge using my instragam account. Can I work for LEAPFORCE as social media evaluator using my Facebook account? Will working both companies cause a conflict?

    1. Well these two projects belongs to one customer and are linked to one account (Facebook), it is very likely that they may check the fact of working on another project, but you may try, the worse thing which may happen is that Leapforce will not offer you a contract.

  55. Hi, I’ve worked with Appen for a few years now and would like to start up with Lionbridge. I recently got an invite to do the Bing ads with Lionbridge, but am unsure if I should take the opportunity as I’ve rated ads for Bing in the past with Appen. What should I do?

    1. I think you may proceed with Bing project at Lionbridge as you are currently not working on this project at Appen.

      1. Okay thanks, I just am not sure if Lionbridge uses UHRS like the Appen project does and if that would conflict with the old UHRS account I have with Appen, do you still think it would be alright?

      2. In this case I recommend you to create new outlook ID and use it as the second email for UHRS tool…

  56. Recently, Lionbridge made me put this new extension on my laptop, the Rating Program Extension – Cloud. Has anybody else gotten this email and been forced to put this exrension on their computers? I’m unclear as to what the purpose of this is and whether it is allowing Lionbridge to have access to my laptop to view or listen to me while I’m working.

    1. The purpose of the extension is to monitor you working time or time spent in the system so they can compare your time sheet data vs actual time spent in the system.

      1. Oh, got it! Thanks, Tim! I appreciate this forum. Really helped me with passing the exam and getting hired on!

  57. Hi Tim,

    I just wanted to ask if Truckee (LF) and Falcon Engagement Bait (Appen) are compatible. I looked at the table above, however, I don’t see anything that’s specific to Falcon EB. I’m currently working on the Falcon EB project, and have applied to LF recently.


    1. Hello,

      Could you share more info about Falcon Engagement Bait (Appen)? As far as I know this project also belongs to FB?

  58. Dear Tim,
    Thank you for this wonderful blog just a correction, LB pay $8 in India for Social media evaluators. I know because I am working with them from last 2 years.

  59. I am working for Lionbridge from 2 months as a web search evaluater. Recently I joined as social media evaluator for Appen in Falcon ads(different project). After doing my rating work on first day on Appen, I received an email from Lionbridge with a subject “Non-Disclosure Agreement – Remainder” saying that ”
    we would like to remind you some of the most important terms and conditions”.

    Although they are saying that this notification sent to all raters on the program, it is looking like strange because I received this mail after my first working day on Appen.

    1.So, is it a sign that they detected my ID on appen?

    I used different mail ID’s for both platforms, but I mentioned both email ID’s in my resume when I applied to Lionbridge and Appen. Anyhow, I am using one email for Lionbridge and another for Appen to login into tools but I am using same mobile and laptop to work for both platforms with different tools on these same devices. I am thinking that they detected my ID’s because of the same device, am I right? Please answer

  60. Hello Tim and thank your for your help.
    I’m working (only using my phone) for Appen with the Falcon Messenger Ads project, and i got an offer from Lionbridge for Social Media Evaluator. Can I do both? thanks

  61. Hi Tim,
    I am about to take the test at both Shasta Project at Leapforce and Maps Analyst at Lionbridge. Can I take both projects even these are for the same customer?
    I read the compatibility matrix already but need your confirm to avoid any misunderstanding.
    Thank you.

  62. I’m currently working on Shasta project in Leapforce. Can I apply for Lionbridge ads assesor and work both?

  63. Hi Tim,

    Can 2 people work for Aztec and Falcon at Appen from 1 IP? Is IP duplication check applied for all Appen projects or for each vendor separatedly?

  64. I happened to have 2 accounts at Appen and got invited to both Aztec and Falcon. I confessed and they said I’m not allowed to work for Falcon since I’m with Aztec. But isn’t it possible cause the vendors are different?
    Can two email accounts work for Aztec and Falcon at Appen from 1IP at the same time?

