Appen Nile Project for Facebook Review and Qualifications

Appen Nile project – Ads Evaluation for Facebook

Appen offers more than just rating projects for Google. Currently there is a project called Nile where, as a rater, you can review ads based on your likes, your interests, or your web viewing habits.

You can change these settings in Facebook to adjust what ads you get ‘served’ when doing the ad ratings. The ads are not based on companies that you have already manually liked, but ads that are similar. When starting the project, you get 20 ads to rate. These can be anything from video ads, to just plain text ads or ads with a photo. 

Before you are accepted to the Nile project, you are asked for your Facebook profile URL. You must have at least 50 friends on this Facebook profile. Appen simply checks this and nothing else about your profile. You will hear back from Appen within a week if you are accepted into the program. In order to stay in the Nile program, you must work no less than 5 hours per week.

When rating you are asked ‘How much do you feel that this ad is ‘relevant, useful, entertaining, if the ad is offensive, or misleading. You can rate each one of these on a scale from 1-3 using radio buttons.

You are then asked ‘How much do you want to see this in your news feed’ and are shown a scale from 1-5 from ‘I definitely do not want to see this in my feed’ to ‘I definitely want to see this in my feed. Once you have done this, there is an explanation that asks you ‘In your own words, why do you feel this way about the ad.

It is not known if the comments are actually looked at in the ads or not. You don’t need to create a huge explanation. A simple reason why you do or do not like the ad is good enough. When you are finished rating the 20 different ads, you are then asked to wait for one hour to complete what is called a ‘Bakeoff’ task. The Bakeoff task determines which ads you liked and which ads you didn’t. It asks you to choose out of 6 ads in a side-by-side comparison, which one you would like to see in your feed over the other. This task should be completed exactly one hour after you’ve rated the ads. Currently you are allowed to only work one hour per day on Nile. The hour that you wait for the Bakeoff tasks is not paid. So you charge 1 hour for the Nile ratings and the Bakeoff task which takes you less than a minute to do since all you are doing is clicking which ad over the other you want to see.

You must work at least 1 hour per day to Nile is an interesting project and will probably go full time, but currently there is just one hour allowed per day. That’s an extra 30 plus hours per month and totally worth the time. It also pays the same hourly wage as the Google rating program.

Appen Nile Project Qualification

Appen has introduced qualification exam for Nile project. The Nile project exam consists of 30 questions designed in a way to assess your understanding of basic concepts of how to evaluate ads and search results. Again before taking this exam you will be given an access to specific guidelines which you need to study carefully before proceeding with the exam itself. Do not underestimate the complexity of the Nile qualification exam; some of the questions are tricky and confusing in its wording, so without preparation and thoughtful approach you have a very low chance to pass this exam. One attempt of taking this exam is allowed. Once the exam is passed (you will get result immediately after completing the test), you will be offered to sign a contract.

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