5 Tips To Increase Your Productivity When Working As A Search Engine Evaluator

Leapforce and Lionbridge Productivity (Yukon and Internet Assossor projects)

When you work as an evaluator for Leapforce or Lionbridge you are given a lot freedom when it comes to performing tasks. You are not required to work at a certain time like most other jobs. With Leapforce or Lionbridge, you can work at any time, and any day that you wish, but as you may already noticed tasks are available at random time slots during the day, and in some cases the limit of tasks in some countries is just 2-3 hours per day…That is why it is highly important to be able to identify those time slots and to be one of those raters who complete maximum number of tasks. Here are step by step tips regarding how to increase your productivity as a search engine evaluator:

  1. Identify time slots when tasks are uploaded into the system and reserve this time for work on daily basis. You should understand that the system of task distribution is based on a “first come first served” basis and you need to be ready to catch your portion of tasks when they are uploaded into the system. To identify time slots when task availability is the highest, please look at task completion graph. Usually tasks are uploaded every day into the system at the same time slots.
  1. Do simulation tasks and focus on quality to get unrestricted status. Leapforce also has a system that restricts access to tasks for new raters, and those who are undergoing their quality review. To lift this restriction, you have to complete a certain number of simulation tasks or wait till the next quality review, if your quality score is good, the restriction will be lifted automatically.
  1. Do not forget to log on to the Leapforce extension each time you work in the system. If you start doing tasks and you’re not logged into the extension, then you will not be able to prove the time you worked regardless if tasks were done. So it’s very important to make sure this is on. Using RaterAide will ensure that you’re tracking everything correctly.
  1. Tracking time spent for completing tasks. Time management of the work you complete can become a problem if you aren’t managing how much time you are spending on tasks. You should not sacrifice quality for time. In the beginning you may spend more time than the average estimated time that Leapforce allocates to the task, but make sure that in the invoice you put average estimated time that they give you. If you spend less time than average estimated time per task or set of tasks, be informed that your invoice will be returned for correction due to not meeting productivity targets.

Leapforce will ask you to put actual time spent, which is why there is no sense to complete tasks faster than average estimated time. Take your time, do everything correctly and watch your time.

  1. Use apps

There are a couple of tools out there that are very useful when it comes to productivity concerning the Search Engine Evaluator job.


heroThe first one is called RaterAide which is a task tracker and timer which keeps track of all tasks and shows the time you are spending on each task. It keeps an accurate record of how much time you worked so you can submit accurate time on your invoice. Your data can be stored on Dropbox meaning that everything can be synced across all your mobile devices.

Features include:

  • Automatic task tracking
  • Seamless syncing between devices
  • Speed, surplus and earnings tracking
  • Invoice and timesheet displays
  • Multiple currencies and time zones
  • Separate large timer window

Link to app website: http://www.rateraide.com/

The Greater Acceptor

unnamedThe next tool that can really help productivity is called The Great Acceptor. This is an extension for Chrome which checks for and can optionally accept tasks. The reason this tool is so good is that tasks are given and taken by raters on a first come – first served basis. Sometimes there can be no tasks, so therefore you would need to sit and refresh your browser over and over until you would see tasks that are available to you. The Great Acceptor automatically refreshes the browser and checks for tasks. You can set the refresh interval from 60 seconds and on up from there. From here you have the option to have the tool automatically accept the tasks that it finds. This is completely optional. There is also an email notifications option so that you can be notified if the extension does find tasks. It’s a quite handy tool for grabbing tasks and will be certain to increase your productivity.

Here is the link to the app: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/the-great-acceptor/cfoakiaadoobhfdbdclnbebogbcllglb?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog


LBTimer is a Chrome extension for Google search engine evaluators. It keeps track of your time and completed rating tasks, saving the data in your Google Drive™. Automatic, lightweight and full of features, it makes the rating work a breeze.

Here is the link to the app:https://lbtimer.github.io/index.html



By following these tips, not only can you increase your productivity, but you will be sure to meet the minimum requirements set by Leapforce. Using the RaterAide and The Great Acceptor applications will help you keep track of everything so you know where you need to improve. When you first do tasks, it can take some time to get up to speed and complete the tasks in the time allotted. As was previously mentioned, it is quality that matters the most. Time will come naturally once you have a good understanding. As always, if you have any questions, then please leave me a comment below and I will be happy to answer them.