Appen Connect Echo Music Search Project Review


Have you heard of the Echo Music Search project from Appen Connect? I would like to tell you about this new recently launched project at Appen. I started on the project a month ago, and so far I think this project is one of the most interesting projects because it has to do with evaluation of music at iTunes! Yes, Apple also decided to work on improving of search relevancy of their services, and I think we can expect lots of new Apple projects being added at Appen Connect. 

This new project is code named Echo. The nature of the work is to evaluate an iTunes user query, and the relevance of the resulting content based on the specific artist, album, song, or playlist. Like the Yukon project, this music search project has more or less the same evaluation scale and rating logic: (Fully Met vs Navigational, Highly Met vs Excellent etc.) However, some rating rules are specific and unique for this project. 

So far I have been working on this project for about 1 month, and I really enjoy it. Besides making decent money, I expanded my favorite song list significantly. The working process is easy going and fairly smooth at around the 1-month mark, and not much intelligent effort is required. But before achieving this level of work flow, raters will have to carefully read and understand the 20 page guidelines. In order to develop a deep understanding of rating concepts, and deliver a high quality level of service, you need to thoroughly understand these guidelines. As with any Appen  project, in order to be successful in the project, high quality output is required. As for the technical process, Apple has developed for its raters a very convenient tool called ‘baseline’. This tool is an integrated tool on a website from where raters perform their evaluation. This tool is convenient and user friendly, and simple to learn to use.

Many of my readers will be interested in how to be invited to this project. Appen offers a lot of different types of projects that you are able to work on. Unfortunately, is not likely that you would be contracted to start on the Echo music project from the beginning if you are hired by Appen. You would be more likely to start on a larger project first such FalconInstaAds or the Arrow project. Once you have started working at Appen, and you are on Facebook project, like any of the social media projects that they offer, you will likely get an invitation to come aboard and start on other projects including the Echo Music Search Project.

Project Requirements:

  • You must hold an Apple ID, or willing to obtain one
  • You must own an Apple Device.
  • You must be available 5 days a week and for 
  • Max 20 hours per week
Echo project Qualification

Prior to starting production, Appen requires that candidates go through Echo Qualification which is a 30 question quiz, real tasks which have to be evaluated in terms of query vs result, in which you will be given a music search query, and the result generated by iTunes. The passing score for this test is 70%.

If you are not confident with going through the qualification quiz you may request my assistance via contact me channels.

Production and payment

Payment is made per hour of work and pay rate is different for each market.

  • This is a long term project, your daily limit is up to 4 hours a day, 5 days a week (includes weekends). 
  • Expected RPH is 60 tasks per hour. But because this is the initial wave of the project, Appen wants raters to value Quality over RPH until the project progresses. 

As per Appen project requirement raters are allowed to work 20 hours per week max, or a max of 30 hours in total if raters work on other Appen projects. Raters cannot exceed 30 hours per week working on 2 different projects at Appen. On average you can make about $390-$405 per week at the average rate of $13.50 per hour. If you are interested in working on several projects at once, then this article is a must read:

In fact there are lots of different cool and legitimate projects and opportunities to make money online. I will continue sharing my experience with my readers, I’ve got an upcoming article on another project called – Maps Analyst, which also is going under Apple Map service, there is another cool translation and localization project at Netflix, available worldwide in many countries, so continue reading my blog to get valuable tips and insights!

Welcome to Echo Exam Simulation Tool
Why do candidates fail the Echo project exam?

When you apply for ads evaluation jobs, you have to pass an Echo project qualification exam. The biggest problem with the Echo Qualification Exam is that it is very difficult to pass with one or even two attempts because no feedback is provided in case of an unsuccessful attempt. In fact, even Appen and Lionbridge explain in a welcome mail that there is a high chance of failing it. With that said, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Useful links on the topic:

Studying the guidelines and doing the exam simulation practice are essential in passing the actual exam

If you think this is an exaggeration, then just search for comments on passing the exam and see what you will find. You’ll find in a lot of cases people who claim that they studied for several days before the exam began. With that said, it’s just not possible to demonstrate the knowledge of these guidelines without investing a significant amount of effort in the one-week time frame they give you to study the guide. The guide itself is designed in a way that assesses your ability to understand and apply rating concepts and the rules based on the hefty guide. There is a lot of material to go over, and it can be a bit confusing. But once again, you’re not going to get anywhere near passing if you don’t start going through the guide.

