Appen Arrow Ads/Lionbridge Ads Rating Evaluator Project Review

Appen Arrow and Lionbridge Ads rating projects overview

The Appen Arrow Ads project and Lionbridge Ads rating are similar search engine evaluation project that is using the same Rater Hub platform that the other two large companies Appen and Lionbridge are using to rate search engine results depending on a query or intent of the user. Basically, you are doing the same thing as other search engine evaluators, but the difference is that you are judging the quality of ads and advertising-related data as they are calling it. The feedback that you provide is supposed to help the client monitor and improve their advertising as well as functionality.  

So what you are doing with this certain project is taking a look at different ads on web pages, and using the Rater Hub tool, you answer some questions on your findings. It sounds easy but answering these questions, and the answers that you provide are coming from guidelines that need to be closely followed. It’s not simply about providing your own feedback but providing the feedback based on the guidelines themselves and specific metrics.  

Appen Arrow and Ads Evaluation program purpose 

As a human evaluator, you are not approving or disapproving the ads you evaluate, and you are not deciding directly which ads get shown or don’t get shown. In fact, even though you are providing scores and feedback about individual advertisements and advertisers, your evaluations don’t generally have any direct effect on those advertisements or advertisers. Sometimes the ads you rate are from a long time ago. Sometimes they are in a different form than they originally appeared. Sometimes they were never shown by Google at all, in any form. Basically what you are doing is collecting data to help train the algorithms that will eventually assess the ads being shown on their own. Without human interaction, this would not be possible. So this job is very important to the engineers who are collecting the data from you.  

This is the main reason why it’s very difficult to pass the assessment part of this project. Your judgments are used to determine whether ads are getting better or worse over time, to see whether particular kinds of ads are working well or not, to see what kinds of ads cause problems, and to see what kind of impact a particular change to our systems will have. When Google engineers design new systems or propose changes to existing systems, the human evaluation data you provide is used to judge whether those proposals succeed or fail. This data is fed to computers that train automatic algorithms.  

This is also a big reason that a lot of raters end up being terminated or losing their contracts. Accuracy and quality of your ratings are very important. You should always check the Ads Guidelines if you aren’t sure about something that you are looking at. Even some raters that have been doing this job for a while still refer to the guidelines.  

Appen Arrow and Lionbridge Ads rating program requirements 

Getting on this project can be difficult. There is a long assessment required. Its mentioned early on that you will perform all work and including the assessment tasks on a non-shared and non-public computer. That’s pretty straight forward. You’ve got to have your own computer with a high-speed internet connection. And according to them you can’t take your laptop to the coffee shop and work from there. So it’s a very good possibility that your home IP address is recorded in the RaterHub, and you need to use this same connection to perform all work. Anything else is strictly prohibited. 

Another thing to mention is that you’re going to need to use either Firefox or Chrome web browser but that should hinder anyone since those seem to be the main web browsers being used by the masses. This is because the Rater Hub tool will not work on other browsers.  

If you do pass the assessment, then you may be offered a contract position. Usually, the contract hours are part-time 20 hours a week, but Aztec states 19 hours, Monday through Sunday. Once you complete the assessment, the results are usually sent within 48 business hours after your deadline to complete the assessment has passed, not 48 hours after you submit the assessment.  

As with all projects, we can’t stress enough the importance of one thing. Thoroughly read the guide they send you and have it open and ready while you are taking the tests. Make sure the minute you get the link to review the guide, that going over it is the first thing you do. Give yourself enough time to digest everything in it at least 1-2 times before taking the tests. The guide itself has to be accessed directly through EWOQ which is part of the RaterHub portal. You’ve got to be logged in using the Gmail address you used when you signed up at Appen/Lionbridge. This Gmail account should be a dedicated email account.  

Since you are not able to download the guide, you should bookmark the page with the guidelines so that you can access it quickly and easily. We said that it cannot be mentioned enough and it’s very important that you read and understand the guidelines completely before starting or you will fail the test.  

