What are search engine evaluation and social media jobs?

Google and other IT companies do not hire directly but outsource these types of jobs to vendors like Leapforce, Lionbridge, and Appen. This job comes under different names – search engine evaluator, rater, Internet assessor or social media assessor. These companies include but are not limited to: Google, Facebook and Instagram.

As many services of Google are localized for each country of its presence, applying to some of the positions is only possible if the person knows the language, and culture peculiarity of users of local the local search system. What this means is that for each designated location, they want people that live in that area and that understand local terms. Sometimes there are positions open for bilingual candidates, but typically there are vacancies only for English speakers.

How do I make money as search engine evaluator?

Vendors such as Appen, Lionbridge, and Leapforce contract with independent agents, and people such as yourself, to perform work available from their clients. Agents invoice Lionbridge, Appen, or Leapforce as an example, for each hour of work the independent agent completes. Lionbridge or Leapforce then bills their client  for the wages. Wages on each contractual hour depend on the country and can vary between $7 to $15 per hour.

For more information on wages read here: HOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN WITH LEAPFORCE /LIONBRIDGE/APPEN 

What is the scope of work, how many hours am I allowed to work?

One of the benefits of working at Leapforce and Lionbriage, is that you are allowed to work whenever you want, but you should understand that the system of task distribution is based on a ‘first come first served’ basis and you need to be ready to catch your portion of tasks when they are uploaded into the system. You are allowed to work 20-30 hours per week.


How often are agents paid?

Agents  will invoice vendors for rendered services once per calendar month. Fees to independent agents are paid (via direct deposit) within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice. The payment is made on monthly basis via direct deposit into your bank account. Some Appen projects are paid now by Payoneer and some, although a rare occurrence, are paid by PayPal. Please read here for more info: PAYONEER AS A PAYMENT METHOD FOR APPEN, RATERLABS, LEAPFORCE AND LIONBRIDGE

Am I required to form a corporation to become a search engine evaluator/ social media agent?

It is not a requirement to form a corporation to become an independent agent. However, you will need a valid Tax Identification Number. If your business is a corporation, LLC or partnership, you should already have a Tax Identification Number. If you are a Sole-Proprietorship or are self-employed, you will use your social security number as your Tax Identification Number. Your state/country may have different requirements and it is your responsibility to ensure you meet your local requirements.

What projects to apply for and what company to choose?

The kinds of projects that you want to work are entirely up to you. Some projects might not be something that everyone wants to do. The search engine evaluator job (Yukon project at Leapforce or Internet Assessor/Social Media Assessor at Lionbridge) has been said by many to be boring and tedious and unrewarding. It’s a data collection job. It has no glamour and it’s not a very exciting job. But if this type of work doesn’t bother you, you can make a decent wage working from home performing the search evaluation tasks. On the other hand, there are jobs that can be a little more exciting and involve social media such as Facebook. Some of these jobs would be more suitable for other people because of the types of jobs such as Facebook Ads Evaluator or Post Interest Tagging. Some people will find some jobs more interesting that others, and everyone is different. The goal here is to give you a good idea of what is available so you can decide on your own what job is best for you. As far as what company to choose, this is somewhat irrelevant at the point since it seems that these main companies such as Leapforce, and Appen Global are contracting for the same types of jobs. So choosing a company shouldn’t be a problem. It might be good to mention that each of these companies are good at paying on time and taking care of their agents. You are going to more likely choose a company based only on the fact that they have a position available over another company who might not have anything available.

How long does take to hear back from Lionbridge/Leapforce/Appen?

It depends on many factors, sometimes immediately, and sometimes it can take 3-4 months.

It might be that at the moment of your application submission, quota of raters for your country was reached and therefore Leapforce or Lionbridge does not hire new rater at the moment. As soon as they fire unsuccessful raters, they continue hiring new people to maintain the required number of raters in your country.

It could be that your CV does not meet Lionbridge standards. Lionbridge is very selective in terms of quality of CV’s of applicants in India and other developing countries. So it’s very important to Make sure that you CV looks professional and accurate and there are no gaps in your experience.

Your IP address might be suspicious or does not meet Lionbridge requirement. If you have dynamic IP address (IP which changes each time you go for Internet) – you will be rejected for sure. Make sure that you have static IP address (this is valid only for Lionbridge).

