You Failed Appen Yukon Project Lionbridge Internet Assessor Exam Now What?

Yukon project exam retake opportunity

Many people have failed the Appen Yukon Project exam at their first attempt because they don’t fully understand Google algorithms’ way of thinking, and you’ve only got a week to study the 164 page guide. Many people fail the first time because this is not an easy exam.  Appen and Lionbridge are aware of this fact, and even mention in the welcome email that many people fail the test. In one week after an unsuccessful attempt,  you will get the second and last chance to re-take the exam. You will have to go through all parts of the exam again, practical tasks in part 2 (Page Quality) and part 3 (Send to Device) will be different from those you had on your first exam, although there may be a few tasks that come from previous exam.

Why do candidates fail the Appen Yukon and Lionbridge qualification exams?

Lack of effort and sufficient preparation

The most common reason that people fail the Yukon project exam, is that some candidates think that they may get lucky and pass the exam without proper studying, or you may think you know enough about the internet or have good search skills. Be aware that all parts of exam are designed in a way to assess your ability to understand and apply rating concepts and rules based on a 164 page guide. Its not possible to demonstrate the knowledge of these guidelines without investing a significant amount of effort within the one week they give you to study for the exam. If you don’t at least study the guide, or go over it a couple times, you will most likely fail the theoretical part (part 1) of the exam.

Poor time management

One of the common reasons for unsuccessful attempt to pass the exam is poor time management. People do exam preparation and taking all 3 parts within 1-2 days. This strategy in many cases leads to exam failure, because the exam requires lots of concentration and attention to details…Thus plan your exam carefully so you have enough time for studying the material and taking the exam without rushing. Basically, don’t wait till the last minute.

Inappropriate understanding and/or implementation of rating rules and concepts

Have you failed the Appen or Lionbridge exams after carefully studying for them? Don’t worry, a lot of people have. Even people with experience in Search Engine Optimization, or even experience in taking exams have failed this test. In fact it is the first thing that Appen mentions before you get the exam. That it is very difficult and many fail. If you have failed, it is most likely you misunderstood the rating concepts and/or applied them in a wrong way; e.g. used personal judgment/common sense, or did not pay attention to details where it was required (e.g. user location for local queries). In this case I recommend you get assistance from an expert, such as myself

Yukon exam and Lionbridge Internet Assessor tutoring and assistance

If you are not confident about going through the Appen or Lionbridge qualification exam , you may always get my expert assistance, support and advice. For detailed information please write to

Note: I am not giving out Leapforce and Lionbridge exam answers, so please do not ask. The reasons for this is because part 2 (Page Quality) and Part 3 (Send to Device) tasks are unique practical tasks, tasks in those parts are updated on a regular basis. The best way is to understand what you are doing and get training on the subject before and after you pass the exam. If you are not sure you understand rating concepts well and and you are not sure how to rate exam tasks correctly, then that is when its best to get my assistance which will give you confidence and lead to success in passing the exam.

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  1. Hi,
    I have applied for Lionbridge for 3 times and got rejected.I applied for leapforce like 20 days ago.Haven’t heard from leapforce.

    Is there anything.. You can do??

  2. There might be many reasons for rejection of your application.

    It might be that at the moment of your application submission, quota of raters for your country was reached and therefore Leapforce and Leanbridge did not hire new people at that moment…As soon as they fire unsuccessful raters, they continue hiring new people to maintain required number of raters in your country.

    You CV does not meet Lionbridge standards. Lionbridge is very selective in terms of quality of CVs of applicants in India and another developing countries. Make sure that you CV looks professional and accurate and there is no gaps in your experience.

    Your IP address might be suspicious or does not meet Lionbridge requirement. If you have dynamic IP address (IP which changes each time you go for Internet) – you will be rejected for sure. Make sure that you have static IP address.

    Someone uses the same IP address for rating project (in case of sharing Internet network), make sure that your IP address is unique.

    And finally, try to arrange new IP address, update your CV, create new gmail and apply one more time, if possible on behalf of a person you trust, because it might be that your name is blacklisted on Lionbridge database.