  65. Hey i’m currently working for Falcon Ad Project. I also had applied for Nile project 2 months ago before I got my appen job. And without really thinking about it I re-applied some days ago for Nile project (because you can re-apply every 2 months).
    But this time I do have my Appen job (Falcon ads project) and i got chosen to participate Nile project.
    I should supposedly start Nile project very soon, but since both are on Facebook i thought about compatibility issues that’s how I found your article.

    You did write that it’s not compatible however they didn’t say anything wrong yet.
    Should I confess now that I’m already working on Falcon project?
    Is there not any chance that I could work for both?
    Is there any risk that I lose my initial Appen job because of that?


    1. I cannot give you 100% correct answers on your questions, I know that there is a very strict condition regarding multiple accounts in all Google rating projects, they have a system which automatically detects IP address conflict. As to Facebook related projects, I assume that they might have the same system…

      1. Hey, well definitely cannot combine 2 facebook ads jobs, they just finally sent a mail telling me that it’s not possible , at the moment they were supposed to give me the access to the FB tool.
        Thanks for your answer anyway 😉

      2. Of course you cannot, it will lead to IP address conflict. It was mentioned in the article and project compatibility matrix.

  66. Hi Tim. Thank you for all of the helpful information. I’m currently working for Lionbridge as a social media evaluator (using my iphone and my “primary” Facebook/instagram account.) I just received an offer from Appen to work on the Falcon project (using my laptop and my “secondary” Facebook/instragam account.) By the way, I’m using different email addresses for each employer. Will any of these circumstances cause a conflict?

  67. Thanks for these posts, this gives some good information about the projects. I applied for a couple of projects last week, because based on some reddit post I expected some long waiting times before getting accepted. But I got selected for three projects: map analyst at Lionbridge, Aztec ads at Appen and as a search engine evaluator at Leapforce

    I still have to do the exams, and I’ll try to get into the map analyst role first, but I want to get into another project as well. This second option would be either the Aztec ads, or the search engine evaluator (not both). I rather look at websites than ads to be honest, but I don’t know the salary of Leapforce yet (I’m in a country in Europe with in general above average to high wages). Based on the table above, I see that the map analyst and Aztec ads are compatible. I can’t tell if Leapforce and Lionbridge are compatible, so is the search engine evaluator at Leapforce compatible with the map analyst project at Lionbridge?

    1. Hello,

      Yes any search engine evalution project at any vendor is fully compitabile with maps analyst project because these projects belongs to different customers and are administrated from different rating platforms…

      1. Thanks for the reply, and I’m sorry to bother you with another question: are Lionbridge MQA and Leapforce Shasta compatible? (I read somewhere that Leapforce is Apple maps?)

        Because I did the exam at Lionbridge, and after the exam I instantly got an email saying that I failed. So I applied at Leapforce (for the second time, because earlier I deleted my LF account once I saw that it was Shasta I was qualified for, and not the SEE position they initially communicated). The Shasta project is now pending (again).
        Now two days later I got an email from Lionbridge that I did pass the exam. I’m currently doing the training program at Appen for Aztec as well (still have to do the test). So what do you reckon: delete Leapforce again? or just continue with all three?

      2. You may combine Shadta/Maps Analyst projects with any projects including Aztec project at Appen.

      3. I just passed the LF exam for Shasta as well, and I am already working for LB as a map quality analyst. I assumed they had different customers, but it turns out it’s the same customer. Any chance of an IP conflict with TryRating?

  68. Hello Tim,

    Great information!

    Can I work for Lionbridge as a social media evaluator and appen on the falcon project at the same time?


    1. Hello,

      Social Media Evalutor is just a general name for all kind of search engine evalution jobs, I need more info to answer your question…

  69. Thanks for the info. Quick question, I can’t tell from the table above: are map analyst at Lionbridge and search engine evaluator at Leapforce compatible with each other?

  70. Hi Tim, thanks for your information. I’m currently working to Leapforce Yukon project. Do you know if I can work to Appen Falcon Local Curation project at the same time?

    1. Yes you can, Falcon Local Curation belongs to FB, thus these two projects are fully compatible.

  71. I work for Lionbridge as a “Rater”, which is not addressed. What other type of jobs and where I can do without creating conflict?

