​Appen UCI Zeya – Falcon Post Interest Tagging Project

Appen has several projects within the Falcon Code Name and the latest one I have come across is what is called Post Interest Tagging. It appears that the client is FB and the job doesn’t appear to be very difficult. Although I can personally attest that the quiz they give you to be contracted into the project is tricky and if you don’t go over the short 1 page guidelines and the examples they give you, you will likely fail the quiz.

Post Interest Tagging is a job that has to be done by a human because you are checking the relevance of each post and then deciding on if the post is relevant for the term that you get or not. For example: If you get a post asking you if it has something to do with cars, but it’s a post about trucks, you need to decide if that post would be relevant for people who are interested in cars, but not about trucks. This is tricky though and its most likely that this post would be answered as yes it does have something to do with cars as trucks are automotive. This is where the quiz is tricky and you’ve got to be careful when doing it. You only get one chance to do this quiz, so again, take your time and use the internet.

The quiz is 25 questions and if you miss more than 1-2 questions, you will likely not be offered a position as the management team goes for those who score the very highest on the quiz. The quiz is not timed, but you do have a deadline of when to finish it. The biggest and best advice here that I can give is to use the internet to check and see if the post in question has anything to do with the subject. You always get a subject like ‘Baby Clothes’ and if you aren’t sure what a toddler jumper is, then its best to check the internet and take your time when you are doing the quiz.

Post Interest Tagging gives you 4 hours per day Monday through Friday with no weekend work making it the perfect job for those who don’t want to work on the weekends. You’ve got to put in 4 hours per day though as this is the minimum. Now for this job, the only thing you are doing is answering yes or no to the post. You have a spot for a comment, but it is not necessary to comment on each post. It is important to pay attention to what you are tagging. This can be a very tedious and monotonous job and you would likely tag a couple wrong, and it’s also very likely that you would be removed from the project if you start missing too many. There is also an option to choose ‘Not sure’ but you don’t want to use this option very often either. In some cases, there might be a category that is really obscure and you wouldn’t know how to categorize this. Then you would use this option.

As I mentioned before, this job can get a little boring, but if you don’t mind doing such a job for 4 hours a day, then it can be a perfect at home job for you. As always, if you have any questions about this project, or need some help or advice, please leave a comment or send your question via email.


  1. Hi Tim,

    In addition to your article above I would like to tell readers of the blog about my experience in Appen Dominant Query Intent Classification project.

    Before I got accepted, I took a test where the passing score is 80%. You are emailed the guidelines, and you have about 3 days to study the guidelines and complete the exam. After passing the exam, you are offered a 3 month contract. You are required to sign up for a Payoneer account to get paid either in check or direct deposit. The work was done with a tool called the SRT in a shared queue. Appen has always given 10 hours per week bonus for all 20 hour per week worked since I was hired by them over a month ago. So even though they post the work hours to be 20 hours per week, the real work hours allotted can be up to 30 hours per week. All I do is classify search queries and Appen considers one hour of work to be equivalent to 50 tasks completed, so to get 5 hours done in one day, you would have to complete 250 tasks in one day. One of the biggest perks with the job is that you can complete the tasks on your cell phone, so you can eat at a restaurant, go on a date, see a movie at a movie theater and complete the query tasks while you are out entertaining yourself. You have to spend 5 hours completing the tasks, but it takes such a short duration of time to complete them that it really only takes about 2 and a half or 3 hours to complete them. For each assignment, you open up the Google search results for the query to research them and also Facebook results. Many search query results only show up on Facebook and not on google, so watch out for that and vice versa. The Query Classification consists of a private or non-private classification, and if the person is a nobody, or isn’t a celebrity, but is just your average everyday citizen, you classify them as private. But if they are a celebrity, the answer is no to being private. The other main sections are if the query relates to news, meaning is there any news stories about the query within the past week which is easy to find in the Google results. Finally, the main portion of the query classification is the most likely intent. The confusion I’ve had in the past was deciding if a query was either a place or a company. I label the query as a place even if it is a company if there is an address posted on the Facebook page or Google business page, if there isn’t an address, then it is a company. Ambiguous usually means more than 2 intents fit the search query. The job pays $13.75/hour and the invoice is paid on the 14th of each month following the previous month of work.

    1. Hello, I’m on that project, where did you read that 50 tasks were taken as an hour worked?

  2. When working on this project can it be done at different locations? Traveling soon and wanted to work a bit.

    1. Hello,

      Yes, you may change your IP address and work from another location within your locale/country. Do not attempt to work from abroad or using public networks like airport/train/cafe free wifi, otherwise your account might be terminated.

  3. Appen stinks !!!!
    The worst experience I’ve had. 2 days Samsung e mails requesting help and no one was useful.

    They never read what I was asking for. I couldnt Work on the proyect I das assigned to.

    It’s a Pity !!!!

  4. Hi! I passed the qualification quiz with 91% average but I wasn’t accepted into the project due to overcrowding. it was in June.Since then Appen does not receive any proposals and does not respond to my requests. Does this mean that my candidacy is no longer considered? Thanks

  5. Hi, I need some help to pass zeya project, would you like to help me? If you do, please email me your telegram id or instagram id or any contact that you have. I urgently need the job. Please help me.

  6. I have Zeya project in progress. How long does it take to wait for the examination process?

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