Apply for Search Engine Rater and Social Media Evaluation Jobs at Appen/Lionbridge

Want to Apply For Search Engine Rater and Social Media Evaluations jobs at Lionbridge and Appen?

Sometimes finding these types of jobs online takes a bit of research. Most of the big companies that offer these types of jobs don’t usually advertise in common places or online job boards. You usually have to go directly to the company and apply on their website. I have seen that Appen Global advertises their jobs on, but that website charges a monthly fee. I never quite understood how a company can charge you to find a job, but they are the exception.

Finding these jobs and applying for them are different for each company. Going to each individual website is the best way, as long as you know where to go, and how to apply. With that being said, this article, and the videos we have provided, will show you how to find the work from home jobs.

One of the other important things to consider when looking for these types of jobs is your location. Some of the contracts that are offered through companies like Appen and Lionbridge require you to live in the demographic area that the project requires itself. The reason for this is because the data from different regions will be different depending on location and the language.

Before you begin to apply for these jobs, or really any job for that matter, it’s probably a good idea to go over your resume and make sure it’s up to date, and that it includes only the important information that is necessary. It might also be to your benefit to have your resume checked by a professional. The resume experts at is an awesome service that I have used in the past, and having your resume edited or corrected by a professional is a sure-fire way to get noticed and get you the job you want. Many of our readers have had very good results with them.

To visit their website Click Here:

Another important note is that if you have worked previously on other social media projects with different companies, don’t mention this on your CV/resume. The two most important factors about this are that you do not need previous experience for these jobs. And second, if you have worked on these types of projects before you will most certainly be looked over and turned down for similar projects. The reason for this is uncertain, but we have seen other people turned down because of this.

You can work on two different projects for more than one company. However, you need to use a different IP address for one or the other. So if you work for Appen and want to work on another project with Lionbridge, you will likely need a different IP address. Appen seems to be the only company that records an IP address and this is shown in the backend or the portal of the work dashboard. This is why it’s a good idea to use a separate IP address for another project. It might also be a good idea to use a different email between companies when applying for and working on these jobs.

Some advice when working on different projects so that you don’t overwhelm yourself is to get some experience working on one project with a company before trying to get another contract with a separate company. Most of these contracts are part-time. So it’s beneficial to have more than one project at a time if you can handle it.

A really important thing to note here is that you can only have one contract per IP address when it comes to these companies. So if more than one person is working for any of these companies, it is important to have a separate IP address. You can usually order another IP address from your internet service provider for about $4-5 per month extra. Check with your ISP to find out if you require more than 1 IP address per household. You can read more about this in FAQ

Application process at Lionbridge – Ads Assessor, Internet Safety Evaluator, Ads Assessor 

Lionbridge search rater project is called the Google rating project (ads assessor, internet safety evaluator, ads assessor, rater) which is the same as Yukon at Appen (Raterlabs). They also have the positions of Personalized Social Media Assessor, Personalized Internet Assessor, and Personalized Web Assessor.

Application process at Appen Connect

At Appen (Raterlabs) you would apply for search engine evaluator position first and then based on project availability, you would get invites for Yukon, Nile, (Facebook social media evaluator) Truckee, Shasta and another projects. You can work on more than one project at a time. Once your application is approved you will get access to the list of available projects in your locale. Many of my readers will be interested in how to get invited to other projects at Appen Connect. Those projects include:

List of Projects And Code Names For Lionbridge & Appen Connect

Application process video instructions for Lionbridge and Appen Connect

We thought it would be a good idea to create some quick walk-through videos to show you how to apply for these jobs and the different companies. Some of these:

Lionbridge, go to

Appen, go  to

Appen Global go here:

How long does it take to hear back from Lionbridge and Appen?

It depends on many factors, sometimes immediately, and sometimes it can take 3-4 months.

It might be that at the moment of your application submission, the quota of raters for your country was reached and therefore Appen or Lionbridge does not hire a new rater at the moment. As soon as they fire unsuccessful raters, they continue hiring new people to maintain the required number of raters in your country.

In case of Apenn Connect, make sure you re-apply your application every 60 days, otherwise your application will drop off the list of active applications. You also may make several applications, using different emails, this will increase your chance of being selected for the next step. Additionally you may check available vacancies in your locale at Lionbridge.


  1. Brilliant! I have just startes working at Lionbridge as a Side By Side Judge. Do you have any articles or anything on that? This article, by the way, is fab, thank you.

      i want to start work for lionbridge as a rater
      but i not exactly know how can i apply then my chance of selection is more
      can you please help me to do this?

    2. hello kay ashton
      i want to start work in lionbridge as a rater,
      i have all knowledge about how to rating side by side and experimental, but my application would not be selected, can you help me to how can i select as lionbridge rater, please help me.

  2. Hello Tim, I recently received an email from Lionbridge that i’m over recording my time in my timesheet. I’ve been doing the same thing for months and just received this email. I have been using the app that you had mentioned on this site, the LB Timer and I record my times on daily basis. I rechecked my timesheet and calculated everything I’m still getting the same hours I actually worked. Do you think it might be because some tasks I finish earlier than the time given? For example, if I’m given 9 min and I finish the task in 5 min, do you think that is why they are emailing me saying this ?

    Thank you

    1. They compare actual time spent on working on the tasks on raterhub vs. time you entered into the timesheet.If there is any dicrepancy between actual time spent and time entered into the timesheet, then they will ask you to correct your time in a line with actual time spent on raterhub.

  3. Hello Tim! I’m from Brazil. I have applied at Leapforce exactly six months ago and have not yet received an email to continue the qualification process. My registration still active. Are the accounts closed in six months?
    Also I would like to know, if I withdraw my application can I reapply with the same gmail address and IP?
    I’d like to update some informations that have changed since I’ve applied.
    Thank you so much!

  4. Your application video for leapforce was extremely helpful to me. I had a hard time deciding how many hours I should apply for and what’s the difference between the two contracts. Your video was the first clarifying that for me.

    However I would also love if you showed the rest of the application process, including device verification, photo upload etc. I suspect one can make critical mistakes there as well.

    Specifically about device verification: what would happen if I verified a rooted Android system without a SIM card / phone number?

  5. Hello Tim,

    I am going to take the exam for the position Personalized Internet Assessor at Lionbridge. I am required for create bookmark for raterhub and when I access the link, it informed that my Gmail account was unauthorized to view this. How can I fix this problem? The 2nd part of my exam should take place in next 3 days. Thank you!

    1. Hello,
      Most likely reason for this error is the fact of being logged on multiple gmail accounts on your device. The solution is to go to Android setting->accounts->add project associated gmail account, then restart your device. This setting should solve the issue.

  6. Hi! Tim.
    I have worked for Lionbridge as a Social Media Evaluator for almost a year.
    Unfortunately, I am currently receiving an E-mail stated my contract is ending soon.
    I saw people discuss all over the internet about being renewed but mine has no sign of it.
    Should I give up and move on with other project? or should I apply for the same project with another account?

    1. I recommend you to check Lionbridge for Internet Assessor or Ads Assessor roles, these projects are good to participate in. Additionally, you may Join Appen connect and find out what projects are available in your locale. If you need assistance or support with any project qualification, feel free to contact me in the future.

  7. Is it just me, or all Indonesia market wage for Lionbridge is falling down? So sad 🙁

  8. Hello Allen, I have applied for social media evaluator position. after i apply i got a Mail join join work market and take 2 language test . what’s the next procedure its been 8days i haven’t receive a mail from them . can you help .

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