What is the Echo Exam Simulation Tool?

The tool will help anyone who is getting ready or considering taking the Echo project qualification quiz. This tool was designed to assist candidates with exam preparation with the main focus on practical rating tasks that include the most tricky rating scenarios which are tested in the real Echo project exam quiz.

The Echo exam simulation tool has 17 tasks + 4 demo tasks, the same number as the real exam has, these tasks are the main exam tasks types which cover basically all rating concepts, and which will help you to develop rating skills which will be tested during a real exam.

You might be wondering how using this tool can help you pass the exam. The way that it is designed will show you exactly your problem area that you need to focus on. It helps you identify your level of understanding of the rating concepts, and your ability to apply them by practicing first, and then identifying your weak points. You will receive your overall score (pass or fail), detailed feedback on your mistakes and know exactly what you need to go back and study in the guide. Of course we need to disclaim that there are no real actual exam tasks because that isn’t going to help you understand anyway. Each one of these is hand designed from most typical exam tasks, and is designed to be the best simulation possible. If you pass this, you will be ready to pass the actual exam.

How to Proceed With The Exam Simulation Tool?
Exam Simulation Demo

If you’re still skeptical, we have a free demo version which you can try FREE right now! It contains 4 typical Echo quiz tasks so you can see how it works. Once again, the demo is 100% free and you’re completely anonymous.

Exam Simulation Full Version

The tool has 17 tasks, the same number of tasks as the real exam. These tasks are the main exam tasks types which basically cover all rating concepts, and will allow you to develop rating skills which will be tested during a real exam.

Explore the tool here:


  1. Thank you a lot for your article. I would like to know if this project is available for Egyptians (I am an Egyptian and live in Egypt)

    Thank you again

    Best wishes Shayma

    On 16 July 2017 at 18:30, Work-at-Home and Freelance Jobs for the World

  2. Sounds like another interesting job avenue with Appen, however, working on a contract basis is not going to be what I am looking for (as far as working from home) due to the tax ramifications. Been there, done this many years ago and it was a thorn in my side. Though, the info you continue to pass along is definitely welcoming.

  3. Hi , any info about this project about how many hours per week , if is there enough batch every day and how much it will stand ? Months , years , endless like Yukon etc ?

    1. The volume of tasks depends on locale, when I worked on this project 1 year ago, there were many days when no tasks available, but since then the situation might changed.

  4. and are you still on this project or it has ended? in your experience did you have made 4 hours per day usually or it was very rare? i would need to buy one apple device, ipad or iphone so.. i want to figure how many work i will have more or less (i know it depends by locale but reading your experience helps a lot)

    1. In fact you do not any device for this project, you need Apple ID, rating is done on desktop. As far I remember there were days with lots of tasks and weeks with no tasks available, it might be the situation with tasks availability changed since then.

  5. oh thanks God you told me… so there is no need of ipad or iphone.. just apple id and i can work on desktop? but they answer for update ios 12 on the project info..

    1. I do know why they asked for ios 12 but their rating platform works on Windows PC, you will need Apple ID for accessing the rating platform.

    1. It depends on internal project processes, if the quota for raters is full, successful candidates should wait when the vendor fires unsuccessful raters.

    1. Hi! Could you please also help me? I already tried the 1st trial, and did my best, really studied the guidelines, but failed…. My Telegram is MarieLlds

  6. Tim, do you know how many time have as duration this project? 6 month or don’t know?

    1. I know this project since 2014, raters who a re able to demonstrate stable level of rating service may stay in the project for a long time (years).

