Appen and Lionbridge projects – Hourly Rates Across Different Markets

Hourly rates across different countries: Lionbridge, Appen

Important Note: Some Appen Global projects are not currently available in many states in U.S.A. because the payment rate Appen Global offers is below the minimum wage in some of these areas. The company Sykes is also experiencing this same problem. Currently, the only alternative is Lionbridge. Our sources show that in many countries Appen Global pays 2 times less than Lionbridge, and to maximize profit, they cut wages. For example: In India Lionbridge pays $7 per hour, Appen $3 dollars an hour compared to U.S.A. where Appen Pays $10 per hour and Lionbridge Pays $14.


Echo, Index, Sharp, Cable 12$-13,5$ 14$ 7$
Arrow (Google) 10$ 14$ was 8$/now 5$ was 8$/now 5$ 15$-17$ was 8$/now 5$
Truckee (Insta) was 13,5$/now 10$ 14$ was 9,45$/now 7$ was 9,45$/now 7$ was 8$/now 5$
Nile (Facebook) was 13,5$/now 10$ 14$ was 9,45$/now 7$ was 9,45$/now 7$ 15$
Shasta per task per task per task per task per task per task
Yukon (Google) was 12,5$ (net)/now 10$ (net) 14$ was 10,5$/now 5$ was 10,5$/now 7$ 14$ was 8$/now 5$
Internet Assessor, Rater, Internet Safety Evaluator (Google) 14,5$ (gross)
14$ 10$ 12$ 7,3$
Ads Assessor (Google) 13,5$ 14$ 10$ 12$ 7,3$
Maps Analyst (Apple) per task per task
Why Appen decreased hourly rates almost in all markets after acquiring Leapforce?

Feel free to share your information regarding payment rates in your specific country, based on your input I will update information on this post.


Projects and Vendors Compatibility: How to Work on Several Projects and Not Violate Vendors Conditions?

How Much Can You Earn With Lionbridge and Appen When Combining Several Projects?

earn-money031Projects and Vendors Compatibility is a big thing if you want to know how to maximize your earnings. When you start working for Appen, there are a couple of different projects, and the main one is Yukon. All projects have codenames. Yukon is the Google search engine evaluator project. There are also other projects such as Nile which is rating Facebook ads and Truckee which is rating Instagram ads.

Both of these projects pay different amounts depending on where you are located. Yukon and Nile both pay 12-14 USD per hour in USA and EU, and $6-8 USD per hour in another countries. However, when you begin, and until your quality scores improve, you are only allowed 2 hours to work on Yukon per day. Once your quality scores improve, you are then able to work up to 26 hours per week if you are unrestricted.

Currently Nile and Truckee are new projects and each rater who is approved for this product can work 1 hour per day. This may increase in the future.

So you could make about $1600 per month in USA at this rate if you work the total 26 hours per week, plus being involved in another project such as Nile or Truckee. You do not have to work full time at Appen and Lionbridge, but you must stay within productivity levels or you can be taken off the project. You can put in 20 hours a month and be OK on productivity.

The bottom line is that it totally depends on how much time and effort you want to put into the job. If your quality scores are high, you will have unlimited access to tasks. In the beginning you might only get a couple of hours per day.

Appen doesn’t allow any rater to go over 26 hours per week (in case of Lionbridge it is even less, 20 hours per week) this restriction is valid only for US part-time raters.  So there is a limit. Sometimes vendors offer bonuses which are currently an extra $3 per hour if you get to a certain amount of hours and tasks. These bonuses can change from time to time.

List of Projects And Code Names For Lionbridge & Appen Connect

Can raters combine several projects at  Appen and Lionbridge?

The good news is that you can combine work at Lionbridge and Appen, so potentially you can increase your income up to $2500 and above providing more or less the same service and working 5-6 hours per day 5 days a week on 2 different projects! Bellow you will find a project computability matrix:

LionbridgeSocial Media
Assessor/Internet Safety Evaluator /Internet Assessor (Google)
Ads Assessor/Evaluator (Google)Maps Analyst
Multimedia Judge
(Microsoft Bing)
Truckee Yes Yes Yes Yes
[previously known as Falcon Video Recommendation (Facebook)]
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paradise [previously known as Post Tagging (Facebook)] Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nile (Facebook) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Entity Relevance Places (Facebook) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prospect MI
[previously known as Typeahead Project
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shasta Maps (Apple) Yes Yes No Yes
Index (Apple) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Music Search (Apple)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yukon (Google) No No Yes Yes
Arrow (Google) No No Yes Yes

According to policies of all major vendors (Lionbridge, Appen), raters can’t work at competitor companies due to possible conflict of interests. When it comes to Google rating project, Appen and Lionbridge can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts.

Multiple Accounts – Is There a Safe Solution? Find Out Here.

There are a few exceptions, for instance, you may work at Appen or Lionbridge on Google project and apply for the Social Media Evaluation projects at Appen (which are not related to Google e.g.: Instagram or Facebook). When applying for the role, applicants should make sure they never mention that they are in the project at another vendor, the best strategy is to say that you have no related experience.

Keep in mind that rater cannot combine two projects which are related to one customer/platform (Facebook/Instagram). What social media evaluators can do is to work on a Google search engine evaluation project at Appen or Lionbridge on another projects which are unrelated to Google (Falcon Insta ads). This strategy has been proven to be safe and some raters have been working on the different projects at different vendors.

Working Abroad At Appen and Lionbridge Without Any Risk

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