Someone uses the same IP address for rating project (in case of sharing Internet network), make sure that your IP address is unique.

Can I use the android emulator for the smart phone verification in the application process? Or if it does not work would my application be denied or just delayed?

Leapforce can detect android emulators, thus in order to make successful verification, you have to use a real smartphone.

Can I work for Leapforce and Lionbridge at the same time?

According to Leapforce policy you may have one account per IP address, while Lionbridge allows to have one account per household. If more than one person in your household wants to work for the same company, you can simply ask your internet service provider to give you another IP address. Therefore, I recommend that you arrange two different IP addresses (networks), one unique IP address for your PC, and one IP address for your other family member’s PC. Make sure that each PC is connected only to a designated network. You may ask your internet provider to provide you with one more IP address or use SIM card internet for this purpose (SIM card internet has dynamic IP address; it is not suitable for Lionbridge application process but ok for Leapforce). An important Note About IP Addresses: Companies such as Appen have very good systems that can detect the use of an ordinary IP Address.

Can I combine Leapforce and Appen?  I am working now for Appen as Social Media Evaluator, but I want to apply for the Nile project. Can I apply with the same Facebook account?

According to policies of all major vendors (Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen), raters can’t work at competitor companies due to conflict of interests. When it comes to Google rating project, Leapforce and Lionbridge can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts.

However, there are a few exceptions, for instance, you may work at Leapforce or Lionbridge on Google project and apply for Social Media Evaluation projects at Appen (which are not related to Google e.g.: Instagram or Facebook), while applying for the role, make sure you never mention that you are in the project at another vendor, the best strategy is to say that you have no related experience.

You can’t combine two projects which are related to one customer/platform (Facebook/Instagram). What you can do is to work on search engine evaluation project at Leapforce or Lionbridge (Google) and at Appen on other projects which are unrelated to Google (Falcon Instaads).

Read more about Social Meadia and Search Engine Evaluation jobs/projects compitability here:


Google rating project qualification 

Am I required to take and pass a qualification exam to become an independent agent/Internet Assessor? What is Yukon/Internet Assessor qualification exam how to qualify leapforce qualifying exam? 

Yes, to become a search engine evaluator, you are required to take and pass a three-part qualification exam. The exam tests both your theoretical and practical comprehension of search engine evaluation. The qualification exam is difficult and will require your full attention to complete successfully. Please be sure to allow sufficient time to complete the examination.

Once your candidature is approved for certification, you will get an exam email with detailed instructions. Within seven days, you have to study 160 pages of the General Guideline which consists of rating rules and concepts which teaches you how to do the rating of search results and assessment of quality of web pages. You should follow these rules and not use your personal judgment. What they want is for you to represent a typical user in your country. Before you proceed with the exam you need to study the Guideline at least twice paying particular attention to practical task examples. Keep in mind that it’s 160 pages long.


How many times can you take the qualification test?

If you fail any part of the exam, you may be given one-time retake.

I applied at Lionbridge but failed the exam. After a week, I was given a chance to take a re-test. However, I received this email: “Unfortunately, we were unable to enter you into our Online Exam. According to our checks it appears that you have the same IP Address as another person in our system”.

Most likely they could not enter you into exam because you have a dynamic IP address. It might be very risky to have this type of IP address because it means that many people have the same shared IP address. This may lead to:

Multi-accounts conflicts (when people use the same IP address for going to raterhub platform).

I applied for search Engine evaluator at Leapforce as well as social media assessor at Lionbridge. Fortunately both replied and they consider me as an eligible candidate. Is it possible for me to give exams for both of these companies?
also if I pass in both, will I be able to work for them simultaneously?

You may apply for the same project at Leapforce as well as at Lionbridge, but once you get an invitation for the exam you have to choose only one company to proceed further.
According to Leapforce and Lionbridge policy, one account is allowed per one person/IP address/household. Leapforce and Lionbridge can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts.

What should you do if you fail the exam twice how to re-apply?

If you fail the exam the second time, Leapforce will not allow you to retake it a third time. In this case I would advise that you apply to another vendor like Lionbridge. Before proceeding with registration, make sure that you use a new Gmail account, when filling out the application and answering the application questions, indicate that you have never applied/worked for search engine evaluator position before. A new IP address is also required. You may use VPN to change your IP address. Once you have started the application and qualification process, I recommend you keep the same IP address during the process. Successful outcome of this approach is not guaranteed, but it is possible.

