How to Stay with Leapforce, Lionbridge and Appen For a Long Time and not get fired?

Leapforce and Lionbridge are typical crowd sourcing companies; this type of business supposes that the main communication is done via email, and raters are responsible for self-education and providing high quality service.

Based on my personal experience both companies treat their freelancers well. Although it is true that you can find stories online of freelancers complaining they were fired without cause or notification. But this just isn’t true. My own experience proves that if you provide good quality service/work and meet your contract requirements, your contract will end up being renewed. Contracts usually run on a 6 month basis and I have had mine renewed for several years now.

If you really want to know what happens then read ahead.  I have compiled a list the of most common reasons for these companies terminating a contract with raters/independent agents:

  1. Delivering unacceptable level of service

Multiple substandard quality scores might lead to non-prolongation or termination of your contract (in case of receiving an unacceptable quality score). In most cases a vendor will give you a few chances to improve your quality, but your access to tasks will be restricted. If you want to know what to do if you are restricted for quality read here:

  1. Violating terms of contract regarding multiple accounts including IP/Network sharing and using public networks for work

It is prohibited to have multiple accounts with Leapforce and Lionbridge. These companies can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts. The good news is that you can combine work at Leapforce or Lionbridge and Appen Butler Hill.

While working as a search engine evaluator, make sure that you have your personal unique IP address and no one uses the same IP to go online and work on for these companies. If you have two or more people in your household, it is advised to get two unique IP addresses, and you can do this for an extra charge with most internet service providers.

  1. Non-completion of a minimum required number of tasks

This issue is very common among new Leapforce agents and may lead to termination of your contract. This mostly happens when new agents show no activity in the first month of their service. In particular this can also happen if new agents enter the project in the second half of month, and for whatever reasons, they did not complete a minimum required number of tasks. In order to avoid this issue, make sure to show the minimum required activity in the system as per your contract.

  1. Working on the project from abroad

According to the contract you can’t work from abroad. The reason for this is that your contract states the location in which you would work. If you are rating websites in the USA market, you must reside in that market to give accurate data and results. If you work outside of your contracted location, you are breaking the contract. If you do happen to go abroad, make sure you do not complete any tasks on raterhub otherwise your contract will be terminated.

  1. Duplicating/coping/sharing comments from/with other raters

You should not copy and share your comments with other raters, as an automatic system can easily detect duplication, and as a result, your account might be terminated for sharing materials with other raters.

Finally if your account got terminated read this article (How to re-apply section)