Appen Arrow and Lionbridge Ads program payment rates 

Wages on each contractual hour depend on the country and can vary between $4 to $15 per hour. For more information on wages read here:

Agents will invoice vendors for rendered services once per calendar month. Fees to independent agents are paid (via direct deposit) within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice. The payment is made on a monthly basis via direct deposit into your bank account. Appen projects are paid now by Payoneer. If you do not have a Payoneer account yet you can get yours here: 

Appen Arrow and Lionbridge Ads program exam

The first set of tasks are multiple choice questions (in total 45 questions) that come straight from the Search Ad instructions in the Ads Guide itself. After you have completed the comprehension questions, you will be shown a set of assessment tasks (in total 190 tasks of different types: search ads evaluation, user interest, key words, etc) that asks you to rate just the first section of a Search Ads task. Once this is done you’ll get a set that asks you to rate just the second section. Finally, you’ll get a set of complete Search Ads tasks, User to Keyword, Close Match Evaluation to rate.

The typical exam tasks are a query and an ad creative generated by a search engine with respect to the user query. You as a rater will need to apply rating rule to determine how promising or unpromising is the ad with respect to user intent. Once you evaluate the ad then you will be asked to evaluate a landing page associated with the ad and to determine how satisfactory is the page and website content in terms of meeting the user intent needs.

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Lionbridge Ads rating project/Appen Arrow Exam Tips

Additionally, I would like to give general tips on how to proceed with Aztec/Ads Rating Project qualification:

As usual, before proceeding with rating you need to make sure you clearly understand user intent. If not, use Google search to research the query and establish the dominant intent, and the secondary intent if one exists. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what the user intent is without doing the search yourself;

Search Ads Evaluation Tasks

Select the appropriate query flag if required. For instance, if the query is in a foreign language, or it is clearly a porn related query, make sure you select the appropriate flag. Remember that when you are doing ratings, the language should be in your contracted regional language. So if you are working in English, and you get a page in another language, then flag it appropriately.

Examine the ad creative and answer the question of how promising the ad is. You should refer to a specific section of instructions, and not evaluate the ad creative based on your own perception or personal likes or dislikes. Pay close attention to the wording of the ad and the URL. In many cases, the wording of the ad may indicate the ad deserves a porn flag or has reference to another search engine.

Check the query and ad creative for the navigational flag. If the query is looking for a specific page or website and the ad suggests the website, then the ad and the query should be given a navigational flag.

There are a few scenarios in which you should pay special attention to. The first one is when the ad offers to repeat the search in another search engine. In this case, the appropriate rating for ads and LP (Landing Page) is somewhat unpromising and doesn’t satisfy the query because the action won’t bring the user closer to his goal. Google wants to provide the user with the quickest possible and satisfying solution for the user intent and query. Sending a user to another search engine defeats that purpose entirely.

Select the ad’s creative rating, or how promising the ad is in relation to user intent. Once you’ve completed the first part of the task you will then be directed to the Landing Page section.

Visit the landing page and examine the page based on the guideline rules of how satisfactory the page is based on the query or intent. Once again, you should not use your own judgment but instead, learn how to apply the guidelines rules. In many cases research on the website is required, for instance, a quick product search will show you more information about the page, and help you understand if it meets user intent based on the query.

Make sure to pay special attention to the user location. If you see that the user is looking for something in a specific location, such as a restaurant in a specific location, and you get a restaurant in a completely different location, you should apply a negative rating. In this case, it’s a good idea to refer to the guidelines and review typical user location scenarios.

User to Keywords/User Interest Tasks/Close Match Evaluation

Before proceeding to these types of tasks make sure you read and understand instructions because the logic is different comparing to the approach required for search ads evaluation tasks. You will be asked to rater how much is interesting for a user the suggested page/url based on examination of a user’s current web interest.

Once you have completed all the assessment tasks, including the survey, you will temporarily run out of tasks. This is because your answers will be checked before you will be allowed to move forward. Either you will pass this part or not. You will not see the Acquire Tasks button at this time. Remember that you need to wait 48 hours after the assessment deadline and not 48 hours after you submit. The assessment will be complete after you submit all the tasks available. 


Appen Arrow vs. Lionbridge Ads rating project  

Many people ask me which project is better and which one should I join. In my opinion, I think that Lionbridge is definitely better in terms of offering a better payment rate compared to Appen. It’s also important to note that the exam qualification and training are paid by Lionbridge where at Appen it’s not. So take this into consideration when you apply for both of these companies. Three days of unpaid training is a lot for people to deal with and really when you think about it, no one wants to do an exam for three days, and then fail it having put all the time and effort into it to get a job.  

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts leave a comment or shoot me an email.  

