Internet Safety Evaluator Project For Lionbridge Review

Internet Safety Evaluator Project Review

This project is about a year old and was created and started when Google decided to exclude some YouTube video evaluation tasks from its main search engine evaluation projects: You are probably familiar with these projects: Yukon (Appen/Raterlabs) and Internet Assessor/Rater at Lionbridge. The Internet Safety Evaluator project picks up where search engine evaluation leaves off and the job has you looking at video search results to improve the search result quality for content. As an Internet Safety Evaluator, you are also required to provide feedback and analysis on video content found in the search results and provide ratings on their relevance with the search terms that were used. 

So where does the Internet Safety Evaluator part come in? Well, that’s the most important part and aspect of this role. While reviewing content, you will flag potential upsetting or offensive material to make the internet safer and more secure for all users. You will be able to express your opinions in comments about the video concerning the content and the quality of content, and at the same time, you will be protecting users from viewing unsuitable material. 

So what do you need to have to qualify for the position of Internet Safety Evaluator? Appen and Lionbridge are looking for dynamic and creative people who have a strong interest in improving online search results. One of the main things that you should feel comfortable about is working on sensitive or adult content. Candidates must use a smartphone for this position, and either an Android or iPhone device is suitable. The Internet Safety Evaluator should also have some familiarity with social media and Google products. Be prepared to be flexible concerning working hours and you should have the ability to understand and follow the established guidelines. 

The Internet Safety Evaluator position only allows you to have 20-hours max work time per week. 

The qualification process is identical to the Appen/Yukon Project or the Internet Assessor for Lionbridge. Read more about how to pass that exam here:

Also, don’t forget to check out the really cool tool that we’ve created for helping to pass these tough exams. See Our Exam Simulation Tool Here:

Rating Process And Quality Metrics

As an Internet Safety Rater working on the project, you will have access to a variety of different task types. This is important because it helps you become more familiar with the core concepts of rating and it will help you build experience and knowledge concerning the program. During the beginning, the number of tasks you will receive will be low until you gain enough experience in the program. Once you feel that you have a good understanding of the program and become familiar with all the task types, you will start to see a switch in the task types that you receive. But keep in mind, this will only happen if the managers feel you have a strong grasp on the concept of what you are doing. From that point forward, you will only be required to focus on evaluating more video type tasks from an Internet Safety Rater perspective. You will also see a higher number of tasks given to you. 

As an Internet Safety Rater, you cannot work more than 1 hour per day and this limitation can last several months. The purpose of this limitation is to evaluate the overall quality of ratings that you are providing. During this time you will be given standard Yukon/Internet Assessor tasks (Needs Met and Side by Side and other types of tasks), additionally, you will be evaluated on your quality by means of standard Needs Met and Side by Side quality review tasks. 

If you want to know more about this process, read here:

The quality requirements are high and you need to achieve and keep a quality level higher than 65% or above. This is the very minimum and work is monitored on a regular basis. Feedback will be shared with you so that you can learn from your mistakes. If an Internet Safety Evaluator constantly performs below that minimum quality level or performs significantly lower than the minimum level, that person will be removed from the program. This is why it is very important to use the months long limitations and make sure to learn as much as possible. 

The things closely monitored to evaluation an Internet Safety Evaluator performance is the Needs Met, Page Quality (E.A.T.) and SXS rating. However, other things such as rating accuracy and the quality of the comments that you leave are another thing that is closely looked at. 

Once the Internet Safety Evaluator has shown a stable level of quality, the probation period ends and you will get a notification that the Internet Safety Evaluation transition period ended and all restrictions are then lifted and you see a higher volume of tasks. This is when you will start receiving ONLY video evaluation tasks and you’ll get a higher volume of them. There will be no more review tasks after the completion of the transition period. 

Internet Safety Evaluator Probation and The Transition Period

The Internet Safety Evaluator probation and transition period length all depends on the quality performance of the candidate who should demonstrate positive quality review scores. This period usually takes about 3-4 months but could possibly last up to 8 months depending on the performance of the individual. 

In terms of the complexity of this project and how easy it is to participate, the Internet Safety Evaluator project seems to be easier in particular after the transition period has ended. Working on video tasks is a lot easier than doing the Needs Met and Side By Side tasks. However, the big drawback to the project is online being able to work 1-2 hours per day during the transition period. 

You can work on other projects at the same time to make up for these small hours. You can provide similar rating services to other providers. However, due to project restrictions and customer requirements, you cannot work on Appen Yukon and the Lionbridge Internet Assessor at the same time due to an IP address conflict. 

If you want more information on other unrelated projects, you can find that information here:

If you have any questions about the Internet Safety Evaluator position or any other questions, let me know in the comments or simply send me an email and I will reply. If you are working as an Internet Safety Evaluator we’d like to hear about your experience. 


    1. Hi, which is the name of this project in Appen platform? I guess it is not Yukon so, does anybody know the name of it?

  1. Hard to get atleast 20 Mins of work per day on Internet safety evaluation,even after checking the website all the day there will be no tasks available.

    1. This limitation might be due to low scores in your recent quality review. Now you need to show good quality scores in your next review in order to eliminate this restriction.

      1. No, Tim there is no quality review anymore in Internet Safety program. Every locale are experiencing low volume these days.

      2. It normal, the task generating system is on low mode now as Google is processing rating data now in order to update algorithms, after this process ends, the volume of tasks will increase.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for all of the info here!

    I actually have a question about this part below.

    “You can work on other projects at the same time to make up for these small hours. You can provide similar rating services to other providers. However, due to project restrictions and customer requirements, you cannot work on Appen Yukon and the Lionbridge Internet Assessor at the same time due to an IP address conflict. ”

    Does this simply mean that it just would not practically make an issue?

    I am currently working for Appen, but suddenly got an invitation for the Internet Safety Evaluator position from Lionbridge which I applied a while ago.

    And the problem is, I was not working for Appen when I applied for it, but for now, I am.

    I mean that Lionbridge is actually telling me that I cannot work for any other vendors(not projects, vendors, so it should mean any project) like Appen if I want to work on this project, and if they found out that I am working for any of them, they will terminate my contract or something.

    Has the condition been changed or your info just means it should be fine as for IP address conflict?
    The project I am currently working on is not Yukon by the way.


    1. Hello,

      IP address conflict may take place only if you are going to work on multiple accounts in Google rating projects such as Appen (Arrow, Yukon) and Lionbridge (Ads Assessor, Internet Assessor and Internet Safety Evaluator), it means you can combine several projects and work for several vendors provided there is no IP conflict.
      Read more about project compatibility:

      1. Hi Tim,

        Thank you for your reply!
        Got it.

        Your blog is really helpful!

  3. Can I work as Ads Assessor at WeLocalize? I’m currently an Internet Safety Evaluator at Lionbridge, are there any incompatibilities?

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