How to Work while Traveling Abroad and Do Not Violate Vendors’ Conditions? 

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When you are working as a rater, you understand that you have to use your computer, and that the IP address, which is the numerical address that your internet service provider gives you, must belong to project locale, it means that you cannot work from abroad. Companies like Leapforce, Appen and Lionbridge do record your IP address. The main reason they do this is for security. The job is considered ‘work at home’ and that is where they want you to be when you are connected to their system and doing ratings. Let’s say that one day you decided to leave home with your laptop and go to a McDonalds or coffee shop with Wi-Fi and connect to dashboard for any one of those companies. Their servers can detect when your IP address has changed and that your IP belongs to a public network and will flag your account and you could lose access. We don’t need to go over how insecure Wi-Fi really is, especially in a public place. This puts their information and servers at risk and this is why they want you at home on a secured connection. If you’re on your laptop at home, you’re still behind your IP address, so they aren’t going to detect this. They will however detect when you go to a friend’s house, or library, etc.  

So you see, this really is a work at home job that doesn’t give you any flexibility at all. And it’s very important that you maintain the integrity of their security systems or you could very well find yourself suddenly terminated. It’s easy enough to lose a rating job for no good reason, and so it’s a good idea to not break the rules when it comes to their security.  

There is, however, a way that you can work remotely and securely from anywhere. You might be asking how that’s possible with everything we just talked about. But there is a way that you can control your computer remotely.  

Working from abroad via TeamViewer

Many of you are probably aware of the software TeamViewer which allows you to connect to any computer remotely, and then take control overt that computer as you normally would if you were sitting in front of it. TeamViewer is not something that is hard to setup and get going. There are just a couple of steps you want to take to make sure its setup correctly. Simply download the installation file from TeamViewer and install it. You are going to want to select the option: Installation to access this computer remotely. You’re just going to set it up for Personal/Non-commercial use. Don’t select the Company/Commercial use unless you want to pay for it and have extra features which you do not need for this setup, nor do you need for your job as a rater. In fact, you also want to install TeamViewer the same way on the laptop computer that you will use remotely. You need to make sure you are setting up unattended access for the desktop computer that you normally use to work. The installation is pretty straight forward and you just need to set a name and password to access the desktop or main computer you will work from. You probably want to access the device quickly and that is as simple as adding the computer to your list of computers and contacts.  

Once you have TeamViewer setup on both computers, it’s the perfect time to test everything and make sure that it’s all working. You don’t want to get remote and then find out it’s not working for some reason or another. There are many things to consider when checking everything out. If you have some problem with connecting, then the first place to check is your anti-virus. Make sure that if the anti-virus you use has the option to allow the TeamViewer program through its firewall.  

What about the smartphone thing?

At this point many of you are probably wondering about the smartphone thing. Some tasks are done using your smartphone at home, and some on your main work computer. But there is also a solution for this, and you can run an Android emulator right from your desktop.  

Lately there has been a need for Android emulators for PC’s, and mostly the need has come on from gamers. However, there are many good Android emulators out there for the PC and the Mac. For your smartphone tasks you just need something that is going to do the job, and most of these will work fine.  

The mainstream emulator is Bluestacks and has been around for quite some time and it looks as though it probably has the most active development team. The newest version is Bluestacks 4 and seems to work pretty good for many applications and will likely work for what you need.  

MeMu is another decent emulator that has a lot of good functions and works well with just about everything. Additionally, it supports Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. That’s important working with some applications that Appen uses because their requirements are a smartphone running Lollipop. The nice thing about MeMu is you can run several instances of the program at once in case you are working on two different projects which can come in handy.  

In our experience, Nox is also another Android Emulator that works well and has good features. The nice thing is that this emulator is really forgiving on system resources which for slower computers might be an advantage. There are other Android emulators and there are plenty out there for Mac that run well. Nox is free and works just as good on a Mac as it does on a PC.  

Of course, you want to make sure to test out your system and make sure that everything is working. There is only one drawback to this system and that is when you want to work remotely, you need to leave your main computer on. You do not need the monitor on, and it can go to sleep. But this also brings up another problem, and if someone uses your computer, or turns it off, then that could be a problem. So if you live with your family, then you might want to make sure they understand your computer is off-limits. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, feel free to leave a comment bellow.


