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The Appen Connect Paradise Project Falcon Megataxo is a new project from Appen. As you may know Appen acquired Leapforce in 2017, since then the company has decided to close it is own project management platform known as Appen Global and move all projects to Appen connect. The group of projects known as Falcon (mainly Facebook related projects) now is no longer actual, these projects also have been moved to Appen connect platform.

Appen usually has a lot of new and different projects, and a new project has recently come out called Paradise (previously known as Megataxon) which is an Facebook ad review job. This is an interesting project because most of the Falcon Facebook projects usually are rating social network stuff like actual videos from pages or the actual content on Facebook or Instagram. This project focuses on the types of ads that you would see on Facebook. The objective on the project is to decide if the core purpose of the ad is presenting a product, service, or advertising content such as getting you to go to a Facebookpage and subscribing to that pages feed.

Rating process

Once you understand what the ad is about, you categorize the ad by using a tool that is specially designed by and for Facebook.For each ad there are basically 3 steps to putting each one in the proper category. For the first step, you have to choose the core purpose of the ad and decide if it presents a product, a service, or content.

Along with the tool, you get the project's guidelines that go over all the categories, and it does a very good job of explaining the categories and how you should categorize them. As previously mentioned, the object of the job is to categorize ads as you see them, and you are asked to spend no more than 60 seconds on each ad. This is likely due to the sheer volume of ads that are currently cycling on Facebook. However, there is no minimum view time to apply the tags. With that said, if you are on this project it might take some time to get used to deciding what ad should be categorized where, but after time it is likely that you will pick up speed. It should be noted, however, that if you rush through the ads and categorize them wrong, you could be taken off the project. Once again, they want you to spend no more than 1 minute on each ad with no minimum view time, but you also shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes on each ad. Doing this will surely get the attention of a project manager asking you if there is a problem.

There are times when you can automatically skip the ad if you run into errors, the ad won’t load, the ad is not in the target language for your region, for example the ad is not in English, or there are other issues where you immediately see that the ad is illegal, offensive, or needs to be immediately escalated such as in a case of child exploitation, child nudity, hate speech, acts of terrorism, etc. If you see this bad stuff you have the ability to escalate the Job ID to a manager who handles escalations. If you have to skip the ad for any of these reasons, you just indicate the correct option at the bottom of the Facebook tool.

After you select the purpose of the ad, the next step is to choose a top-level category for the ad. Some of the top level categories have some sub-categories and you will see these appear below the top level categories if there are sub-categories available. This is an extra categorization for some top-level categories. If you select a top level and see a sub-level category appear, you simply choose the best one that fits.

Defining the purpose of the ad simply asks you to choose whether the ad is a Product, a Service, or Content which is defined as the sharing of information that doesn’t provide a specific physical product, service that the reader can buy. Content includes all digital content, articles about an experience with a product, photos of products with no specific call to action, or if the ad uses the ‘Learn More’ button which more than likely leads to content.

Choosing the purpose of the ad should become second nature and you should simply ask yourself ‘What is the core purpose of this ad?’ Ads might reference many different products, services, or content, but your goal is to consider and categorize what is most important for the reader.

The tool itself isn’t difficult and is fairly straightforward. Under the ad, you simply choose the appropriate categories by clicking the radio buttons. Each one of the radio buttons opens with different categories or sub-categories. After you have selected the categories, then on the bottom under that is the submit button. You want to be sure that you have chosen the most correct categories for each ad. Also at the bottom next to the “Submit’ button are the other buttons that we previously mentioned. Those are that the ad has some error, the ad won’t load in the tool, or the ad is not in the English language. You will also see the ‘Other Issue’ button here where you would report an ad that contains something that it shouldn’t that may be offensive or illegal. In this case, the ad would go to one of the managers of the project where its escalated and they take action to remove the ad altogether. You should understand that you have to be careful using this and that the ad should really be offensive and not just something you disagree with or don’t like.

One of the things that is not mentioned in the guidelines is that you might see the ad appear more than once during the week or the month. You should try to remember what you have categorized this ad as and not change the results on the next day if you see the ad again. It’s important that Appen collects precise data. An example of this could be categorizing an ad as something different one day, as opposed to the day before. This will surely get the attention of a product manager. Try to fully understand the categories and email your project manager if you have a question. This will ensure you are able to stay on the project if there is something you don’t understand. Admittedly, there are a lot of products and services on Facebook and categorizing them all correctly might be confusing at first.

