Appen and Lionbridge projects – Hourly Rates Across Different Markets

Hourly rates across different countries: Lionbridge, Appen

Important Note: Some Appen Global projects are not currently available in many states in U.S.A. because the payment rate Appen Global offers is below the minimum wage in some of these areas. The company Sykes is also experiencing this same problem. Currently, the only alternative is Lionbridge. Our sources show that in many countries Appen Global pays 2 times less than Lionbridge, and to maximize profit, they cut wages. For example: In India Lionbridge pays $7 per hour, Appen $3 dollars an hour compared to U.S.A. where Appen Pays $10 per hour and Lionbridge Pays $14.


Echo, Index, Sharp, Cable 12$-13,5$ 14$ 7$
Arrow (Google) 10$ 14$ was 8$/now 5$ was 8$/now 5$ 15$-17$ was 8$/now 5$
Truckee (Insta) was 13,5$/now 10$ 14$ was 9,45$/now 7$ was 9,45$/now 7$ was 8$/now 5$
Nile (Facebook) was 13,5$/now 10$ 14$ was 9,45$/now 7$ was 9,45$/now 7$ 15$
Shasta per task per task per task per task per task per task
Yukon (Google) was 12,5$ (net)/now 10$ (net) 14$ was 10,5$/now 5$ was 10,5$/now 7$ 14$ was 8$/now 5$
Internet Assessor, Rater, Internet Safety Evaluator (Google) 14,5$ (gross)
14$ 10$ 12$ 7,3$
Ads Assessor (Google) 13,5$ 14$ 10$ 12$ 7,3$
Maps Analyst (Apple) per task per task
Why Appen decreased hourly rates almost in all markets after acquiring Leapforce?

Feel free to share your information regarding payment rates in your specific country, based on your input I will update information on this post.


2 thoughts on “Appen and Lionbridge projects – Hourly Rates Across Different Markets

  1. I am a Lionbridge contractor (Internet Ads Accessor). And my contract is for specific country and language. Nevertheless, I perform mostly English language tasks (almost 100% of all tasks), most of them for US location.
    And it’s unfair that I am paid 2 times less than the US or EU citizen. Because I perform the same tasks + I need to make more research to understand the meaning of the query, research specific location etc. Because I’m not familiar with the local market.

    Is it possible to receive an hourly rate review and it’s increase? Should I contact Lionbridge regarding this?

    1. The payment rate is set according to local market economic conditions and easiness to hire raters in a specific locale, apparently you cannot negotiate for higher hourly rates, as these companies can easily find another raters who will be happy to work for a current rate. Moreover as you can see from the table, Appen after purchasing Leapforce significantly decreased hourly rates across all markets and they still manage to retain and hire new raters.

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