100% working solution is to apply on behalf of another person you trust, using new IP/PC and Gmail account.

For more info, click here: YOU FAILED THE LEAPFORCE EXAM – NOW WHAT? 

I passed all 3 parts of the leapforce exams received positive results and been told to wait for my paperwork to be done but few days later received an email that I failed. Has anyone else been in this same situation? I passed the exam but was not offered a contract, why is that?

Actual reasons for their decisions not to offer a contact after successful qualification is unknown and they will never tell you about it, but I have assumptions that this could be due to: IP related issues, violation of non disclosure agreement, discrepancies in personal data, or simply the company you applied to has enough people for the project in your locale.

“Thank you for your interest in becoming a Leapforce at Home Agent. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a contract at this time. We will keep your qualification information on file, should other opportunities become available”.

Can I get Leapforce/Lionbriage exam answers?

I am not giving out Leapforce and Lionbridge exam answers. The reasons for this is because part 2 (Page Quality) and Part 3 (Send to Device) tasks are unique practical tasks, tasks in those parts are updated on a regular basis, so there are no answers for part 2 and 3.

Can I get assitance with Leapforce/Lionbriage exam?

If you are not confident about going through the Leapforce or Lionbridge qualification exam, you can always get my recommendations, exclusive tips and expert assistance on the exam. For detailed information please write to allentim87@yahoo.com

I passed exam what is next?

You may need a few days of training on simulation tasks to feel confident in yourself in terms of proceeding with real tasks. If you get stable quality levels when doing simulation tasks, it means that you can do live tasks with no risk of being put under quality review next month.

For more info, click here: COMMON ISSUES OF NEW RATERS 

Did you see anyone getting fired in their first month? Do new raters get warnings before they get fired?

Based on my experience, only those new agents are fired who get very low quality score for their first month of service, the rest of raters with substandard quality performance get restriction on access to tasks until next revision. This is not valid for Lionbridge; they seem to be less strict on new raters.


II work for Leapforce can I change my IP address and mobile?

Once you are in the project you can change your IP address it will not affect your status in the project.

I’m a new Lionbridge rater and looking for some advice to improve my productivity? How do I record my exact task time in Lionbridge Google rating project? How can I increase productivity in Leapforce Yukon project? 



What is Crowdsourcing Screening Test at Appen?

It is a basic test which is sent to some cnadidates who applied for any crowndsourcing opportunity, the aim of this test is to evaluate  English proficiency level and basic PC and research skills. If you have any doubt while completing this test I recommend you to copy/paste test question into Google search  and Google will provide you with answers to a question.

I have falcon Insta ads qualification process in this week? Can you explain  how it would be?

General overview of  Falcon Insta Ads project is available here: APPEN BUTLER HILL FALCON INSTA ADS PROJECT/TRUCKEE PROJECT AT LEAPFORCE

How to be invited to another projects at Appen Global?

Many of my readers will be interested in how to be invited to another projects at Appen global. Appen Global offers a lot of different types of projects that you are able to work on. Unfortunately, is not likely that you would be contracted to start on the Thunderbird music project from the beginning if you are hired by Appen Global. You would be more likely to start on a larger project first such FalconInstaAds or the Aztec project. Once you have started working at Appen, and you are on a Falcon project, like any of the social media projects that they offer, you will likely get an invitation to come aboard and start on other projects

Feel free to leave your own questions via leave a comment option!


70 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I am unable to set up for part 3, passed first two exams and now my raterhub url which worked on test 2 will not update. Also I am all registered and can sign in on raterhub, but now the leapforce sign in is required and it does not recognize my name or password. Because of this, I cannot set up for part 3. Any suggestions?

  2. Hello Tim Allen, I hope you’re well!
    I’m from Brazil and I attended the Falcon project Ads until the end of 1 year of my contract, they thanked me for the time I attended but said that the client no longer needs my comments, and closed the contract exactly after 1 year I had begun. I have register on Leapforce and had already accepted the contract when I was invited to the Nile but I didn’t qualify because I was in Appen in this period. I wonder if now that my contract with Appen ended, if I can qualify for the Nile, because the appen has already withdrawn my access to the FRT platform, I have to do some setting to no trace that the Leapforce can see, for I have already participated in the Falcon Ads of Appen? Thank you very much in advance.
    PS: my ip is dynamic and it changes every reconnection.
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hello,

      If your contract and service with Appen came to an end then you have no legal restrictions in terms of applying for a similar position at Leapforce, however customer (Facebook) might do a background check and might not permit you to enter the Nile project…

      However, I had a similar case with FalconInstaAd project, when a rater was fired from this project at Appen and in 3 weeks later he was successfully accepted for the same project at Leapforce (Truckee).

