Payoneer as a payment method for Appen, Raterlabs, Leapforce and Lionbridge

Payoneer – what is Payoneer and how it works? 

downloadPayoneer is a payment processing company like PayPal, or Skrill, but in many cases PayPal or Skrill might be more difficult to deal with depending on which country you live in. One of the most important to think about when working online is how you are going to get paid. If you don’t have a tool that can bring you your payments fast, secure, and in a guaranteed way, you will not be able to get paid for the work you do. Having an easy way to get paid will help you focus on your work without being worried about your payments.

Before I started working with Payoneer I tried PayPal, Skrill and others, but I had a lot of cases where I faced difficulties with these companies. It wasn’t only me, but also the companies that I worked with had problems with them, so this caused my payments to be delayed. Now I  receive payments directly from Payoneer Mass Payout partner, and I also use the U.S. payment service to withdraw my funds from PayPal. Recently, I also started to use the new service – withdrawal to local bank or direct deposit as its more well known.

Benefits of pre-paid card:

  • Non US residents can open a bank account in a US bank and get the prepaid master card in USD currency.
  • Possibility to purchase goods in US online retailers for non US residents such Newegg, Amazon, etc.
  • You can withdraw funds anywhere in the world
  • Fair service and conversion fees
  • Possibility to withdraw money in USD currency from PayPal to your Payoneer prepaid card without currency exchage in PayPal system

Payoneer and Appen 

Appen Global was using one of the largest payment processors ‘ADP’ but has decided to use Payoneer for making the majority of their payments. It is much easier to get the account setup and have this beforehand. As an independent contractor, you are always responsible for doing your own taxes, so Payoneer will not withhold taxes. You must do this on your own. Payoneer will make you go through some approval process but if you are working for Appen Global, you will be approved as there is no other way to accept payments. Even if you may not use it for Appen (if you do not into any project) you can use it send and receive payments for majority of services/websites as it is becoming an alternative for PayPal.

Payoneer now has a sign up program that’s a good incentive to join, lets benefit together!

%d1%81%d0%bd%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%ba-%d1%8d%d0%ba%d1%80%d0%b0%d0%bd%d0%b0-2016-12-04-%d0%b2-19-31-58As Payoneer is now the only way to get paid by Appen, and if you do not have a Payoneer account yet I invite you to apply for Payoneer account via my referral link:

Use this link for applying for a Payoneer account/card and we will both benefit by earning 25$, once your account is loaded with payments.

How To Add Payoneer For US raters at Leapfoce/Raterlabs and Lionbridge (Direct Deposit)

Payoneer offers receiving accounts via the Global Payment Service, which enable you to receive local bank transfers from companies and marketplaces in the US, Europe, UK, Japan and China directly to your Payoneer account.

US Lionbridge independent agents and Raterlabs and Leapforce part time workers may use Payoneer account for receiving payment from Leapforce and Lionbridge. Only US raters can use this method of payment  since only ACH (US local bank) transfers in USD can be accepted, and Leapforce and Lionbridge send payments to US raters via ACH (direct deposit), while international raters revive their payment via wire transfer.

Where to find your Payoneer bank details to provide Leapforce or Lionbridge raters with?

1.Go to your account page->Receive->Global Payment Service


2.You will then see the bank information page here including name of bank, your count number, and the bank routing number which you will need to give to Leapforce or Lionbridge when setting up direct deposit:




Join Payoneer and be awarded!

Are you a US search engine candidate or a US rater working on one or several projects? You have not got a Payoneer account yet? Join Payoneer today via my VIP referral link. Use your Payoneer account for receiving payments from your employees and/or customers. Receive payments at the amount of 5000$ within 3 months after registration and be awarded with 250$! Contact me for VIP referral link via



The Falcon Video Recommendations Project at Appen (Social Media Evaluator)

online-social-medi_2734204bAppen now has a new hot opportunity that anyone with a verified Facebook account can work on. It’s a very unique project that involves watching live video or live video feeds and rating these videos based on their content and whether or not they are useful to you or not. And while it sounds like a very easy job, it can be tricky if you don’t understand what Appen Hill is looking for when it comes to data collection.