  3. Hello, in leapforce i was put in a project call Yellowstone, is that real o is something to say to me they dont want me? thanks

  4. I had a situation when I failed exam on my first attempt, I though I did everything correct but in fact I failed part 3 of Leapforce exam. Tim helped me to understand my mistakes and the exam was done successfully. Now I am Leapforce agent and many thanks to Tim for all your help! your expertise is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi I have failed in social media evaluator exam from leapforce,lionbride,appen what should i do? I do all exams with full dedication I don’t know what is wrong with me. Can you help me.

  5. Last week, I passed the first 2 tests and failed the 3rd. I was able to start retaking it today, and already passed the first 2 again. However, because I wasn’t given feedback, it’s a bit difficult to know what all I did wrong with the 3rd part that I thought I understood. I am reviewing things more carefully, and have seen a couple items where I realized I did score something a bit differently than I probably should have.

    However, I think part of it is that there are elements that don’t get discussed in the study guides. I found that in the first exam, there were questions about spelling suggestions results blocks which are NOT in the current manual (I did find an old manual that did have this information, but most people probably are at a loss).

    With the third exam, one thing I was really unsure about the first time was duplicates. Like, some are obvious. But say one result has a website link to (with or without other subpage link but homepage listed first) and another result box has several subpage links, but not one to the homepage. Yet they are both … should they be considered duplicates?

    Another item I didn’t see covered was when there are links to multiple articles/etc. A few of the results blocks would link to different articles, and I would probably rate a couple higher than others. But there was only one Page Quality slider, and when I tried to do N/A, it said I hadn’t answered it. I ended up just going with Medium, but given my failing, I am not sure that was right.

    It would be really great to have some answers to these before I begin taking part 3 again. Any chance you can help out? Perhaps you have access to a more in depth guide I can look at, which covers these things? Also, if you have any sway, can you ask them to cover these things in their next update? I feel I could do really well at this job, and already work from home as a freelancer so the added income and continued flexibility would be great. Yet, when test questions have items that aren’t covered in the training, it seems like they’re just asking for people to fail, which is quite frustrating.

  6. Hi!
    I actually was contacted for the third time by leapforce, after I failed 2 times the first exam =))
    I know it’s a shame and I really can’t understand why I failed the second time.
    Do I have to answer corectly to all the questions to pass the first exam or we have also the right to make some mistakes?
    Thank you 😉

    1. Hello,

      Yes the exam is a challenge and part lll in particular. This is probably the most difficult part of the exam, and many candidates fail the exam at this stage. There are 7 tasks, and each task contains 8-12 result blocks. In each task you will be given a certain query, and a list of search results blocks with links where you have to give a usefulness rating to search results using a scale from “Fails to Meet” to “Fully Meets”. In order to pass this part you have to get an overall score of at least 80%.

  7. Hi all! Sorry for my english but I’ve a question difficult to explain…I’m italian and I’ve an ISP named Linkedin, which allows users to connect at the same ip I may use an ip address at home and another unknown user can have the same ip address even if he is in another region.. is this a problem for leapforce? I’ve to change ISP? Thanks a lot

    1. It might be very risky to have this type of IP address because it means that many people have the same shared IP address. This may lead to:

      Multi-accounts conflicts (when people use the same IP address ):

      Be informed that it is prohibited to have multiple accounts, without special arrangement. Leapforce and Lionbridge can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts, or if you are at the stage of qualification (provided someone has the same IP in the Leapforce or Lionbridge project), most likely you will fail the exam, due to this reason.

      IP/Network sharing

      In some cases people may share their Internet network, while working as search engine evaluator make sure that you have your personal unique IP address and no one uses the same IP to go online for rating project.