      I would appreciate if you tell us about the outcome of your case. Thank you.

  3. Found your blog and read it. So interesting and helpful! I am going to take leapforce yellowstone test (shasta test may be) soon, i read what you wrote and suddenly realised what if i do if i have overseas holiday for a week? As you mentioned i cant work on abroad, so can i use vpn or set up some personal ip beforehand? Understand this is a job from work, but i now concern can i bring my laptop to work in local coffee shop or library?
    Do you know anything about this? Please advise!
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi,

      I do not recommend you to use VPN, do not put your account under risk, just take your break and enjoy your vacation! As to working in a library, it is ok, but you should use your own internet (not a public network).

  4. I am currently in USA since last 1 year but don’t have a SSN so can I apply for Leapforce at Home Independent Agent for USA.
    For the other option, I am from India but currently in USA so can I apply for Leapforce at Home Independent Agent for India.
    Please suggest which is the better option for me so that I can work for Leapforce.

  5. Hello Tim ,
    I Have seen your Website Today i Haven a question i got invited from Leapforce To the Yukon Exam at wednesday last Week To wednesday this commend Week but when i Click on the Raterhub Link in the email It says always No tasks currently availabel what can i Do ?

    Best regards

    1. Most likely it happens due to a server error on raterhub.com website, the only recommendation I can give you is to contact agent qualification support and explain the issue.

  6. I have been accepted for Truckee and Nile projects at Leapforce, since then 3 weeks have passed and my project status is still in progress. Why does it take so long time to go into production phase?

  7. Hi,

    It depends on many factors. The procedure is the following:
    ->Once you are invited for the project it means that your application has been reviewed and approved for the project and you are placed in a project queue.
    ->It might take up to a few months before moving to the next stage (production), it has to do with fact that the project has limited capacity and vendor and customer need time to fire unsuccessful raters and replace them with new raters.

  8. Hello, ZeroChaos juststopped all google ad raters. There’s an opening on Appen for my language. I was just wondering if you guys who worked for Zerochaos before included your work experience as google ad rate in the resume?

  9. Hello,

    When applying for a new project at any vendor, I do not recommend to mention about previous or current social media/ads/search engine evaluator experience, because all these companies (Leapforce, Appen, Lionbridge) prefer to hire new raters with no related experience.

  10. Hello Tim,

    When im in the Yukon project (raterhub) is it allowed to apply on the Lionbridge position Side by Side (UHRS) also ?.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hello,

      UHRS platform belongs to Microsoft, so it means that Yukon (Google rating project) and Side by Side (UHRS) projects are technically compatible.

  11. Hi Tim! This site is very helpful. I was wondering what your suggestion is when you apply to several places. If you start with one and receive another offer (say both are crowdsourcing, for example). Are you able to check both out to determine the best fit? I wasn’t sure how this would work especially if they are similar positions. I don’t want to take the first one that comes along but I also can’t wait around crossing my fingers that a better one comes along. Thanks!

  12. Thanks a lot for this useful information! !
    So I have a question, I already did qualification tes for social media evaluator t for Appen and got only 55% score 🙁 I was a bit too rushed at that time. I wish I found your content before I took the quiz
    Do you think I still have any chance for Appen? or should I try to apply for other companies instead?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hello,

      I recommend you to apply for a search engine evalutor position at Leapforce, if you are accepted for this role, you will have a chance to join Truckee or Nile project(s) which are identical to a social media evaluator position at Appen.

  13. I have Applied for Lionbridge exam but got failed in the exam Now i have Applied for the Appen Crowdsourcing with the same E-mail Address and IP Address?If i get any problem With that and can I get a Chance to re-take the exam in Lionbridge?

