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How to remotely control your Android Device from Your PC with a USB Cable

Anything that increases your productivity is a big plus, and if you are doing any type of website rating for either Leapforce or Lionbridge or Appen, there are tasks which require you to use your Android phone or mobile device. Of course having a nice phone and a big screen are big advantages. But not everyone has the luxury of having such a device, and doing rating work on your Android device can become tiresome and tedious after doing rating for a long time.

Thanks to some new technology and some pretty decent applications on the market, it is now possible to control your Android device using your PC.

In this article I am going to explain how to control your Android phone from your PC using the USB cable that comes with your phone.

While it’s true that nobody likes wires, a wired connection is reliable and the most favorable when you are interacting with the Android screen from your Personal Computer. It’s handy, it’s fast, it’s accurate, and it’s easy on your eyes and your nerves as well as for your productivity.

Some of the other main features or reasons for wanting to look at your Android device from your PC is that photos or videos are bigger, easier to see, and your rater or search engine results are more clear and easier to read with a bigger screen. Control is a big factor too in that you can use your mouse to quickly navigate your Android device.

And while it sounds like it’s going to be a big hassle to set this up, it’s simple and not as hard as you think. There are actually many tools out there that can help you do this. But I think I have narrowed down the easiest and best way to get you setup quickly.

The main goal is to mirror your android device so that you can see it on your PC screen and control it. So let’s get started.

The first thing you are going to need is the latest version of the Chrome browser on your computer. It doesn’t matter if you have Windows PC, Mac or Linux. This will work for them all.

Step 1: If you don’t have Chrome you can get it here on Google’s Chrome Download Page

Step 2: Once you have Chrome installed on your PC, you will want to find an extension called Vysor from the Chrome Web Store.

Step 3: Now things from here might get a little tricky, but be patient as I will explain in detail how to enable USB Debugging on your Android device. Since you are going to connect your Android device to your computer, you will need this enabled so that the PC can see your device.

How to do this is simple, but first you need to enable Developer Options. Developer Options is not something that you are going to want to play around in. The only options you need is USB Debugging for this procedure.

So here is what you do to enable it if you can’t see I this option in settings.

Go to Settings > About Phone > and find the Build Number and tap on this 7 times. It will tell you that you are about to unlock Developer Options. After you’ve tapped on it 7 times, you should go to Settings and verify at the bottom that Developer Options is enabled.

Step 4: Now connect your Android phone or Tablet with PC via USB Cable. On your Android device, make sure to check and see that you have USB connection as Media Transfer Device and not any other options such as charge only.

Step 5: Now open the Vysor application in Chrome. You can shortcut your way there by typing chrome://apps in your browser URL field. An Alert is going to pop up asking for permission for USB debugging, Tap OK.

Step 6: In Vysor you should see your android device listed as a connected USB device. Click on that device and it should start to mirror the current android screen in the Chrome browser window. Please note that Windows users  need ABD Drivers which can be downloaded from the link on Vysor control pannel.

From this point on you can now control any Android Device, your phone, your tablet right from the computer screen. You can open any application and use your mouse and PV keyboard to type whatever you need. There are some additional features that are in Vysor like sound volume control, lock screen feature, screenshot capture, rotate screen, etc.

There are some pros and cons to using any type of system like this and while nothing is perfect, the only thing is having to use the cable to attach the phone to the PC. For many people this won’t be a problem.

You will notice that the interface works very smoothly, and you’re not likely to experience any type of lag from the PC to Android control. There is also a WiFi connection that is offered in Vysor, but you will have to upgrade to Premium or Paid user to get this option. Personally I like the fact there isn’t any lag of control with the wired connection and it works great for me.

For those who might be looking for other tools, or maybe your device isn’t working well with the Vysor application, there are other tools that can mirror your Android Device on your computer.

Mobizen is another application that is a Windows based software and is also feature rich and you also need to download an Android application along with the PC software. It does work well and the plus for Mobizen is that they offer free WiFi connectivity option.

As a rater, I find that it’s much easier to see what my android device is doing on my computer because my eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, and I like the ability to move around quickly and easily using my computer to control the Android Device. Anything that makes your job easier is definitely worth the time to try out in my opinion.

I would like to know what you thought if you’ve tried this, so if you’ve installed this, and it’s helped you or you’ve had some problems, please leave me a comment.


  1. Merci je suis tomber sur les articles concernant lionbridge
    et j’aurais une question, je ne sais pas si vous travailler encore ou combien de temps avez vous travailler ?

    est-il possible (je suis de france) si une personne est recruté elle voyage souvent en france d’une ville a l’autre de continuer son travaille?
    et si la personne souhaite prendre des vacances à l’étranger exemple partir en Italie ou autre et continuer a travailler depuis là bas? cela ne pose pas de problème?
    l’adresse iP ne pose pas de probleme par exemple?
    jaimerais votre témoignage notamment si sa vous ai déjà arriver de voyager a l’étranger ou une autre region de votre pays temporairement de travailler sans souci?

    je crois que cest seulement si la personne déménage dans un autre pays ou travailler etudie dans un autre pays que cela pose probleme?

    merci à vous

  2. I found your articles concerning lionbridge.
    And I would have a question, I do not know if you still work or how long have you been working?

    Is it possible (I am from france) if a person is recruited she often travels to france from one city to another to continue her work Lionbridge?
    And if the person would like to take a vacation abroad example going to Italy or other countries, Will he or she continue to be working from there the place where he has been travelling to and is this going to affect his or her work with Lionbridge?
    The iP address does not pose a problem for example?
    I would like your testimony especially if its already happened to you to travel abroad or another region of your country temporarily to work without worry?

    I think it is only if the person moves to another country or work studying in another country that this poses a problem?

    thank you

    1. Working on the project from abroad
      According to the contract you can’t work from abroad. The reason for this is that your contract states the location in which you would work. If you are rating websites in the USA market, you must reside in that market to give accurate data and results. If you work outside of your contracted location, you are breaking the contract. If you do happen to go abroad, make sure you do not complete any tasks on raterhub otherwise your contract will be terminated.

  3. Two questions:
    1) Hi, I tried to work with lionbridge as a quality rating but after passing the first part on the theory, they sent me a mail that I joined in the team and gave me other instructions and I started judging youtube videos and after 3 days They write that I’m out of the program. I think it’s not normal, how do they evaluate people? Thanks.

    2) Hello I wanted to ask you if it is normal that after you have done the questionnaire on lionbridge and have waited one day, now I just do the task without any theoretical questions. I can not understand if I’m working or I’m doing training tasks.

  4. 1) Another way how to make projects on mobile more pleasant is using a Chromebook since you can install apps you are working with on the mobile there as well. But there can be glitches e.g. while a menue does not show up in laptop mode, it does however when flipping into tablet mode. Another issue could be that a link is not working as supposed to. Over time things get sorted since Chromebooks get constant updates and apps as well.

    2) Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to your mobile makes things easier as well.

    3) You can also use the Team Viewer Quick Support + Team Viewer Remote Control apps to not just mirror but effectively control your mobile from your Chromebook or another device. They offer support for 7 different OS. This way you have access to your phone screen from another device as if it was the same one. Typing away is so much better when having full keyboard at your fingertips plus it gives you the benefit of having the opportunity to copy pasting expressions you use frequently from a text document on the same screen without the need of switching back and forth.

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