Leapforce and Lionbridge – Brief Overview of Legitimate Work-At-Home Online Jobs that Pay Well

First of all, Leapforce is not a scam! It is an established company and an exclusive vendor for Google, and they offer positions for Search Engine Evaluators in many countries. The payment is on the range from $7 to $18.50 per hour and the wage depends on the country you work in. The payment is made on monthly basis via direct deposit into your bank account. One of the benefits of working at Leapforce, is that you are allowed to work whenever you have time and desire to, but you should understand that the system of task distribution is based on ‘first come first served’ basis and you need to be ready to catch your portion of tasks when they are uploaded into the system.

You may get more  info about Leapforce here:

Requirements for the role are as follows:

  • High skills in researching are a must.
  • Analytical way of thinking is a big plus as well as a college degree (But not necessary).
  • To get the job you have to pass three-part qualification exam.
  • You need a personal PC, smart phone, and a fully functioning gmail account with stable access to the Internet.

You will not be assessed for your skills at the stage of application; you will have to demonstrate them while doing the qualification exam.

Before applying, read the FAQ on Leapforce website carefully. To apply go to

Once you submit application you will get an automated reply saying that your application has been received and is under review. Usually it takes 1-7 days to get invitation for the next stage – the qualification exam.

Leapforce vs Lionbridge

Lionbridge is another vendor of Google similar to Leapforce. There are no set working hours at Lionbridge. But working at least 10-25 hours per week is a must. Generally speaking, conditions are similar to conditions at Leapforce except the following things:

Lionbridge pays a $50 welcome bonus upon successful passing of the exam. Leapforce does not have this welcome bonus.

What is important to point out is that Lionbridge does not provide its raters with a task availability instrument, so raters have to identify time slots when tasks are uploaded into the system by themselves.

This company also has a different payment schedule, the first payment will be done only in two months after the start of work.

Note: Remember, you are not allowed to work at these two companies at the same time, otherwise they will detect this fact very fast and as result will terminate a contract with you.

To apply as an Internet Assessor role go to:

Note: During the application and qualification process do not change your IP address otherwise it may lead to an unsuccessful application.

In general, both companies are typical crowd sourcing vendors; this type of business supposes that the main communication is done via email. Based on my experience both companies are good in treating their raters, although in the internet you can find different opinions…But my experience proves the fact that if they deliver good service and meet all contract requirements, raters will not have any problems and in most cases the contract with them will be prolonged.

1. Decent internet based work-at-home job.
2. Good payment. The salary is pretty high you can make up to $500 – $1700 USD per month, working just 2-3 hours per day on average
3. You will have possibility to learn more about the world, people’s interests, and see a great deal of things while you’re exploring the internet and rating those pages.

1. Absence of any job benefits. You are hired as an independent contractor.
2. Your taxes are your obligation. You need to manage tax issues by yourself.
3. You are responsible for the level of quality of your service and the amount of time spent for work. If your quality performance is low you might be fired.
4. Irregularity of job. Volume of task availability may fluctuate significantly. Tasks are available during specific time slots on ‘first come first served basis’.

And finally good luck with application process!

Global Search Engine Evolution Jobs in the Internet – Making Money by Helping Search Engines Optimize Their Services

Many of you are aware of the fact that IT companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Google use complicated and complex algorithms for their services. In many cases these methods are not effective all the time and sometimes give users wrong search results. For this reason these systems require constant human assessment to rate results for usefulness. Using human input from thousands of raters companies can create better code to search information on the Web or test new services or products before releasing them to public. And this is the main reason why IT companies hire hundreds of human raters from all over the world. Can you imagine what amount of money is circulating only in this very narrow segment?

The number of  search engine raters at Lionbridge in different countries Source:Lionbridge blog

Google and other IT companies do not hire directly but outsource this business to its vendors like Leapforce and Lionbridge. This job comes under different names – search engine evaluator, rater, Internet assessor or social media assessor.

As many services of Google are localized for each country of its presence, applying to this position is only possible if person knows the language, culture peculiarity of users of local searching system. Typically position is opened for bilingual candidates, but there are vacancies only for English speakers.

Usually you don’t work the whole day, it is a part-time job, but 2 hours of work per day is guaranteed. The payment is different for each country and varies from 8$ to 17$ per hour. This position requires work to be done at a private place or at home.

A lot of companies are actually starting to hire people that allows them to work from home. There are some big companies that hire a lot of people, and keep these people as independent contractors as part of giant talent pools. If you are an independent contractor and you have worked for any of the large companies like Leapforce or Appen Global, you probably have been hired to do data collection for many different kinds of jobs. These companies have more than one client, and it seems that they are getting more and more clients for different types of jobs as time progresses and the need for human data collection increases. Some of these jobs can last a long time, and some of them can last only a few days depending on what they are, and what type of data is needed. It might be beneficial for our readers to take a look at some of these companies in case you were wondering about their history, where they came from, and which one is probably best to work at if you want to have this type of job. One thing that many people should understand before working for one of these companies is that you are an independent contractor, contracts can range in many different timeframes and pay. Usually the more contracts you successfully complete with a company, the more contracts or work that you will be offered.