  8. Hi there….I passed part 1 and 2 of the exam. When I started part 3 I was never able to get the queries to send to my device. I reported the problem several times to Leapforce (no response) and spent hours trying to troubleshoot what was wrong. Unfortunately, time ran out and I most likely failed. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks so much

    1. Hi,

      Most likely you did not set up your mobile device according to Send To Device Instructions…

      If you have android phone this instruction should help you:

      1. Click on a result block/landing page link on your desktop, you will see the following message “URL sent to mobile device, please visit”
      2. Type in in your mobile Google Chrome browser and you will land on the webpage you clicked before on your desktop. Every time you click on new link on your desktop, http://www.raterhub.xom/url will be updated automatically. Make sure that on your phone you are logged on using gmail account associated with Leapforce.
      3. You always need to visit only one url ( to visit new web page.
      4. Once you have passed the exam and have full access to raterhub system, I recommend you to download raterhub app , this app will open links on your phone automatically, you will not need to type in every time you need to visit the link…

  9. Hi Tim,

    I have applied to Leapforce. I am like fourth stage of application process. But now I want to edit previous responses in application as I have filled them quiet casually. So can I do that and how?


  10. I received an email saying that I had passed part 2, only to receive another one later that I hadn’t. It happened twice. I am 100% sure I did great, it was really easy. I just wonder why the change of heart.

  11. Hi Tim,
    I applied for Leapforce, its been a week, and i did not get any reply, after how much time can i reapply, can i reapply from a different email, will it work?

    1. Hi,

      It might be that at the moment of your application submission, quota of raters for your country was reached and therefore Leapforce and Leanbridge did not hire new people at that moment…As soon as they fire unsuccessful raters, they continue hiring new people to maintain required number of raters in your country.

      Thus my advice is to wait for exam invitation. It might take up to one month or more depending on situation with required number of raters in your locale.

  12. Hi Tim,

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. I failed both the attempts of Leapforce exam more than a year back. Can I re-apply for the same Web Search Evaluator position as it has been more than a year? How long is the period after which Leapforce accepts applications from the candidates who failed in the past?

    2. Is it possible to work for Leapforce and Lionbridge at the same time as they are serving the same client? If so, how?

    Thank you.

    1. hi Stephen,

      Yes, you can apply one more time, but I am not sure if your application will be successful, it is better to apply on behalf another person using another IP addreess (Read section called ‘How to reapply”).As to multi-accounts, please read article ‘Common issues of new raters’, section devoted to multi-accounts.

  13. I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Tim for his help passing the Leapforce exam!

    I followed all the suggestions he gave me and after about one month I woke up today to find my status as unrestricted (meaning that I can work as many hours as I want each week).

    I also started to work for Appen in their Microsoft/Bing project….

    Thank you Tim, you rock!

  14. Hi Tim,
    My sister is working on yukon project with leapforce. Can I use the same phone for submitting my new application.

  15. Hi Tim

    just got my reply from leapforce that says i failed the 3rd exam
    i have a few question :
    1 how to retake the exam?
    2 do you have any tips for the 3rd exam?

    thank you

  16. Hello can anyone please tell me, I have been failed in 3rd part and got a chance again, now I’ll have to do only the 3rd part or will have to do from part 1 again and then part 2 …………………please advise………….?

    1. Hello,

      You will have to go through all parts of the exam again, practical tasks in part 2 (Page Quality) and part 3 (Send to Device) will be different from those you had on your first exam, although there may be a few tasks that come from previous exam.

  17. Thanks alot Tim……………..I was thinking that I only have to do the 3rd part, have u given the same ……………

  18. I recently took the first part of the exam and failed due to procrastination and taking the entire exam in one day. However, I realize that I will get a second chance. Do you know when leapforce how long it takes for Leapforce to reach out to you to retake the test? Do they reach out to you a week after you’ve failed?

    Also, after they reach out to you for a retake-do they give you another week to take the test?

    1. Hello,

      Normally you should receive an invitation for exam retake on your previous exam due date +- a few days. If you do not receive exam retake, you may write to agent support and ask for permission to retake this exam, in many cases it works…Sometimes it takes a longer time to be invited for exam retake due to the fact that vendors got sufficient amount of raters.

      1. Hi there… I failed part 3 for the 1st time over a week ago and haven’t seen an email inviting me for a re-take. Not sure who to email about it… do u happen to have an email address? I just replied to my rejection email, but have a feeling that isn’t going to lead anywhere. Thanks much!