Application process and set up

Step 1: the process to apply for the job is the same process that you would use normally for any other project that Appen Hill offers. Once you apply for the position, if you are selected, then you will start to receive instructions on qualifying. Yes you need to qualify for this particular job, but it’s nothing too difficult.

You may apply for Social Media Evaluator project here:

The process will take 2-3 days in which you will be able to review the project guidelines, any additional materials concerning the job, including the presentation, and then completing a ‘Qualification quiz’. It’s very important that you use the same email and I recommend creating a new gmail account just for this purpose. The reason is that the emails that you will get are time sensitive, and having a new email will ensure that they don’t end up in spam or junk. Also it’s very important that you use the email address you have on file with your Appen application. So if you have already applied for Appen, use this same email.

After you have applied for the position, you will get an automated email from Appen saying that you will be contacted for the Falcon Video Recommendations Project. Once you have been contacted, a 6 step process begins. Applying for the project and making sure that your email is verified is the first part.

Step 2: the second part of the process will be setting up the Facebook Profile. You must use your Facebook account and it must be at least 1 year old and have no less than 50-55 friends. Your Facebook account has to be 100% truthful using your name that is on your Appen application. You should not have more than 1 Facebook account as this goes against Facebook TOS. Age group, location, name, and gender must be accurate.

Your Facebook ID will be used to set up your access in the Facebook tool you will use to complete daily assignments. Once set up, you’ll be given a batch of videos/pages which you will then evaluate based on the project guidelines. Through the tool, Appen Project Managers will have access to those batches, your ratings and the comments you provide. Appen does not have access to your personal FB information such as your account, messages, posts or network of friends. There will be no changes to your actual News Feed. Everything will be the same except that you will have access to what is called the FRT Tool.

Step 3: will be getting the Falcon Video Recommendations Project Guidelines. You should take some time to read through this carefully to understand exactly what you will be doing as a video rater, and most importantly, that you give the correct ratings and data. While it is an easy job, it can be a little tricky to understand how you should comment, and how those comments should reflect the numbers rating that you have given. Otherwise, you could find yourself moved off the project quickly.

If you have applied for the Falcon Video Recommendations project, and you would like some help or advice on the Qualifications Quiz, then let me know.

Step 4: will be getting your Sharepoint Access where you will be able to download all materials, including the guidelines, for the project. Take the time to get familiar with Sharepoint. This email will come from Appen Tech Support.

Step 5: you will also be invited to an open forum and it’s a good idea to check this out so that you can discuss what you’ve learned or ask others in the forum questions regarding the project or the guidelines.

Falcon project qualification quiz

The last step is receiving the instructions on completing the Falcon News Feed Qualification Quiz via Appen Global. Once you complete the online module, you will need to complete the quiz to qualify. Quiz results are instant after each question. IMPORTANT! You only get one chance to pass this quiz. They will not give a second chance to pass it under any circumstances. Qualification should take around 5 hours (Review of all emails and project documents, review of guidelines and PowerPoint presentation, open forum attendance and quiz).

Once you have completed the Quiz and successfully passed it, you will then be contacted by a Project Manager 1-2 days after the quiz. It is not necessary to email them.

Production work starts as soon as you have successfully completed the entire process. It is VERY important to once again mention that the deadlines for the process are very strict.

The Falcon Video Recommendations Project requires that you work no less than 5 days per week and one of those days must include a weekend. You can split the days as you like as long as one weekend day is worked. Each batch consists of 28-30 videos in which you are given a total time of 2.25 hours to complete. Time is automatically kept track of in the rating tool. You cannot go over the 2.25 hours per 30 video batch. If you stay on track, this comes out to about 4:00 minutes per video. There is a task at the end called the ‘bakeoff task’ which takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Further details concerning how the system actually works will be laid out in the project guidelines.

As always, if you need help with more information about passing the Falcon Video Recommendations Quiz, let me know and I will be happy to assist you.