18 thoughts on “How to Link Appen Global to Pyoneer: Payoneer Payment Method for Appen, Raterlabs, Lionbridge, Utest-Get $25 Cash Back!

  1. I have to say that this transition as an independent contractor from ADP to Payoneer at Appen and getting paid was a big problem for me, and I’m lucky that everything was settled and I got my next paycheck on time. But there was miscommunication between Payoneer and Appen Global and to be honest, everything was a mess. When they made the switch, I had no Payoneer account. It would have been much easier to get the account setup and have this before they had made the switch. But since I didn’t have a Payoneer account, I had to go through the approval process. Yes, for some unknown reason I was going through an approval process now. How can I be contracted by Appen Global, but to get paid, I suddenly have to go through an approval process? “What if I am not approved?” I was thinking. Payoneer also decided to send out emails letting independent contractors know that a tax form ID had to be submitted and that now Payoneer would be deducting taxes! Talk about a real problem. As an independent contractor, you are always responsible for doing your own taxes. This led me to emailing Payoneer and checking on it. Payoneer emailed me back and said that this was the law. They obviously didn’t know what they were doing. So I sent an email to Appen Global. They said that Payoneer had sent out the wrong email and that they weren’t taking out taxes. But Payoneer decided to send out another wrong email about submitting tax ID or filling out W4 forms. They simply had no idea what they were doing and Appen Global had to step up and send out an email explaining that Payoneer had sent out the wrong emails, and that we were still responsible for taxes. Now to be honest, this approval process they were talking about would have to be instant. Since this was the new payment processor for Appen, there was no way we could be denied. And I simply explained this to a representative of the company. There was a big miscommunication and the whole thing caused me some unneeded stress.

  2. Dear blogger, 3 days ago lionbridge has put me on review. This is the second time I am under a quality review after a year, Do they explain why I am under a quality review? Do you know what how much chances I have to survive this review? Lionbridge is the only source of income for me right now and I am really scared 🙁

    1. Hi what do you mean by ‘stale’ I update my blog on a regular basis and I confirm that information on this page is up-to-date.

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