  14. Thanks again for this useful information! I
    I just got to work with Appen last month. My performance is not bad. When I logged in Global Appen 2 days ago, it said that I am not currently assigned to any projects. I heard that if they fire you, they will send an email about termination but I still don’t get any email about termination. Does this mean appen fire me? I already emailed them about the problem yesterday but there is still no response from them. I hope it’s just some technical error.
    Thanks in advance

      1. I am working on Falcon Intent Topic Classification project. My project tile just come back today and I have to acknowledge the same paper that I had already done before. I just got some new email yesterday saying that I have to acknowledge the new guidelines in time which is tomorrow but I am still pending approval on Appen Global. I already email to the support but they do not respond any thing to me for 3 days until now. I’m so worried about this because I have no one to consult with. So,thank you so much for your response !

  15. Hi there. First of all, thanks for your blog, a lot of useful information here! I was wondering: Leapforce only allows one person per household. And it does not allow the rater to work at the same time for other “competing” company. I think it’s fair. But is it allowed for another person, in the same household, to work for another (competing) company while we are working for Leapforce, or not?

  16. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I have similar question as TulipaTropical.I am now working with Appen.I am wondering whether Leapforce/Appen/Lionbridge only allows one person per household to work. Is it allowed for another person in the same household to work for another (competing) company? while I am working for Appen
    If Appen allows my family’s member to work, should we change IP address I guess? Or should he apply for Lionbridge instead so that we don’t have to change IP address. (If I have to change IP address,it will cost some expense to change the router for new IP address and my family’s financial situation is bad now) What is your best suggestion?
    Thank you

    1. According to policies of all major vendors (Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen), raters can’t work at competitor companies due to possible conflict of interests. When it comes to Google rating project, Leapforce and Lionbridge can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts.

      There are a few exceptions, for instance, you may work at Leapforce or Lionbridge on Google project and apply for the Social Media Evaluation projects at Appen (which are not related to Google e.g.: Instagram or Facebook). When applying for the role, applicants should make sure they never mention that they are in the project at another vendor, the best strategy is to say that you have no related experience.

      Keep in mind that rater cannot combine two projects which are related to one customer/platform (Facebook/Instagram). What social media evaluators can do is to work on a search engine evaluation project at Leapforce or Lionbridge (Google) and at Appen on another projects which are unrelated to Google (Falcon Instaads). This strategy has been proven to be safe and some raters have been working on the different projects at different vendors. Read more about project combatibility here:https://passleapforceexam.com/2017/03/14/how-much-can-you-earn-with-leapforce-lionbridgeappen/

      1. Thank you so much for your reply! But I won’t work for 2 companies. I mean like can my dad also work for those companies while I am working with Appen? I would prefer my dad to work with Appen too but I don’t know if Appen allows to do so. I am just worried about IP address problem because I used to log in my account using wifi at home.Now,I only use internet from hotspot on my phone. Sorry if my questions confuse you.
        Thanks once again!

      2. Yes it is possible that two persons work at one company in one household, BUT you have to arrange your Internet connections in that way there is no any chance of IP address conflicts. I recommend you not to use wifi networks, it is safer to use dedicated wire internet or mobile internet via USB cabel, only in this case IP address conflict might be reduced almost to 0 chance.

      3. Thanks agian for your prompt response.One more question. The company only cares about IP address,right? Does the last name matter though? Because I have the same last name as my dad.(People in my country has very long and kind of specific last name) or I might be worried too much
        Always appreciated your answer! Thank you 🙂

  17. Does the last name matter though?

    My Answer: I do not think so, you should not worry about this issue.

  18. Hello,
    I have 2 questions:
    1-I passed from Leapforce’s Shasta Project exam and I signed the agreements but then they told me that the project was full and they will activate my account when a place opens. Should I believe in this?
    2-For some reason, I do not want to waste time with Leapforce and I want to apply to Appen. However, I am already working at Appen as WSE for Google and that is the only position available in my country right now. If I were to apply with the CV and ID of my sister, do you think this would be a problem? Are there any rules such as only one account per household in Appen too?
    Thank you

  19. 1. Yes, I know some cases when raters were invited to join the project when unsuccessful rater were removed from the project.
    2. It won’t be a problem if you keep your accounts separate on different devices connected to different networks which never cross.

  20. Hi! I am Valeria from argentina, I am currently working for lionbridge, I started a few weeks ago, it has been several days with the NO TASK AVAILABLE MESSAGE over and over, I work from my house, and some times from my office, would that be a problem? thanks for the blog! it is very useful

  21. hello

    I am working with Shasta project for 1 month in Leapforceathome. But almost last two days I couldn’t reach any tasks. what does it mean ??