Wishing you great success in your work at home career!


    1. Hello,
      As far as I know Ads Rating Project candidates are allowed to take the exam only one time.

  1. Based on what i have read from numerous people and other blogs, I am pretty sure you do not get paid to train or take the exam for Lionbridge and you are offered a chance to retake it if you fail.

    1. Most likely you confused different projects. There are many projects under Lionbridge administration, some of them like Ads Project provides only one attempt to qualify for the project and it is paid.

  2. Hello. I am currently on Aztec project for a month but feeling so uncomfortable for blindset test. Aspen did provide practice test (about 10sets) at the end of the month but I did not do well and received warning I need to prepare and review guideline. ( of course I have already reviewed feedback) However, when I asked them for more practice to feel comfortable with my understanding of guideline, they just refer me to read guideline. I felt support by Aztec is very unhelpful,(including technical, admin problems)
    Do you know anyway to practice/prepare more for blindset test?

      1. Hello, i have read your article carefully, and want to ask something, I’ve completed the qualification exam in appen for google ad search ,after the qualification test this message appear “qualification completed your employer will notify you of next steps” is there any meaning for pass or not? By the way The e-mail address I created for the exam has been cancelled that i used it login to ewaq. Is it normal? Thanks for your answer

  3. hi, i got an invite to the project qualification but need information to decide. is commenting required for each aztec ads task? im asking because im not so good in commenting and i think i will skip the process if the job requires to comment in each task. thank you.

    1. Hello,

      Most of tasks in the project do not require writing comments.

  4. does anybody know the volume of tasks for turkey? i have to ask because i have joined another project and there are only a few tasks per week (about 6 hours per month). and i had to study the guidelines and take the exam and wasted more than a week for this. is it worth to give a try?

    1. Hello,

      Normally tasks in this project are available 24hrs/7 days but as far as know during the last 10 days there is a shortage of tasks because customer (Google) has been updating raterhub tool.

  5. Hello,

    This is a well known issue called ‘blank page’. The solution is the following: you need to sign out all gmails on your PC and sign in only with project gmail which is ID for Try this procedure and it should help you.

  6. I am just starting with Aztec project but so far I`ve been able to log and work only for a couple of hours due to technical issues with accessing the platform. I got blank page for the first 5 days and after that I was able to access and the next day too but only for a while and after that again blank page. Of course, I have sent emails and let`s see, I am still adjusting to the dynamics but I feel they are slow in answering to people and if you work remotely and have such a high criteria about performance and minimum working hours, you should answer and solve problems faster. Let`s see how it goes.

  7. Hello, It’s interesting I’d like to find out about is there opportunity to work in both Aztec and Lionbridge projects as ads rater? If Aztec works with Google account and Lionbridge works with Facebook? Are they different areas of rating to each others and there is not any conflict?

    1. You are not allowed to work for/with competing companies. I’ve heard that they keep close track on your IP address and terminate you if they find you using VPN’s etc.

  8. Hi, I was wondering if you can use your phones 4g hotspot or a mobile hotspot for rater work. If travelling out of town (in same country) visiting another state or traveling within the same state would it be ok to work from your own mobile internet connection?

    Thank you!

  9. I wonder if you go to the library and just use their network, how would a company know that you are not on a private network?! I believe there is no way that one would know if you are or not on a public or private network from your IP. I imagine that this rule is mainly of a security kind to protect your work and computer, so I wonder, what if one uses VPN on such network to protect the traffic?! Would be that acceptable instead of using mobile hotspot? Opinions? Anyone?

    1. You can use a mobile hotspot for working in the project, tested many times, 100% safe.

  10. Hi! Thank you for your amazing website and all the work that you do! I have just recently started with Aztec, and am not sure how to bill the hours. Some tasks say (this task takes on average 120 seconds), so I assume that I can then bill for 2 minutes for this task? But how about the tasks where there is no average time mentioned? How about billing of Blind sets – am I allowed to bill the Blind sets or is this unpaid working time?

    1. In this project, most of the tasks do not have any recommended time limits. Raters have to manage their own productivity and their own time. The customer does not indicate average estimated time because the priority is quality in rating the tasks rather than productivity, or how many tasks you rate. Raters have to keep in mind that the productivity and time invoiced should be within reasonable metrics. It is OK to spend more time in the beginning and increase your productivity when becoming a more experienced rater.