    1. Hello,

      Rater is just another name for search engine evaluation job (Google rating project also known as Yukon at Leapforce/Raterlabs)

  72. Hi Tim, thanks for the info. I will be taking the Appen qualification test for the Aztec Ads project as an web search evaluator. At the same time, I also received an offer from LB as an Internet Ads Accessor.

    I heard that it takes time to know the test result, I’m afraid that if I ignore LB offer for weeks, that I will not be able to take the LB test and also not be able to apply for the same role again.

    Should I just take the Appen test and wait for the result? Or should I inform LB that I am going to take the Appen test? (I’m afraid that they will not accept me after I inform them about the Appen test)

  73. Thanks for the info Tim
    I’m about to take a test at Aztec Project (Appen) but at the same time i also received an offer for Ad accessor at LB.
    Should i inform LB that I will be taking a test at Appen? or should I just wait for the result ?
    I’m afraid that LB will not accept me as an applicant anymore after I got my result from Appen (heard that it takes weeks to get to know your result)

  74. Hi Tim,

    Good day to you. Thank you for creating this blog.

    I have a question – I applied for Social Media Evaluator (Falcon Post Tagging) at Appen and Online Map Quality Analyst English (Google, I believe?) at Lion Bridge. I was asked to undergo evaluation tests soon. Assuming I passed the tests, is it safe to say that I can work for both projects because the clients are different? Is my understanding correct?

    I noticed a conflict of interest clause on Lion Bridge’s contract, must I notify them that I have also applied and intend to work for Appen under a different project?

    Can you please advise?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂


    1. Hello,

      Of course you should not notify Lionbridge about the fact of working at Appen. The projects you mentioned, are fully compitabile.

  75. Hello ,
    I am working as Personalized / Social media Internet Assessor in Lionbridge. Can i apple for Social Media Evaluator in Appen?

    I hope to get your reply soon .
    Thanks in advance.

    1. It depends on what is the project behind this code name, but based on my experience most likely it is going to be a falcon project which is fully compatible with any Google projects.

  76. Hello,

    Can anyone tell is it possible to apply for US postion from overseas using VPN?

    And can I use the smartphone for the second account which I used to use for the first acount (though PC and network are different)?

    1. You may try but sooner or later you will be terminated for contract condition breach (VPN services are usually unstable and just one IP address change will be detected by their system).

  77. Hello Tim, I was accept it for the Aztec proyect in Appen and i currently workin in Nile proyect in LF, so can I work in the two proyects without making any conflict in the contract? The work is similar, rating ads, but they are from different contrators, what do you think? Is there a risk?

  78. Hi, I am currently working as an Ad rater for LB in the U.S. I am thinking of moving to another state. Do you know if I can continue to work as long as I am still in the same country?

    Also, if I were to spend a month or 2 in another state would it be ok if I worked from there?

    Are we allowed to work using a mobile hotspot plan? Or some sort of portable internet device?


    1. Yes, you can change your state location and IP address, as far as I know using mobile internet also is OK.

  79. Hello,

    This article you wrote created a lot of hope within me, thanks for that. But at the same time I have questions, which I would love for you to answer. I’m from India currently working for Map Quality Analyst project at Lionbridge and have been turning down contract offers from Appen. Now, I had applied through the same Gmail account on both these sites using the same laptop and IP address, so is my fear that me accepting an Appen project would end up in detection, thus, breach of contract with both vendors is correct, even if they are compatible? or should I go by the “Multiple accounts – is there a safe solution? ” post of yours?

      1. Thank You for the reply,
        Falcon Entity Rating, crowd sourcing, english video transcription, English Voice Rating are the projects they have asked me to apply for in the last two months. I’m pretty sure they will come around with more options for me, though, they do follow up demanding a response, but I keep ignoring. What should I do?

  80. Dont know if my first message was saved, therefore again:
    If i work on Lionbridge in Google Projects, is it safe to work on Leapforce Projects like Instagram or Facebook ? Does anybody has tried this already ?

  81. Hello,

    I am taking a test for Social Media Evaluator at Appen and an Ad Rater for LionBridge. Will working for both of these companies work?