  22. I am in the process of filling out the application for map analyst, however I have reached a question I am unsure of. The question is: Can you please share details of any online research and analysis you have completed.
    I have not previously done online research and analysis. Do I state this fact or submit what I think an analysis of a map may look like?

    1. You may write about your own experience of using Google Maps or another maps services in your everyday life.

  23. Hello, Thank you so much for your blog. I received an invite for an Appen project, but I wasn’t able to pass the exam. I haven’t been offered any other hourly paying project since then and it’s been almost year. I’ve just been getting the small speech collection projects. Should I make a new email address and apply again, or just continue to wait? I really miss ZC that was the only one of these I was able to get on with.

    1. Hello,

      I recommend you to check for opportunities at another vendors like Leapforce and Lionbridge.

  24. I passed part 2 of Connect.Appen exam on 24 dec. and congratulation email said you won’t get automated pass/fail result notification after completing part 3 . i completed part 3 on 24th night and got an instant email that i failed.. I Am confused, did they not even manually review part 3 and my comments there and automatic system failed me? If this was the case why did they tell me after passing part 2 that I Will not get notification of pass fail until due date of 26th dec. ?? please help me

  25. CORRECTION – I passed part 2 of Connect.Appen exam on 21 dec. and congratulation email said you won’t get automated pass/fail result notification after completing part 3 . i completed part 3 on 24th night and got an instant email that i failed.. I Am confused, did they not even manually review part 3 and my comments there and automatic system failed me? If this was the case why did they tell me after passing part 2 that I Will not get notification of pass fail until due date of 26th dec. ?? please help me

  26. I have found your site very interesting and full of good advices. I am writing because I want to tell you what happened to me and then ask for your opinion.
    I worked for Aztec project for five months, than they lifted my hours from 4 to 6 with a new contract because I was good. After a week they fired me because I was under expectation. About 2 months before, after the monthly quality test, they said that my rate was low about 73%. I was still trying to understand what I could do it that they wrote again apologizing because they did a mistake. They sent my test with a score of 86% saying that I did fine, they exchanged it. When they fired me I asked to see my test, it is the last thing I did, but first they refuse, than they didn’t answer.
    It was very hard to me to accept it. I really liked that work and I thought and still think, it is important. I liked specially the tasks where you have to evaluate a website, to find if it has fake news, if it is clear who is writing and why.
    Anyway, now I am working on Yukon project, but it is not the same. The work is less, almost at night. In the social part of the site I have read of other raters that had my same experince with Aztec. Renew and better contract and after a week fired. Why?
    I tried with Isofstone. I passed the qualificationtest for AD Copy project, but they said that in this moment they do not have positions avaliable. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks.

    1. Hello,

      Most likely you were fired due to not reaching an acceptable quality score (above 75%) while completing blind test tasks.

      What are the quality review tasks?

      Blind sets as they are called, are rating tasks that have the correct rating answers already correctly completed as they should be as per the guide. You will have no idea when these blinds sets come, or be able to identify them, but generally the blind quality tasks are uploaded to the system throughout the month, and you are graded on these to see if you are following the guidelines correctly, and applying the correct ratings. This is why it’s important to follow the guidelines at all times. In fact, it might be even better to not think about the blind sets at all since you will have no idea when you are doing them. We just thought it would be important for you to know that they are there.

      Reasons for losing your service as an Ads Quality Rater

      It can happen to anyone at any time. You could end up getting a short email from the company you work for at any time saying that your contract will not be renewed or that your service is no longer required on the project. We hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does it could be from some of the following issues.

      Quality of service is really the big one here as the client needs each rater to strictly follow the guidelines and the processes of doing each rating. There are levels of quality and you should be sure to try and get the highest quality rating possible. Also its important to remember that just because you are at an acceptable level doesn’t guarantee job security. If there are a lot of raters for a project and a group of raters are providing much higher quality, then the ones at the bottom are likely to go first in the event of a downsizing or, the client just needs the best quality possible. It is advisable to keep striving for perfection when it comes to rating.

      If you need more info about blind test/quality review tasks contact me via email. Some type of information cannot be published here.