      Appen and Lionbridge have productivity metrics called RPH. It is assumed these metrics are based on the average raters’ performance in the project which is calculated as the ratio between the number of tasks and the time spent within an invoice period completed by all raters. The RPH should be 1,5-2 minutes per any task on average.

      1. Hi Tim, Thanks for the greate info. Main tasts for Aztec ads, consist with 2 pages, which is Ad creative and Website evaluation. When you say 1.5 – 2 min per task do you cound these as 2 tasks or 1 task with 2 pages. Clarification will be appreciated because it woule make a lot of difference.

    2. Hi Anna, I have just been invited to Aztec project so I wonder if I could have your email for some experience to pass the qualification exam. Thank you.

    3. Hi Anna, I have just been invited to Aztec project so I wonder if I could have your email for some experience to pass the qualification exam. Thank you.

  11. Hi Tim,
    Is there any difference between lionbridge and Appen for assessment/blind test?
    A friend of mine just went through Lionbridge ads rater project told me she did not get basic multiple choice question and had to answer religion tasks which I did not experience for Appen a year ago.
    Also, is there any difference in blind test between two companies (and how results are evaluated) once rater gets on the ads project?

    1. Hello, the blind test consits of several types of tasks. Some types of tasks are the same for all raters (SearchAdsEvalution or Key Words) regradless the vendor (Appen or Lionbridge), some of them are individual tasks.

  12. Hi Tim,
    I am in Lionbridge Search Ads Project. I find their response are extremely unhelpful is this known issue with Lionbridge? Their response for timesheet were not acted on for more than weeks and also no response for task related general quetion were not responded (in other word ignored). If their responses were delayed, is there any other place to inquire other than genral support?

    1. Hello,

      As far as I know the issue with timesheet has been resolved. I recommend you to logon the supplier portal and check if it works. If you have general questions you may ask them here I will try to answer your questions.

      1. Hi Tim,
        I am with lionbridge Ads Assessor and I see No Task available for many hours. I just started working with LB. A friend of mine who used to work for Appen told me he never saw No task available for aztec. Is there difference in task flow between LB and Aztec? or any task restriction with LB due to quality?

  13. My timesheet was about not tech issue but for request to update previous week timesheet.

  14. For Search Ads task, When you finish rating ads creative, you need click a button to proceed to LP rating. If you use browser, you can go back to ads creative page and rating is still available. In this case, can ads creative rating can be over written? Or original rating is still valid.

    1. Hello,

      Based on my experience, I confirm that the ads creative rating can be corrected this way.

    1. Once you qualify for Yukon the Arrow project will be removed, these projects cannot be combined.

  15. I don’t suppose you can go back to apply for Appen Leapforce if you worked for Leapforce in the past? Just wondered if the takeover made any difference.

  16. Hi Tim, For Ads Assessment Project, I am aware PC is required. But my tablet screen is bigger than that of PC.
    Do you think there is any problem if I use my big size Android Tablet for the work. Google chome apps in PC mode? I don’t see any difference in screen. Do you think this would be monitored and risk my acct? Thanks.

    1. Hello,

      There are no strict instructions regarding what device can be used for this project, you may try to work from your tablet, it should not affect the qualification and working process.

  17. Hello, i have read your article carefully, and want to ask something, I’ve completed the qualification exam in appen for google ad search ,after the qualification test this message appear “qualification completed your employer will notify you of next steps” is there any meaning for pass or not? By the way The e-mail address I created for the exam has been cancelled that i used it login to ewaq. Is it normal? Thanks for your answer

    1. Hello, you will get notification from your vendor about the next steps within 3-10 days after completing the exam.

      1. Hi Allen,

        It was already 12 days for me and still no reply. Is this normal?

      2. Yes it is normal, sometimes it takes time to receive an invitation for project qualification and move forward to the next step.

      3. Hi Allen,

        It is already 12 days for me and still no reply. Is this normal?

    2. Hello,

      How long did it end up taking for you to hear back? I received 3 emails at once saying I completed the exam, I was accepted into the program, and I had paperwork to fill out on I logged in to fill out the forms within an hour of the emails, but none were there and none are there yet. I emailed and no reply. This was 4 days ago..

      Seems odd as they replied to me within a day prior. Is this typical as well?

      1. Hello,

        Sometimes it takes up to 3 weeks after passing the exam to finalize the recruitment process and start production in the project.