Let’s take a closer look at each company, who they are, and what they offer.

Leapforce, Inc.

LeapforceLeapforce is probably one of the biggest providers for search engine analysts and the main reason behind this us because its CEO/President is Daren Russel Jackson who used to work for Google and is responsible for the creation of raterhub which was eventually bought by Google and is used at as the main platform by which websites are graded on according to the guidelines and a user met scale. This company was launched in 2008 as a way to help Google gather data that is incredibly important to forming each algorithm that Google releases. Leapforce also has its hand in some of the social media data gathering for companies such as Facebook. But in general, raterhub was not used at the time when the Facebook project ‘Nile’ was introduced to raters as a second project. Facebook used its own tool for this. Currently, you can still get contracts for this company as a Google search engine rater. There are just a few requirements for this position but they are simple; You must be 18 years old, you must be a resident living in the USA, and you must have a social security number or tax ID, and a US bank account that accepts direct deposit. One thing to understand about this company is that they offer a very limited amount of different projects. If you want to be a search engine rater, then it’s not a problem. But don’t expect to have any type of variety in different projects which can be a nice change when it comes to being stuck on a boring and monotonous job. This is considering you are able to pass the very hard 3 part (1-week process) exam based on 160 page Google Guidelines. The pay is pretty fair at $13.75 per hour to start, and there are some reports of being bumped up to $17.00 per hour, but you’ve got to be at the top of the list of raters with nothing less than perfect scores. They pay only once a month and there aren’t any benefits. One thing interesting to note is that the CEO, Daren Jackson just created another company called Raterlabs which could very well be a spinoff of raterhub. It’s too early to tell at this point what the intention of having more than one company based on this type of work is, but the Raterlabs website is using the exact same layout as the Leapforce site and its unfinished. It could be very possible that Raterlabs seeks to venture out in other areas of data collection, perhaps the social media ads evaluation arena like Appen Global does. I think that the expectations for this company’s longevity and its stability should be in question. On the outside, it really doesn’t look like much is happening with Leapforce, and with the CEO creating a clone to the company, something else might be up that we don’t see yet. It probably has to do with the acquisition of raterhub by Google, but only time will tell. If you are looking to be a search engine rater, then this company might be for you, however that work is only currently part time.


LionbridgeLionbridge is a much bigger company that has been around for quite some time and was founded in 1996. They mostly started out doing translation services and currently they offer translation, marketing and multilingual communications solutions to more than 800 enterprises worldwide. Lionbridge utilizes what is called the ‘crowd-in-the-cloud’ model which enables them to service a wide variety of client needs by adding a high amount of different types of talent to their pool. They claim 6000+ global staff that are controlling 100k professional cloud workers that provide translation, online marketing, global content management and application testing solutions. It can be safe to say that social media and search engine analysis is also part of the services they provide because of the types of jobs they hire for. These jobs are mostly human data collection and of course some of them may require a different type of skilled person from their pool. However, they hire normal everyday people that understand social networking, and if you can follow basic guidelines, and pass a few exams, then you can have a decent part time job analyzing social media advertising. It makes sense to get involved with such a large company as a home based worker, however size can be an issue when it comes to working with such a large talent pool. Communication with so many people and also having to communicate within the company as far as staff can be challenging if there is not enough people to provide support to their independent contractors when needed. However, personal experience has been good. The company is based in Waltham Massachusetts and has the same type of requirements as Leapforce to become part of their talent pool which is you must be at least 18 years old, have some type of banking for direct deposit, and have a tax ID number. This company is different than Leapforce in that it is a global provider for client services instead of just being based in the USA and requiring its workers to be based there. Workers can be global in many different countries. Also, this company provides benefits for its workers unlike Leapforce. It is interesting to note that this company was just acquired by global private equity and alternative assets investment firm, H.I.G. which is definitely a signal that the company is doing well and expanding its services.


