Using Whatsapp for Instagram Rating Truckee and FalconInstaAd projects

Using Whatsapp for Instagram Rating

FalconInstaAd and Truckee projects which are offered by Appen and Leapforce involve rating Instagram media. The Instagram rating tool is only available only for the smartphone. Writing comments using this application can be inconvenient for a lot of reasons, small screen, small keyboard, and typing the comments can become a real chore.

However, I have found a way that uses Whatsapp Web Version that you can run on your PC. This allows you to use your PC Keyword so that it’s a lot easier to write comments. You can get the web version of Whatsapp by going to


The process is simple. Once you have signed into the Whatsapp Web Version, you have to be able to send messages to yourself. The easiest way I have found to do this is as follows: (You can do these steps on the smartphone or the Whatsapp Web Version)

1. Make a group, call it “test”. Add any one contact to this group.

Whatsapp 2_20170526_160409

2. Once the group is created, remove this contact from group.


3. Now only you remain in this group. Rename the group as “Instagram Notes”.

Now you are easily able to create comments from the pc in your group, copy those directly from Whatsapp from the group you created, and paste those comments into the Instagram Rating Tool.

I hope this helps anyone who wants an easier way to write their comments instead of having to use the tiny Instagram application. This is especially useful for anyone that has bad eyesight. Looking at your Android phone for hours on end can cause fatigue and poor eyesight by itself.

As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment below, or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Hi, I’ve been using something similar. I use my notes. And I usually refer to it when I cross some similar ad. I follow all the rules and my auditing feedback is 100% positive! But my worked has been flagged by the client and they dont know or dont tell us what we are doing wrong. So do you have any tips for it? Beside read all the guidelines again as they suggest. Have you had simillar situation? Thank you to share your experience here.

    1. Your account might be flagged for different reasons like doing tasks too fast or writing low quality comments etc. you should wait 1-3 days for email from your vendor which will provides more info.

    2. I probably got the exact same email that you did. I noticed it was addressed to all and not to me personally so I think they send it out to several people at once. I do every review perfectly and my audits always say congratulations because I got the comments correct. I’ve heard they just like to get rid of people at a certain point. So I think them saying the client flagged us, is their way of helping to justify that.

      1. Hello,

        Based on my experience and knowledge of the internal process I can say for sure that vendors do not have any intent to remove raters without reasons. The main reasons which may lead to removal from the projects are quality related issues and policy non compliance issues.

  2. Just use your voice to text option in your phone. Takes me about 30 seconds per ad 😉

  3. Just use your voice to text button on your smartphone. It takes me about 30 seconds per ad.

  4. Hi, Tim.
    Thanks for the great work you do here, it’s certainly helping many people.
    About the typing, isn’t it possible to use a wireless/bluetooth keypad for this? I’m thinking on buying one.

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