  27. Hi
    i worked at LB as a multi media judge a few years ago, which i really enjoyed. I can only see openings for Internet assessors now, do you now of a recruitment firm that offers media judge / rater work? As many of these projects have abstract names (Aztec etc) ….not sure who to start with, any guidance would be appreciated. thank you Adam

  28. HI Tim
    Thank you for the response but Aztec (Arrow) is rating ads. I am looking for media such as video-photos to rate, sorry if I did not make that clear. Are you able to advise?

    1. All these rating projects provide some video/photo rating tasks, but they are mixed with different types of tasks.

  29. Hi hello currently i m working for nile project with my pc connected by sim card data and like wise i last month i have taken exam in lion bridge but got failed they provide an opportunity
    but now they mailed as my ip address is used by some other people like that what can i do in this situations kindly guide TIA

    how can i reapply to lion bridge again

  30. Hi Allen I am working for Appen as an Independent Consultant. I am in the Nile project for 8 months.. Soon I have to be abroad for a few months and I am trying to find a way to continue working. The best solutions I have is try with VPN to follow my conturies (Turkey) IP or send them a message explaining my situation. I can’t think of any other. What do you recommend? Is it safe to use VPN with Appen? or should I apply again in the other country since they may have a better market?

    1. Hello, in your case using a high end VPN solution is an option (as the rating should be performed from a smartphone). Ask an expert to make a safe VPN set up (in a way the Internet connection is ON only after connecting to VPN, and disabled when the VPN is OFF, this set up should be automatic otherwise there is risk of detection of a foreign IP which is against the project policy).Additionally I recommend to disable location tracker on your Facebook account. This should be a working solution.

  31. Hello Tim
    Thanks for tjst very useful page! I failed Falcon Post tagging project qualifications test so i am just wondering how this is viewed within Appen. Do you think i will will get any other project invitation from appen (or since i failed on my first project quiz there us no chamch to get other i itat itation) or it is better to apply at Lionbridge? Thansk a lot for reply

  32. Hi Tim
    I have an exam coming up as a UK games console tester with LB. Do you offer any tip, advice, info on this position?

  33. Hey Tim, my boyfriend works for Lionbridge as a rater. I wanted to apply for a different position but I am glad I cam across your site before I finished my application since they only allow one account. Do you know of any other companies I could try? I was going to do the internet safety position. I am just looking for something remote that I can do without messing up my boyfriends account since we live together.

  34. I keep seeing that you should verify addresses with USPS. When I go there, I can’t find anyplace to enter it.Any suggestions?

  35. Hi!
    I have been working for aztec for 2 years now and my husband just got the same position with Lioonbridge. Can we both work on that project in the same house? We used to do zerochaos and never had any issues but Lionbridge seems more complex. Or should we get an additional router to get 2 Ip?

  36. Hi Tim! I received the email regarding Project Yukon Exam Scheduled, but it has been past almost a day from the scheduled date and time, and I didn’t received the expected email with information and access to the exam… is this normal?? did it happened before to anyone?? should I wait or contact support regarding this question? They usually take a lot of time replying to messages… thanks in advance.

    1. Yes sometimes it happens most likely due to technical issues, I recommend you to write to your vendor support regarding the issue.

  37. Thanks, I already did it. Will have to wait patiently for an answer (hopefully not so many days as usual) and hope that the exam due date will be automatically…
    Neither the guidelines documentation link works, so that I can begin studying…
    very ansious about it, I really need this “job”!

  38. HI Tim hope u r fine i m working for appen already but now my other family member needs to apply for appen with the same address is it possible kindly sugesst

  39. I am working with appen, presently. I’ve applied at Teemwork (isoft). They have sent me an email to qualify for one of their projects. When I go to UHRS, it’s not showing up. Could the reason be that I set up the UHRS account through appen? If so, how do I disconnect appen from UHRS?

    1. Hi,

      In fact I do not recommend to go for UHRS project, this project belongs to Microsoft Bing, it is very outdated, the platform is very outdated and unstable…

      1. The link Teemwork gave me to do the qualification exam is on UHRS. The link is not showing.

  40. I used your Simulator Pro and it really helped me to pass Exam 2 thank you for the great job! Here, I need your help again.
    I am currently taking Exam3:Page Met Rating. In the exam, as you mentioned in the above chapters, my access to certain webpages was denied due to IP error since I live outside US. You said it can fail the exam if I rate those cannot access pages as Fails to Meet, then, how should I deal with the situation? Should I somehow rate those pages pretending as if I can see them?

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