ZeroChaosZeroChaos is also a global provider of workforce management solutions, or in other words, provides a talent pool of different skilled individuals able to hand different types of data collection from large companies. ZeroChaos is based in the USA but also has global operations in Europe, and Asia, and was founded in 1999 by John Riley and Mark Lowrey. The company has more than $3 billion in annual revenue, operates in 45 countries, and has more than 100,000 contingent cloud based workers together in its talent pool. This company focuses mostly on providing a reliable workforce for large companies that need to hire a lot of people quickly without having to go through heavy hiring processes. This company focuses more on the client side from their website, and they hire people from other sources such as Flexjobs, or other companies that outsource to find workers online jobs. In fact, when on their website, there isn’t a portal for independent contractors to apply. They seem to have a very vigorous process by how they bring people into their talent force. They screen every person that is employed including background checks. They focus and pride themselves on being able to provide large companies with the workforces that are needed at a moment’s notice. ZeroChaos hires for a wide variety of jobs including social media type jobs for Facebook and Instagram, and also ads quality rater type jobs. But since this company doesn’t seem to focus much on its independent contractors, and it’s unknown how to apply, it might be very difficult in getting a job with this company. ZeroChaos pays $15 per hour for ad-raters for Google, but some independent contractors complain that there is little work and some social media jobs have been put on hold indefinitely making the prospect of working for the company an unstable one.

Update: As of 08.2017 Ads Quality Rater position at Zerochaos has been permanently closed due to customer request (Google). This project has been outsourced to Appen and Lionbridge.

Appen Global

appenAppen Global was founded in Sydney, Australia by linguist Dr. Julie Vonwiller in 1996, who was later joined by her husband who is an engineer to create one of the largest suppliers of speech and search technology services. This company has an interesting history and started doing data collection for different applications such as handwriting recognition for tablet PC’s running Windows XP, and supplied the speech data for groundbreaking speech to speech translation software. In 2007 they became involved with Google and started to provide search relevance data. This was the beginning for much bigger data collection projects, and now the company works with hundreds of different clients. Positions for search engine rater were only the beginning. Now the company offers jobs collecting search or ad relevant information for Facebook and Instagram. Human raters are key for helping engineers of these companies form their complex algorithms. Also there are a lot of speech data collection jobs within this company once you get hired. What they involve is speaking into a special recording application certain phrases that are pre-written, or in some cases they ask you to give your input. Some of these projects only last a couple of hours, but if you start doing a lot of them and completing them, expect to get more invitations. Appen has what is called ‘Crowdsourcing’ where everyone who is hired can be invited to complete certain projects. This crowdsource is estimated by the company to be at 400,000+, and the company boasts experience in translation services in over 180 languages with 20 years of experience. Support for independent contractors can be tricky and sometimes emails can go completely unanswered. It’s not surprising with this size of company to have some internal problems. However, once you are on a project, the support seems good. And, the more projects that you complete, the more invitations to other projects you will receive. The backend is setup so that you can take certain language tests, set your hours of availability, and apply easily for other jobs. They have the same requirements as the other companies as far as being 18, having a tax ID, and a bank account where you can get direct deposit. Some jobs you can get paid by PayPal, but they now work directly with payment processor Payoneer, so it’s easy to get an account setup to get paid. Average pay is $13.75 per hour for most contracts and the company pays on a monthly basis.

How To Apply for Search Engine Rater And Social Media Evaluation Jobs



Nowadays, many people are looking for jobs that they can do at home. There is a lot of pro’s to doing a work-at-home job. You get to spend more time with your family, you get to work your own hours, and you get freedom from the 9-5 grind. But finding jobs that you can work from home isn’t easy. I had a job that I didn’t like much at all. I ended up quitting and started my search for something that I could do from home. After a lot of research and checking out a bunch of things online, I ran across Leapforce. They were offering a Search Engine Evaluator position. To me it sounded interesting, and after doing some research I found that its a 100% legit opportunity that pays well. The great thing about it is that you can work any hours you want. Part time or full time.

Since then, I’ve been working at Leapforce for several years now. I’ve seen a lot of advertisements for work-at-home jobs, and I’ve heard from a lot of people who would like to have this opportunity. However, this is not an easy job to obtain. Even if you have some experience in internet things like SEO, it can be very difficult to pass the test. I decided after some time that I would like to share my experience and help other people.

If you are interested in becoming a Search Engine Evaluator, then you are in a right place!

Wishing you great success! 🙂

P. S. I do not disclose any specific info regarding exam tasks. You will ONLY find general tips and recommendations that are related to the process in general rather than to specific exam tasks. All information on this website is based on my personal experience, you will not find exam answers on my website.

If you have your own personal experience in working at legitimate work-at-home online project (s), you may share your experience on my website or send it to me via