Exam Preparation Tool To Help Candidates To Crack Appen (Yukon) and Lionbridge (Internet Assessor & Internet Safety Evaluator) Exams

Why candidates fail Appen Yukon and Lionbridge exam?

When you apply for search engine evaluator jobs from Appen and  Lionbridge, you have to pass qualification exam that is quite difficult. Each company has a name for their search engine project. Appen/Raterlabs is called Yukon, if you work for Lionbridge you work on the Internet Assessor or Social Media Evaluator.

Despite all the fancy names, the exam  is the same for these companies. The biggest problem with this exam is that it is very hard. In fact, even Lionbridge and Appen explain in a welcome mail that there is high chance of failing it. With that said, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Studying the guidelines and doing the exam simulation practice are essential in success in passing the real Yukon project exam

If you think this is an exaggeration, then just search for comments on passing the exam simulation and see what you will find. You’ll find in a lot of cases people who claim that they studied for several days before the exam began. With that said, it’s just not possible to demonstrate the knowledge of these guidelines without investing a significant amount of effort in the one-week time frame they give you to study the guide. The guide itself is designed in a way that assesses your ability to understand and apply rating concepts and the rules based on the hefty guide. There is a lot of material to go over, and it can be a bit confusing. But once again, you’re not going to get anywhere near passing if you don’t start going through the guide.

What is exam simulation tool? 

I have created a special tool that will help anyone who is getting ready or considering taking the exam. This tool was designed to assist candidates with exam preparation with the main focus on practical rating tasks that include Page Quality, and Search Results Satisfaction ratings. The tool has 5 Page Content Quality tasks, and 5 Search Results Satisfaction  tasks of all the major query types. (If you’re not sure what a query type is, that is the keyword that a user searches Google for). These include; simple-know, local search, information search, website/navigation, visit-in-person/business which cover basically all rating concepts/tasks types and skills which will be tested during a real exam.

How using this tool can help you pass the exam?

You might be wondering how using this tool can help you pass the exam. The way that it is designed will show you exactly your problem area that you need to focus on. It helps you identify your level of understanding of the rating concepts, and your ability to apply them by practicing first, and then identifying your weak points. You will receive your overall score (pass or fail), detailed feedback on your mistakes and know exactly what you need to go back and study in the guide. Of course we need to disclaim that there are no real actual exam tasks because that isn’t going to help you understand anyway. Each one of these is hand designed from most typical exam tasks, and is designed to be the best simulation possible. If you pass this, you will be ready to pass the actual exam!

Welcome to Search Engine Evaluation Exam Simulation Tool!

Explore the tool here: https://examsimulation.passleapforceexam.com/

How to Pass Appen Raterlabs (Yukon) and Lionbridge (Internet Assessor) Exams ? (Exam Guidelines 2019)


6 thoughts on “Exam Preparation Tool To Help Candidates To Crack Appen (Yukon) and Lionbridge (Internet Assessor & Internet Safety Evaluator) Exams

  1. I passed after failing the second part the first time around. I studied the guidelines meticulously and I thought that would be enough.The sim exam tool had real hands on practice I really needed to pass 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I am really glad that my tool helped you to prepare for the exam!

  2. I failed the first part of the Lionbridge exam today unfortunately. I studied intensely and was really confident as i meticulously used the guidelines throughout the exam. I only just stumbled on your guidance and i wish I’d known before.I have read that it is possible to re-take part 1 but im still trying to find credible sources that that is true and how to go about it If i’m able to re-take i’ll definitely be using your advice.

    1. Hello, you may contact me via contact me page to receive personal consultation on the issue.

  3. I am preparing to take the test this weekend and would really like to print out the guidelines. I am having trouble trying to locate one that I can print. Can you help me?

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