  19. I’m in the process of taking the exam. I’m on the first part, where there are 5 main questions with 4 what I’d call sub-questions under them. After I select True or False, I hit submit and I just get 5 more questions. Am I supposed to hit Submit and Stop Rating? How many questions are there? If it’s multiple, shouldn’t the next page show up as questions 6-10?
    I am beyond confused. I tried looking up if I should select Submit and Stop Rating in my emails, but there’s nothing.
    Sorry to sound like an ignoramous.

    1. Part one Theory (Leapforce exam part one)

      In this part of the exam you will be assessed on how well you understand the theoretical part of rating concepts, as well as on your ability to interpret questions and search for information in the General Guidelines. It is an open book exam, so you can use the General Guidelines to find answers to the test questions. This part has 32 question sections; each section has 4 parts, so in fact you have 132 true/false questions to answer. Read questions carefully, some of questions can be tricky in terms of their wording. You can consult with the guideline book while passing the exam and it’s strongly recommended to use this opportunity.

      Note: Do not leave incomplete tasks more than for 1 hour, otherwise they will expire and you will fail the exam automatically. If you need to take a break,complete tasks and press “Submit and Stop rating”.

      Please read detailed guidelines here:

      1. I am assuming I failed theory part 1, since I have not been given access to part 2. I only answered 22 questions before the test disappeared and there was a no task available message. I know there are 33 questions with 4 questions in each. I received a email saying I will receive my results in a week. I have not seen anyone else have this problem. I was confident going into the exam, but it was not what I expected, it took me hours. Several questions on the exam were never discussed in the general guidelines study guide. Such as the misspelled queries. So i spent alot of time rereading but still coildnt find any info related to mutiple questions. I had to choose a answer based off of what I thought they would want. Right Before it disappeared I was finally answering as a faster rate and hitting submit and bam it was gone!

      2. Hello,

        In case of fail you will receive fail part 1 notification, normally after a few days of receiving such email candidates are allowed to attempt this exam one more time…

  20. みなさん

    私はleapforce Yukon プロジェクト仕事を数年間やってます。


  21. hello ,
    i have question .I already passed part 1 and part 2(lionbridge) . I received result mail within 15 min .But In the 3rd exam my due date is 22 July 9:00 a.m(PST).And now 9:54 PM Sunday, 23 July 2017.Why the last part result delayed ?I mailed them but still no reply .Can you help me ?
    Thank you

  22. Anyone tried Leapforce mapsearch Shasta qualification set? I am doing part 2, and have no ideas about the comment i need to write, reading pdf at the same time, but can’t find any hints there! Is this project worth to do?

    1. Sorry for late approval of your comment, for unknown reason wordpress antispam system flagged your comment as a spam message.
      I recommend you to read my new article about Maps Analyst project here
      Please let us know if Shasta is the same project as Maps Analyst project Lionbridge.

  23. Hi Allen. I don’t know if I’ll be attended to seeing the time this post was made. I want to know the procedures I should take that can grant me access for a retake of the exams. I failed the part 2 of the lionbridge exams and I would love to give it another shot.

    1. You may write to Lionbridge and ask if it is possible to be assign for another exam retake.

  24. It has been 2 days since I have completed the third part of my exam.No mails or response yet.Is that because I have failed in the last part?I am refreshing my mails every 5 minutes.I cant keep calm after having studied the whole guidelines and not receiving atleast “you have failed” mail.Kindly help.

    1. Leapforce exam results and Lionbriage exam results

      You will get overall exam results on the exam due date from Leapforce and exam due date plus one day if your vendor is Lionbridge. At Leapforce you will be asked to sign a few electronic forms and in 2-4 days you will be given access to live tasks. At Lionbridge you will have to complete educational course with no pass/no fail quiz before you are granted full access to the tasks.

      1. What happens when we fail in the quiz ?please do reply. Thank you in advance.

    2. They did the same with me and after 4-5 days they asked me to retake the exam. May be that’s what you’ll get.

  25. I failed part 3 but I thought I went well. Do you have any tips that might help me? Thanks for the support! You’re awesome!

  26. I just completed theoretical part 1 of the Yukon exam (leapforce) on my second retake. It has been 30 minutes now but I got no result notification. Does this mean I failed? I am quite confused. During my first retake, I got the result within 5 mins, then did part 2 and 3 and failed part 3. I am wondering why it is taking so long this time. Is this a sign I failed part 1?