The guidelines are really concise and fully detailed and go over the majority of products and services in order to help you categorize them. The guidelines are also very helpful when it comes to deciding what is content or not, and discusses what should fall into those categories.

In conclusion, the Megataxon Falcon project looks to be a very easy job. It might be interesting for some people who want to make a difference in what ads are seen on Facebook, however, after 4 hours of doing this job, it might become tedious on a day to day basis. But for those who don’t mind doing this kind of job, it’s definitely not something incredibly vague or difficult such as some search engine rating jobs.

If you are working on this project, we would like to hear from you and your experience with it. And if you have any questions, you can email me or leave a comment and I will reply as quickly as possible.

As Payoneer is now the only way to get paid by Appen, and if you do not have a Payoneer account yet I invite you to apply for Payoneer account via referral link:


    1. Appen Global offers a lot of different types of projects that you are able to work on besides the larger projects such as Falcon Video Recommendations, or any of the other larger Falcon projects. Falcon is simply a code word for a certain division at Appen Global which encompasses a group of clients that have different data needs. Based on my experience, it is not likely that you could start on the Falcon Crowd Help project from the beginning if you are hired by Appen Global. You would be more likely to start on a larger project first. Once you have started working at Appen, and you are on a Falcon project, like any of the social media projects that they offer, you will likely get an invitation to come aboard and start on the Falcon Crowd Help project. This is based on how well you are doing on your current project. In my experience, I have noticed that the longer I am working on a project, the more invitations for different projects I get. Appen uses this system and gauges individual performance. If you do good, you will get invited to work on other projects. Everyone who does a good job on their initial contract will most likely get invited to Falcon Crown Help. From there you would receive different invitations to different projects. This is where this jobs gets exciting. But I’ll get to that later.

      By now you are likely wondering what this project is all about. Appen Global has many, many different clients that need different types of data. They could have a client that needs voice data. In this case you would be sent an email with an invitation. Sometimes you will be told what is required in an email, at which time you will also see a tile for each project you are invited for when you log into your Appen Global account. Sometimes the tasks are surveys and usually paid fairly well. Tasks are usually one time tasks in which when completed, are paid for and finished. Sometimes a task will need more data and you might be invited to similar tasks.

      1. Hi Tim. First of all many thanks for the great work you do here. You’re our savior in this so difficult to find information, I mean, really good, technical and trustworthy information. I’m with Leapforce for 3 months now, after have being trying for many years, not regularly, but since 2012. I’ve been called at that time to the Yangtze project, but I guess it were on it’s final moments, could not do much them, and them left. Now I’m happy that I’m finally engaged.
        I think I’ve read all, or almost all your posts.
        And I haven’t seen any mention to Twitter, don’t they have any similar projects to measure their clients interests? Or do they do this inside their company and there’s not much information on it. That’s just a curiosity since they are a very big social media market.
        Many thanks! I hope you keep always bringing us, the dummies, many valuable information!

      2. Hello, thank you for your post. I have never heard about any project where the customer was Twitter. If you have any info in this respect, you are welcome to share with us!

  1. I worked on the falcon local Curation project Exam. You need a 90% passing score. The exams are quite easy (compared to others). I had to match queries with their categories. It was quite interesting because you get several trials to pass the assessment. The guideline is quite brief and easy to read through.

    1. Hi Ivy! Thank you for your comment! Could you please tell me if you worked other projects at the same time as this one? I have been invited to it but I’m afraid it may conflict with other project I’m already working on. Thank you! 🙂

      1. Hi Beth,
        Some of the projects are compatible, some of them are not, please refer to project compatibility matrix for more info or tell me the name of your another project you are going to apply for.

      2. Hi Tim. What I know so far the Appen project os called Falcon Local Curation under the Social Media Search Evaluator. I have very little info on it. Would it be any kind of breach of confidentiality reproducing here the Description of the Work?

    2. Hi Ivy. My experience has been very different from yours. The guidelines are very vague, extremely short and very confusing, and there’s no second chance as I’ve seen so far. I’ve got errors at their corrections, I wrote them pointing this out and no one answered me until now. I’m getting very disappointed with their whole process, not to mention the amount of bugs and glitches during the tests.