      1. Hello Allen!

        Your articles are indeed very helpful..
        Can you please contact me at , need to discuss few things in private.
        I have some work opportunity for you. Let me know if you are intrested.

        Shahela Osmani.

  7. Hello!! How are you? Thank you for your article, very helpful. I did the qualification exam and I’ve failed 🙁 The main objective is to evaluate if the result of the google query and the itunes query are the same?

    1. The main purpose of the project is to evaluate the query issued by users in iTunes and music search results generated by iTunes system.

  8. Hello Tim, Hope you are doing well. I’m from india and the working on Nile project now and thinking to apply for echo project now. The rates per hour with the project still the same and how much they pay for indians. Is it still good to go for this project? Thanks

    1. The payment rater is the same as you currently have in Nile project.

  9. Hi! Could you please help me? I already tried the 1st trial, and did my best, really studied the guidelines, but failed

  10. Hello, I did the test to echo, but do not pass, besides the metrics are not available, you could help me. maybe you can pass the metrics, thanks.

      1. Thank you very much Tim! I tried the first quiz but didn’t pass. Do you know someone tha can help me with the quiz? Thank you again for your help!

    1. Hello,

      Normally Appen notifies about exam results on exam due date+3 days.

  11. Hello Tim!
    I’ve just finished the Echo test and was notified almost immediately that i didn’t pass the qualification process.
    Is there a way to retake the test or reapply for this project?

    1. Hello, normally all candidates are allowed to retake this quiz, have you got this option?

  12. Your article is very helpful and thank you for sharing. I have recently failed my Java test, does Appen allow second time retakes for this project? Please can you help with the project as Appen does not let you know where you have failed. Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


    1. I’m in process for complete the test, I guess they will give u a second chance, you can email them to ask, someone here did it already.

    2. Hello, as far as I know, only the following projects are eligible for retake: Yukon, Shasta, and in very rare cases Echo.

  13. I just applied and did the qualification for Echo but did not pass, got emailed like 5 minutes after I was done. And it looks like I will not be able to re-take it which makes me very sad. I’m also on 11 project qualifications but still nothing. Any idea if there’s any work coming up?

  14. are the projects for Iphone can be given in Indonesia. Because I am wondering to add iOS (curently only Android) to my device to get more projects coming to me, and I live in Indonesia. Is it worth it ?

  15. Hello. I am wondering to add my device (currently Android, want to add iOS) to get more project coming to me. I am living in Indonesia and already hold 2 projects. If I add iOS device can there still be a chance that I get Appen’s project for Apple ? Thank you.

    1. Hello, yes there is a chance that new projects will be added to your current list of available projects in your locale.

  16. Hi,

    Is there a simulator for index project?

    Any insights regarding the exam in index project?

    Thanks you.

  17. Hi Time,

    I recently qualified for the Appen Echo test.I am bit worried about the RPH i.e 60 tasks. Does it sound too hectic, because getting the perfect answer by searching for both queries in a minute is bit difficult. How does it work?

    1. Hi,

      The RPH standard is set by the customer based on the average RPH of all raters in the system if majority raters can meet this requirement so you can as well!

  18. I am invited for taking exam but i can’t download guidelines and it says ‘access denied’. I am mailing them everyday but they are only mailing me reminding to take exam.

      1. Thank you, they mailed me saying there was some glitch in system and provided me alternate link.

  19. Hi, is there a way to retake the exam? I did it but failed (it took me an hour between reading the instructions and the test itself) Im confident I would do it much faster this time.

    1. Hi, Normally 2 attempts are allowed, additionally, you may send email to. agent support requesting one more attempt to take the quiz.If you need assistance or support with any project qualification, feel free to contact me in the future.

  20. Thank you I will try sending an email, as the project disappeared from my list and I can’t find it.

    1. It means your can’t re apply, try the similar project called Cable, or
      projects which are better like Arrow and Yukon.

      1. Hi Tim
        Can you help me to pass the Cable Project exam ? thanks you so much

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