  18. Hello,
    I have taking Final Assessment of Arrow project since 3 days ago.
    When I finished some tasks, I logged out the EWOQ, because I had own work to do, then I came back to the EWOQ today. but there are no tasks available and showed up comment “Qualification tasks completed. Your employer will notify you of next steps.”
    Actually, I didn’t finish most of tasks!
    I saw comment that next task is “Task 2 Ad Creative and Landing Page multidimensional features” on my computer, when I logged out.
    I would like to know why I can’t continue the exam..
    Did I take too long break??

  19. Hi Tim, what about the Appen Arrow Photo Task project? Is this also for ads or something different?

    1. Hello,

      I believe that Appen decided to run personalized photo tasks as a separate project because most of raters would not accept to allow access to personal Google Photos. In this project no assessment is required, and tasks are simple and straight-forward in terms of rating logic.

  20. Hi tim,

    Do you know anything about Project Dorian?

    It’s the multi media rating video project on UHRS for Appen?

  21. Hello Tim,
    could you tell me if working for LB (internet assessor) several months ago (almost 6 months) is a problem to apply for the Appen Arrow project? of course I use another gmail;
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Yes, you can try to work on these two projects from one IP address.

  22. Boa Tarde
    Meu nome é Êsida Silva de Oliveira
    Mim cadastrei na Appen, recentemente fui selecionada para o Projeto Arrow ou seja esta será minha primeira experiência.Venho por meio desde rogar a sua ajuda, pois a Appen mim enviou um material muito extenso… como é esta avaliação? você um resumo deste material em português? Por favor mim passa dicas, estou perdida e preciso muito deste trabalho pois estou desempregada há dez anos. Você pode mim ajudar? Meu email
    Obrigada pela atenção.

    Êsida Oliveira.

  23. I work at Lionbridge as Search Engine Evaluator and I also have an account with Appen with the same email id. I just got invited to the Arrow project. Is it safe to work at both Appen and Lionbridge for the same vendor?

    1. According to the policy of Lionbridge and Appen, raters are not allowed to work for a competitor vendor, but they cannot check it provided you work on different projects which does not belong to one platform, otherwise having multiple accounts in one project will lead to IP address conflict and removal.

  24. Hi Tim! Can I work as a rater at the Lionrbidge Internet Assessor and Arrow Photo Task at the same time?

    1. Yes it is possible, but there is no sufficient amount of work in photo Arrow project, additionally keep in mind that in this project you will be asked to give access to your Google Photos.

  25. Hello
    I have completed the Appen-Arrow Qualification Exam about a month and a half ago, and haven’t received any response from them whether i passed it or not. I also sent Appen an email about it and still nothing..
    what do you suggest I do now?
    I applied for few other projects in the meantime, and only NOYO worked smoothly. (I even received the 4$ payment for it and all). but for the others, also- still no response….

  26. Firstly thank you so much., your value able advice helped me a lot to pass the lionbridge exam. I kindly need one more advice, I’m currently working as an Internet Safety Evaluator for lionbridge. So, can i work for iSoftStone as Online Ad Evaluator with my same system and same email address.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes it is possible as these two projects are administrated by different clients (Google vs. Microsoft).

  27. Hello Tim,
    I have a question, could I use mobile hotspot when access elearning portal and take the exam of this position in LB? Is it acceptable or I must have a fixed IP during my qualificaiton?

  28. Hello Tim
    I have a question, could I use mobile hotspot for the exam of this position in LB? Is it acceptable or I must use a fixed IP during the process of qualification? Hope to hear from you soon.

  29. Hello Tim,
    I have a question, could I use mobile hotspot for the exam of this position in LB? Is it acceptable or I must use a fixed IP during the qualification process? Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hi,

      Yes, you can it will not affect qualification process.

      PS. if you need any personalized assistance with going through the exam, feel free to contact me in a private message.

      1. Thanks for your enthusiasm! I am about to going through the guidelines and I will definitely contact you if I have problem somewhere.

    2. Hi,

      Yes it is possible but not recommended in particular if you are going to qualify for Internet Assessor/Internet Safety Evaluator role. Once you pass the exam you may use mobile hotspot for rating as normal. For Ads Assessor it is acceptable to use mobile internet /hot sport from very beginning of the qualification process.