  2. Hi Tim, thank you again for all your help, you’re the only legit person and someone we can trust about this so vast and very complex activities, we feel less lost on this.
    I’m working the Nile project for 4 months now, and I’d applied for Appen and Lionbridge as well. Last week I was invited to an Appen project, Falcon Local Curation and it’s under the Social Media Evaluator project. My doubt is, am I allowed to work on both projects? Prior to this invitation I received an email on May asking me more questions about the kind of phone I used, and other questions related to Instagram. I replied that I was already working the Nile project at Leapforce, and answered their other questions, so I assume that they know about it and still later invited me for this new project, so I’m getting very anxious and confused as to the fact that this can compromise my relationship with Leapforce.
    Could you please give any advice as how I should proceed? On Monday Appen will send me instructions on how to prepare myself for the qualification, I’ve already signed my interest on it and signed many other papers. Can you please give me some light in here? I would appreciate it a lot! I really need one more project, just Nile doesn’t give enough money for my basic necessities.
    Many thanks in advance, I can see that you’re a very sensible and an honest one, so I value any comment you may share here.
    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

    1. Hi beth, i’ve got the same emails, but no update since then. Are you aware of any new info or how to proceed?

  3. Hi Karina! They’ve send me emails confirming that I have the required attributes to enter qualification, but this was 2 days ago. They have been postponing it, they say that they’re arranging things with the clients.
    Have you received these emails too?

    1. Hi beth, i’ve got the same emails, but no update since then. Are you aware of any new info or how to proceed?

    2. I asked Appen if it was ok working Nile project and the Falcon Local Curation but they never answered me and they keep sending me qualifications and tool set up (for the Falcon project) emails. I am not sure what to do! And you?

    3. Hi Beth! Yes I received. And I asked if it was ok to work both projects but no answers! They just keep me sending the qualifications tests and tools and I need to take the test very soon. I am not sure if I drop out or continue. I don’t want to loose my Nile project! How about you?

      1. Hello Karina! We’re in the same boat, lol! I already told them too in the beginning that I was at the Nile project, so I have proof, as you, that I’m not hiding anything. I’m going to take this exam if allowed to, because I’m also curious to know if it has any similarity to the other one we do, and then I’ll see. Did you asked Leapforce too? I didn’t, a little afraid about the answer!
        I’m not going to tell you to or not the exam, but I think it will not hurt until we sign a contract. Good luck for us all! 🙂

  4. Hi Beth, i’ve got the same emails, but no update since then. Are you aware of any updates?

    1. Hi Diego! They sent me more emails in the past days, did you receive it too? But the process keep being postponed, I expect that something maybe decided during the next week, well, I hope so!
      Don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.

      1. Hi Beth, it’s been ten days now since the last e-mail I received. It said that I would be assigned to an specific task soon, so I’m a little concerned about it. This is my first project ever and I was really excited, but now I don’t know how to proceed. Do you have any tips or should I just wait for an e-mail from them?
        I’m checking it ten times a day haha.

  5. Hey Diego! I know the felling, just waiting and no one to ask about it. I wish I had any information for you, but we’re at the same place, that’s the way they do, when you last expect they call you.
    Meanwhile, go to the Leapforce and Lionbridge pages and keep trying any available position they post. What has been helping me a lot is this blog, I think I read all the posts, haha! Tim excellent advice and I keep learning a lot with him, things that I had no idea existed, and also prepares for what to expect, so we don’t go too green. Let’s be positive and try to relax, they’ll call us! Their emails generally comes very early in Brazil’s time, and only from Monday to Friday, so relax and have a very good weekend.

    1. I also have been postponed to start the Falcon tasks. You are right, since we haven’t signed any contracts yet it doesn’t hurt. Keep me updated 😉

  6. Hello guys, I am on the same boat as yous. I’ve just sent and email to appen support team asking if it is ok work on both projects. Let’s hope for the best!

  7. Hi Tim Happy New Year 2019, really appreciate these helpful contents for years and i wish you the best of both worlds!

    I was invited to Falcon Megataxon, i’ve done submitting the agreement and stuffs but the payoneer account setting is holding me from the next process and deadline for final assessment is 01/22/2019 which is this coming Tuesday. i even did live chat with payoneer and they told me that approving process could be taken up to a week which is longer than usual(1-2 hours). I can access to SRT or a button to bring me to the exam but getting to read guideline and submit other step is after payoneer account is approved. is there anyway to fix this problem?

    1. Hello,

      Sure, your priority should be studying materials so you can successfully pass the exam. You will be able to complete Payoneer registration at a later stage of the recruitment process.

  8. Hi Tim, how are you?
    I’m currently working on the Nile project and they offered me now the Pecos Raters project, also on facebook. It means that I’ll loose the Nile project? I heard that we can’t work 2 projects on the same platform.

    1. Hello, if your vendor offers you to qualify for another project it means that they allow to combine your current project and new one.

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