    1. Normally candidates are not allowed to move to part 2&3 if part 1 is failed so I conclude that you failed part 3…

  27. Hi Tim can you please HELP ME!!! I took the lionbridge exam and failed, they told me that I had a second chance and then emailed that day saying my application was unsuccessful. I applied again with a different email address went through the whole app process and got approved to take the exam on 10/17/18 so then yesterday emailed the same thing, unsuccessful app!!!!!!! Please help me with what to do because I want to work for them…I’m currently on part 3 of raterlabs exam passed 1 and 2…could lionbridge have known that i was taking the test for appen??? How do set up a new IP address to reapply to lionbridge with new email and IP address (do you think that would work??? I’m on a new laptop

    Thank you

  28. Hi Tim !!
    In part 3 of the Lionbridge exam is necessary to make comments in all block results? What kind of commment?

      1. Dear Allen

        I have sent you an email yesterday.

        Please look after that.

        I am waiting for your reply.

  29. I recently took the first part of the exam in English Personalized Internet Assessor and failed due to taking the entire exam in one sitting within 90 minutes. However, I realize that I will get a second chances and so i have email them to re-take for the exam. Since then it’s been more then two week i did not have received any mail from them. Do you know how long it takes for Lionbridge to reach out to you to retake the test?

    Also, i have checked that there is no more longer recruitment process for this program. So can i apply for another program like Internet Safety Evaluator in Lionbridge with same e-mail address in same system?

    1. Hello, Internet safety Evaluator is another name for Internet Assessor job, you may try to apply for the role but most likely your application will not be moved forward. Instead I recommend you to write to Lionbridge exam support and ask for a retake opportunity.

      1. Hi Tim,
        Thanks for your valuable massage.It’s been more than two weeks i mail to Lionbridge exam support team to retake the exam but they did not replayed my mail.So, should i mail them again to retake the exam?

      2. Any address which was used or indicated during your communication with your vendor.

  30. Hello Tim,
    So I applied for the Internet Safety Evaluator job on Lionbridge they approved my application and gave me an exam date however, on that day I received an email telling me that my application was unsuccessful without having done the exam nor received the login details.
    Shall I apply again or wait a couple of months to do it?

  31. Hi Tim, i would like to ask you something about lionbridge 3rd exam. Actually in the 3rd exam i didn’t comment on any question that why i am giving this rating. Comment section was not required like PQ exam and the main thing is i figured out comment section in the last(7th) question by mistakenly clicking on comment and then a comment section appeared on the page. I didn’t give any comment on the last question too because i thought now it’s not good to give comments on last question as i didn’t give any on first six questions.

    Now i want to know that is it gonna give any wrong impression by not commenting(comments were not required) on any of the question.?

    Will they just give marks based on my rating only or they will take this in consideration too that i didn’t comment on any of the question.?

  32. If a company tells you that most people fail it the 1st time around, then the company needs to fix something. To give a candidate 243 document to read and then become quizzed on without assistance makes no sense. They know the quiz is hard and the material isn’t enough to cover most projects. I’ve taken an exam where the links were expired and some not working and I failed the exam. I took screenshots of the broken links and questions that didn’t match the content that should’ve been given based off their guidelines.. still waiting to hear back from them. Most people fail most of the exams because the material isn’t comprehensive. Let’s face it, they need to provide better material and clearly written guidelines. It would help if they actually updated their guidelines to MATCH their modules.

  33. I failed Lionbridge exam on the third test. They sent me an e-mail 6 days ago asking me to re-apply by e-mail. I followed the instructions, but no response until now. How much does it usually takes? Thank you!

    1. Normally Lionbridge sends email with exam retake information within 1-3 days after receiving exam fail notification. No need to re-apply, the process of exam retake is standard and automatic.

  34. Hi, I just failed the third part of the exam for lionbridge. I thought that I was doing fine, but Lionbridge sent an email sayin that will deactivate my user id. How can I re-apply for the exam? And do you have any tips about the third part of the exam? I really dont know what went wrong..

  35. Hello Cant I take part 3 test by google chrome mobile emulator without send to device function ? thanks

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