    Thank you

  82. Hi Tim,

    I know several people have asked this before but is Leapforce Shasta (Maps) really compatible with Lionbridge’s Google Evaluation? I understand it’s two completely different platforms but Lionbridge says you aren’t even allowed to do UHRS while with them, which is sad because it seems Leapforce is way more lenient when it comes to that. Would this only work if I used two separate IPs or would I be OK if I applied to Shasta with Leapforce while working for Lionbridge?


  83. Hi Tim!

    I am currently working as Falcon Content Categorization in Appen which is belongs to Facebook using SRT tools platform to work. Can I work at Truckee project? Is it ok if i am send an email about this question to Appen?

    Thank you

  84. Hi Tim, can one work for Appen as Social Media Evaluator and for Lionbridge as Internet Assessor. Thanks for great job you’re doing here

  85. Hi..I currently work in Lionbridge’s map analyst for about 4 months now, the rate is 0.35 per task (Indonesia), since I only able to work 10 task per hour, then I only got $3.5 per hour ! pretty sad situation. From your table now I know that it’s OK to work for aztec ads, which i’ve been invited by Appen. Thank you Tim.


    What is the max payout/hr in India ?

    What is the difference between Web search evaluator & Internet assessor ?

    Mobile handset is required for the role of Web search evaluator or not ?

    1. After Appen acquired Leapforce, the max hourly pay was set at the level of 5$ per hour, in this respect Lionbridge pays more, 7$ per hour for the same type of work. Internet Assessor and search evaluation are different code names for the same project. Yes, a mobile phone is required for this project.

      1. Can I apply & work as an Internet Assessor for both Appen & Lionbridge with two different gmail id & ip address ?

        Will documents submission while applying for both cos. with single applicant will be an issue ?

  87. For Longridge, as an Internet assessor role, if there is task availability then what happens if I exceed 30hrs/weeks?

  88. Hello I am working for LionBridge as Personnalized Internet assessor and I receive an invitation from Appen for the Falcon Local Curration project, are they compatible ?

    Do I have to work on a different computer ? I gave the same gmail adress for both projects, will that cause an issue ?

    Thank you very much and your site has been very helpful

    1. Hello, these two projects belong to different customers it means that you can work on both without any risk of IP address conflict.

  89. Hello I am working for Appen for the Falcon Local Curration project and I receive an invitation from LionBridge to work as Internet assessor, are they compatible ?

    1. Sorry, I am also working for LeapForce on Nile Project, I forgot to say.

  90. Hello,

    As I understand it, I can for both Appen as Social Media Evaluator and Lionbridge as Internet Assesor. But the question is: when the role as Social Media Evaluator will be at an end, may I receive other projects from Appen (having Google as client)?

  91. I am considering to apply the Internet analyst at Appen while still working at LB as the Internet assessor. Will above 2 job conflicts to each other (Internet analyst at Appen & Internet assessor at lionbridge)?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. It depends on the project, specify the name of the project at Appen so I can advise.

      1. Hi, Tim,

        Thanks for reply. I am working at Falcon Appen and internrt assessor at LB right now. I am considering to take the exam of Shasta at Appen(previos belong to Leapforce). My question is will the Shasta at Appen project in conflic with either Falcon Appen or Internet Assesor at LB? I am using different email account but same ip.

      2. Can I apply Shasta at Appen while working Falcon at appen and internet assesor at LB?


  92. I am considering to apply the Internet analyst at Appen while still working at LB as the Internet assessor. Will above 2 job conflicts to each other (Internet analyst at Appen & Internet assessor at lionbridge)?
    Thanks in advance.

  93. Hello Tim. I’m currently working on Yukon project of Leapforce now Appen. Yesterday I receive an email from Isoftstone for Online Ads Evaluator…it would be a great opportunity….but Is possible work for Appen and Isoftstone both??

  94. Hello, can I work at Falcon PT project and REGARDING PROJECT: Truckee at the same time?

    1. Hello,

      Falcon and Truckee projects are administrated by Facebook, so it means there is no option to combine these two projects under one IP/name.

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