  30. Dear sir,
    Can anyone apply in both campanies APPEN and LIONBRIDGE at same ip address and same mobile or laptop?
    Rahul mishra

    1. According to policies of these two companies, candidates are not allowed to work at another vendor, but on practice they cannot detect the fact of working on different projects…Keep in mind that you cannot have multiple accounts in the same projects, this will lead to IP address conflict and removal from the project.
      Read more about multiple accounts here:

      Project compatibility:

  31. Do you know the amount of tasks of this LB project in Vietnam? I read that in this project, tasks are available 24/7. However, I saw the message No tasks available for the last few hours. Is there any shortage of tasks due to quality or something?

    1. The situation with tasks may change depending on volume of tasks generated by the system and overall activity and the number of active raters, it is common now that in the end of the month many raters may experience no tasks available, but normally this is a temporary issue.

  32. Dear sir,
    If an arrow project’s blind exam on Appen fails(including a failure in retake) and then, removed from the project, is there no chance to work for the arrow project again?

    1. In case of multiple fail to qualify for the arrow or ads assessor project, you will have to wait 1 year to attempt new qualification.

  33. May a Internet Assessor rater works using a same IP address with a Arrow/Ads Assessor?

    1. These two projects belongs to Google and are administrated on raterhub platform, for this reason I do not recommend to work on these projects from the same IP address.

  34. Hi sir,
    Is it possible to work for two different position at Lionbridge? I’m a rater for internet assessor and i want to try ads assessor.

  35. Appreciate your site and all the great info you unearthed for those of us in the rating game. Have you heard anything the last few months about big spikes in NTA on some of the Google projects? I am working on Arrow and we have absolutely been getting crushed with NTA since mid-February onward. Usually NTA comes and goes, but it has been consistently terrible for almost two months now.

    1. As far as I know, Lionbridge notified raters that the amount of tasks might be low or unstable due to slow down of ads business of Google due to pandemic, as you may know tasks are generated from real ads…

  36. Thanks, was aware of the link between ads and tasks, and the possibility now that the pandemic might be influencing task volume. The problem seems to have been developing for some time now though, predating the real blowup of the virus, so was just curious if there might have been other factors at play. Thanks for looking into it though.

  37. Firstly, Thank you for all the info and your personal time on this. I all ready have a payneer account active. So is there another way to get your exam tool free?

    1. Hello,

      Unfortunately there is no another way to make sign up fee cashback for subscribers.

  38. I have completed the Appen-Arrow Qualification Exam about a month and a half ago, and haven’t received any response from them. Today I received the “filled” e-mail and nós I’m pissed because I lost 10 hours doing the exam and almost a week studying the guidelines.
    This company sucks! They treat us like s*h*t.

  39. I have a question. In EWOQ I have a system message that I was suspended etc. Since I have lost access to my gmail account and Appen doesn’t communicate thru request changes or chat, I have no way of knowing if I actually got into re-qualification process or not. The reason I’m confused is because I’d been working for almost 2 years now and had no quality issues, but unfortunately wasn’t able to work 1st 2 weeks of Jan.

    While I have this message in EWOQ I still have Arrow in the list of the projects Im qualified for. I would imagine if it wasn’t for re-qualification, I would be removed from the project.

    Kindly share your experience on this. Also, I would like to know how the process goes like. I know that you create a new dedicated gmail also what is the format of the dedicated email, but is that it and you just go to EWOQ to take your test or there is something else.

    1. Hi,

      In case of requalification, you will be asked to create new project dedicated email, normally this action is done on the arrow project page on Appen connect website.

  40. Hello!
    I’ve been racking my brain for all day, trying to figure out how to evaluate the relation between the query and the Ad (or LP), when LP is another search engine with some search results… That’s for AC and LP Features part (not in part Search Engine Evaluation, where the issue’s quite covered in the guideline)… For me Ad and LP in this case represent even different concepts: while the user is searching for some particular information, they can only provide some service to find it and not the information itself. So my view is to rate them as just Related. But I’m not sure, maybe I should estimate just the Query words in relation to how they appear on that Ad and LP… And the questions about missing or not critical and non-critical requirements in this case…

    I understand I’m kind of off-topic here, but I really don’t know what to do with these, the guidelines don’t have such examples in this part and as far as I know Appen won’t help me with this…

    I’d be really grateful for some advice here!

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