What Should You Do If You Fail Leapforce or Lionbridge Exam Twice and How to Re-Apply?

If you fail the exam the second time, Leapforce will not allow you to retake it a third time. In this case I would advise that you apply to another vendor like Lionbridge (or vice versa). 

Option 1: re-apply from your own PC 

Before proceeding with application you will need to clean your devices from the data left from unsuccessful exams.

  1. Sign out all Gmails associated with your unsuccessful attempts (make a complete sign out on a laptop, PC and your smartphone) and to be on the safe side, re-install your chrome browser on your PC;
  2. A new IP address will be required. You may use a residential VPN to change your IP address. Do not use normal VPN if you are going to apply for Lionbridge, use only a residential VPN. It is VERY easy to know if you are using a regular VPN. As an option you may change your Internet provider or if you have a dynamic IP address then no action is required at this stage;
  3. Create new gmail;
  4. Proceed with application as normal.Once you have started the application and qualification process, I recommend you keep the same IP address during the whole process. If you need to, later on you may change your IP as many times you want.

Note: I would like to point out that Lionbridge is very strict in terms of IP address. The vendor prefers to deal with applicants who have a residential IP address, but it depends on your country. 

Option 2: re-application on behalf of another person the same vendor is possible

Use someone else’s PC to apply and move the account to your PC once you complete the qualification process. 

Note: Before proceeding with registration, make sure that you use a new Gmail account which previously was not used for application process.

Note: It is very important that when you filling out the application and answering the application questions, you must indicate that you have never applied/worked the search engine evaluator position before with another company. Answering yes to this question will automatically disqualify you.  

Lionbridge Unsuccessful Application

There might be many reasons for the rejection of your application. These are some of the reasons: 

It might be possible that your CV does not meet Lionbridge standards. Lionbridge is very selective in terms of quality of CVs of applicants in India and other developing countries.Make sure that you CV looks professional and accurate and there are no gaps in your experience.  

Your IP address might be suspicious, or does not meet Lionbridge requirement. If you have a dynamic IP address (an IP which changes each time you connect to the Internet) – you will be rejected for sure. Make sure that you have static IP address. One way to check is to ask your internet service provider.  

Someone is using the same IP address for a rating project (in the case of sharing an Internet network connection), make sure that your IP address is unique. 

And finally, try to arrange new IP addresses, update your CV, create new Gmails, and apply one more time. If possible you might need to find a person you can trust, like a friend or family member, and apply on behalf of them. It could be a possibility that your name is blacklisted in the vendor database.  

Unable to enter IP address into the Lionbridge exam. What are the reasons?

Some candidates receive from Lionbridge email saying that “we were unable to enter you into our Online exam. According to our checks it appears that you have the same IP Address as another person in our system”.

It can be possible that the vendor was unable to enter your IP into exam because you have dynamic IP address. It might be very risky to have this type of IP address because it means that many people have the same shared IP address. Some internet service providers put a group of customers on the same IP address behind a NAT. This could be a problem and may lead to getting flagged for multiple accounts being used on the same platform such as raterhub.  

Violating terms of contract regarding multiple accounts including IP/Network sharing and using public networks for work

It is prohibited to have multiple accounts with Leapforce and Lionbridge. These companies can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts. The good news is that you can combine work at Leapforce or Lionbridge and Appen Butler Hill.

While working as a search engine evaluator, make sure that you have your personal unique IP address and no one uses the same IP to go online and work on for these companies. If you have two or more people in your household, it is advised to get two unique IP addresses, and you can do this for an extra charge with most internet service providers.

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27 thoughts on “What Should You Do If You Fail Leapforce or Lionbridge Exam Twice and How to Re-Apply?

  1. Thanks for great article Tim. Let say if someone’s contract as an independent contractor was terminated by Lionbridge(LB) and he wants to re-apply for the same position in the future, should he mention his previous experience with LB in the resume ?

    1. It is very important that when you filling out the application and answering the application questions, you must indicate that you have never applied/worked the search engine evaluator position before with another company. Answering yes to this question will automatically disqualify you.

      1. I have selected yes to this question and I failed the test (part 3). Should I bother retaking it, or will that disqualify me from passing when I try again?

  2. Finally my contract got termination after 3 times extended. I have several question. If I just re-apply with another gmail account , what about the CV ? Should I rewrite new CV using my real name. As far I Know when submitting Finance data, our bank accout data should be match with our personal data as an Leeapforce Agent

  3. Hi, I’m having trouble redoing my application on LIONBRIDGE. I have already done all the above steps (I used another email, I applied, I filled out the questionnaire using a private VPN in my country I used a virtual machine to modify the MAC address), but I continue to be rejected during the review process. Does anyone know what can it be?

  4. Are there different exams for different projects? I’m about to take the exam for SHASTA tomorrow (passed part 1 last night), but absolutely do not feel comfortable with it. Will hypothetically failing one exam disqualify me from all future projects? Thanks for this site – learning a lot from it!

    1. Yes, all projects have unique exams designed in a way to profoundly assess candidates’ understanding of project specific guidelines and ability to implement instructions on practice.

    1. In general, residential IP address is an IP address allocated to home users. It is not for commercial or data center usage.

      This term becomes popular in recent year when digital right management system highlight residential IP address vs data center IP address explicitly. Many content streaming providers are doing business with residential IP address and not data center IP address because of VPN etc.

      1. i appled in leapforce and passed exam but couse i used public network they send we will not procces right now

  5. Tim, what’s a good residential vpn that you know of? I just failed the exam for lion bridge and I’m pretty sure in the Exam Faq’s they said you cannot retake it a second time. I want to retake it but my name is kinda unique too, do you think this would pose an issue? Thanks!

  6. Hi Tim ,

    Your blog is awesome, thank you so much for all you’ve put into it!

    Quick question… I applied at LeapForce and LionBridge around the same time. Leapforce moved quicker and I just finished the exam yesterday (I passed parts one and two, must have failed the third). I was given a retake option. However, this morning, I also received the information for the LionBridge exam. I rescheduled the Leapforce exam to May, but was wondering if I am ok to attempt the LionBridge exam and proceed with their eLearning guide?

    I know I can only work for one company since they are both google projects, just wasnt sure where I stood at this point.


  7. Hi Tim, I am from Vietnam where the IP address is not a fixed one. Currently, I am about to start the exam. Is it likely that I will get reject from Lionbridge soon. How can I do to resolve the issue? Is it late to change to a fixed IP address? Thank you.

    1. It is OK to use dynamic IP for this project the problem could be that someone in the program has the same IP address which in your case is very unlikely…

  8. Hi Tim,
    Congratulations for your great blog
    I was working for Leapforce and I was just terminated for quality issues. Do I Have to chang my IP to apply to Lionbridge? Is there any other way? How long I have to wait before I “legally” can apply to Lionbridge?
    Thank you for your time

    1. Hello,
      It depends on type of IP you have, if it a dynamic IP then no action is required. You create a new gmail and apply as normal.

  9. This is my first exam and i just finished my first part. i applied for yukon but instead i get email about Inca Search Qualifications and That I’ll get news about my result by the end of this week with no access to second part of the exam but it doesn’t exactly stated that I fail. Anyone eve experience this ?

  10. Tim,
    I failed part 3 of Yukon, but have passed and have been offered a position on a Falcon (1 hr per day) project. If I choose to not retake the Yukon test, will I be unable to retest later for Yukon?

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