Low Tasks Availability in Ads Assessor/Arrow Project – What Are the Reasons?

As being a rater you might noticed that starting from March 2020 the volume of tasks in the project significantly decreased, and many raters might be wondering when the situation to be improved or back to normal.

Pandemic affects Google Ads Business

Lionbridge notified raters that the number of tasks might be low or unstable due to slow down of the ads business of Google due to pandemic. As you may know tasks are generated from real ads. The vendor confirmed that this a temporary issue, and the customer expects the volume of tasks to be increased in the future. The good thing is that the number of blind tests was decreased due to this fact and there is a very small chance of being fired.  

Seasonal factor

Tasks are not distributed evenly throughout the year, based on 5 years observation I can confirm that the seasonal factor takes place as well, the low season is spring. The vendor informed raters that the customer usually revises and updates rating algorithms in spring and this process affects task volume in the system.

New task distribution Algorithms

Another point that I wanted to clarify relates to the number of tasks that the raters receive, the number of tasks given is not the same for everyone during the month, and some raters can receive more tasks than others. This is due to the task’s distribution algorithms. Usually in the following month, the unevenness is compensated by an increase in the number of tasks for those raters who received fewer tasks in the current month. 

Tips for getting more tasks

Logon raterhub more frequently to check for tasks in particular between 9AM – 3 PM PST  

Currently, working less than 20 hours per week will not affect your status in the system.  

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